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Well, in case anyone was wondering, the shopping trip to Manchester was fruitful, in more senses than one. As Meatloaf would have said, two out of three aint bad when it came to present buying, the third, I need to keep looking lol, and hope for inspiration. If not, nothing original I suspect! No, I’m not saying what, they might read this!

Oh, and the Aqua Massager thing comes highly recommended, its been a long time since my back has been as totally pain free as it is at present, and thats after just 10 minutes. Even the knees, and shoulder were aided as well, just a shame there isnt one of these more local. Mind, I should be fine for a few days anyway, had a more standard massage as well today, the body doesnt know whats hit it, I suspect!

No, I didnt find one of those fabulous flouncy ballgowns over Manchester, not that I was terribly surprised by that, but anyway…What I did find was the most perfect flapper dress in TK Maxx in the Arndale Centre, but I didnt get it. Two reasons, the main one it never went further than just off the rail, thats the price, it was £99! Probably good value for what it was, but for a one off for me, nope! Also it was a size below mine, so I probably wouldnt have fitted into it anyway. But before we say too much about sizing… I had spotted a lovely gold dress in River Island, distinctly 20’s style, but not in a 14 (UK, for foreign readers), only 12, or 16. £45 full price, so not really in my price range for a one off item anyway. But, there was a 12 there, half price because the gold waistband was twisted (I wouldnt have known if they hadnt told me), but me get into a 12, especially one with a waistband, couldnt see it. But yes, I went and tried it on, and it fitted, just about. Now I knew I’d lost a bit of weight, but… 🙂

And yes, readers, I bought it. Alright, because the bottom half is a bit transparent, I’ve had to buy a cheap pair of gold leggings, but…still a good deal. So now it looks like Stevie Lou, the flapper will be going to the Christmas Dinner. Hey, I even got my toenails painted today to match, though as I will be wearing shoes on the big day, most wont know lol! Now I’m pondering bobbing my hair, but not too short a look, dont want to look too much like a guy, do I lol? Shame I cant do the Brooksie helmet style fringe, that I’d love, but…my hair has its limitations. Someone did suggest a cloche hat, but you can hardly wear that at the dinner table, can you? And I will stay blonde too, think I might be in trouble if I dont somehow lol! I might look out for a hat anyway, just in case. 😉 Unless someone has one laying around I can borrow for the night?

And so, after the good news, the music video. The dress colour, and the title to this piece might be a giveaway