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Are you sure you want to hear more?

Hopefully at least one or two might know what song thats a line from, if not, the video at the end will put you out of your misery lol! The tags might give you an extra clue anyway.

The funny thing about working in a call centre, is that the people you talk to, only ever hear your voice, and never see your face, and therefore might assume things that arent quite true. If I had a pound (euro/dollar, whatever your currency may be?) for every member of shop staff I’d heard say about the lady at the other end of the phone, or comments about darling, honey etc from the staff themselves, well, I’d probably only have to work 8 months of the year! Yes, the voice is soft, and I think its safe to say that most might get a surprise if we ever met! Dont get me wrong, I think its wonderful they do all think they are talking to a woman, just hope they never bring in video phones lol!

And yes, I certainly dont think I’m the type of girl you marry either! Not just the physical issues though, though clearly they might play a major part! I wouldnt make a good partner now anyway, years of being single have made me highly independent, and having to think  about what someone else might want to do, as well as myself, well that might be tricky!

What more is there to say? I’ve started building towards the holiday starting on the 17th, got a laser session tomorrow to zap the pretty much non existent hair, but hopefully it will kill off the last few annoying hairs this time around. Also booked to have my hair coloured and tidied up next Tuesday, both are definitely needed. And despite the pic on here, I’m not a redhead, more of a blonde. The hair in the avvie pic is a wig, which I havent used in ages now, but still own. If my own hairline ever really recedes, well then I might become a redhead again! 😉 Hopefully that wont be needed though. Finally, next Friday, just before I go will be getting all the nails infilled, a nice massage and facial, and if anything needs waxing, it will be! Looking forward to Boston, both to see the place, and because it will be that needed break from work as well.

So alright, my name isnt Carrie, I definitely dont look like Agnetha, but I seem to have a few readers of this, so life isnt too bad in blog-land. And yes, if you hadnt worked it out already, I am a major Abba fan!

Hope you enjoy, but dont think of flooding me with wedding proposals lol!