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In, out, or shaking it all about?

You know the witty comment about you wait forever for a bus to come along, and then 2, or more come along at once? Yes, happens in other fields too, seemingly.

As you know already, last week, after 14 months of struggling to find a job, I finally got offered one, due to start on Monday. All fine, all good. Anyway, as you’ve guessed. there’s more to this tale. Last month, I was interviewed for a Civil Service job, in Bradford. I was told it would be a couple of weeks before I heard anything, but that was 5 weeks ago, so fine, despite their reputation for always contacting you, I’d accepted the inevitable. No, life isnt that easy! Yesterday, I got an email from them, provisionally offering me the job, subject to checks!

Now dont get me wrong, I can live with the job I’ve been offered, but seriously, if both offered me a job on the same day, no contest, the Bradford one! No Sunday work, which is a ghastly day to travel, and a new commute, which would be nice. I dont mind Leeds, as such, but after 10 years, fine, a new trip would be nice. But equally, these nice people put me out of my misery, so…

Fine, I can work this through, and will. I can start this job on Monday, as planned, and see how it goes, given I’m sure Civil Service security checks wont be sorted in days! If its enjoyable, and the shifts work out, then I can withdraw the other one, and stay there. If its OK, and within the trial period (12 weeks) when I hear, then I need to make a decision, one way or the other, but only then. I know me, I’ll probably stick, but for now, in my mind at least…

Yes, I know, irony, 14 months of nothing, and then I get this! I’m laughing about it at least, which I guess is the main thing?

The other ‘amusing moment’ is the dear old Conservative Party. So after all the fuss, and everything else, when the names for next PM candidates are announced, Boris Johnson isnt amongst them! I know the joke was that no one wanted to bite the bullet, and withdraw us from Europe, but when the leader of the ‘Leave’ group decides he doesnt want to be in a position to do it, what does that say? Mind, there is talk that he never wanted to come out, just wanted to oppose Cameron, so just maybe that was true? Anyway, all things will just get more dragged out now, I guess. Five candidates, one of whom thinks Homosexuality can be cured (in that weird right wing way), so lets hope he doesnt win! Mind, if he wants to mind control me in an interesting way, then well…no, not really!

OK, the video. Well, its got a Bradford connection, its got a political connection, given how much that idiot Trump loves Mexicans, so…

Stepping Off The Train Again

OK, lets try looking ahead, instead of backwards for once. Next week, for the first time in about 15 months (apart from a fortnight I’d rather forget), I will get back to the delights of commuting to work again. Yes, the word, delight, is being facetious, believe me. Its been clear to see that the ‘new’ Trans Pennine Express is no more efficient than the old one was, but hey, at least I know what I’m in for.

The main thing I know I’m going to miss, and in truth, the only thing I will probably miss, is my extended internet time, which I’m certainly not going to get, after next week, at least 5 days a week. I’m guessing I’m going to have to cut back on some things, possibly even cut out others, but I will see how it goes, before I make too many cuts. However, it has to be said, the amount I do now, will not be possible in the much reduced hours I will have, as from this time next week.

Equally, I must admit, having more money again will be nice, though I’ve got so used to not spending any, its going to be weird being able to do so again. But fine, thats at least a month away, possibly 2, before finances reach any sort of level where that will be possible. But it will come, I’m sure. The main blessing will be having the funds to get another chest of drawers, and maybe another small portable wardrobe, and sort my clothing out a bit more than at present.

I’m told the dress wear will be smart casual, so I have no problems on that front, and in truth, many of my tops, and blouses havent seen much action (other than those worn in LA, last year) since I left work, so all should be fine. First day, I need to wear the dress, but pretty sure that will be that, for posh clothing! No, pretty certain I will not be wearing high heels, before you ask!

It would be nice if I could do something fun this week, before I get back to the grind, but in truth, I cant afford it! I will get out tomorrow, to get my hair colored, but thats the biggest, and only excitement at present! With luck, the hair dryer will turn into a brainwashing unit, but…no, fine, I couldnt be that lucky! If anyone wants to treat me (ha ha), then feel free to offer, it would probably do me good!

But yes, this time next week, I should be on my way home, after my first day back at work! Yes, after 15 months, actually getting to say that, quite precious. Funny thing, it will be my first job where everyone has only known me as a woman, wow! Something to think about, for sure.

OK, the video. Well, yes, there is a clue in the title, though its a line from the song, not the name. Given that I used the original before (nearly 5 years ago, mind), I’ve found a rare bird, a live version.

Hey, who knows? At some point I might even get to meet the legendary station cat at Huddersfield, Felix!

That Same Old Feeling?

Fine, given my love of posting all things political, I’ll keep that side of it brief. Yes, it came as a shock to me, when I got up Friday morning, to find out we’d voted to leave Europe. I did vote to Remain, in the end, though in truth, I only decided for sure a couple of days before, and I’m pretty sure that the sad death of Jo Cox probably played a part in settling on that, but anyway, its happened!

The funny thing is, its not the first EU vote I’ve lived through, though I was too young to vote, when we voted to go in, in 1973. So yes, I’ve lived outside the EU before, though to be fair, the one we entered then, and the one we’ve left now, are 2 very different beasts.

But fine, thats not the issue I want to write about tonight.

One thing I’ve always accepted about a democratic vote, is that you accept the result of such vote. So fine, however unhappy I might be about the result of this vote, I accept the majority have spoken, and accept that. Sadly, and to me, embarrassingly, there are far too many people, who now want to have a second vote, because they didnt get the result they wanted. About 1.5 million, at the last count, in fact!

Please, accept the result, the vote has been made, by a clear majority (over a million) to leave, and we have to live with, and accept it. Whether its the wise decision, or otherwise, its the one thats been made, so…I know why its cropped up, and ironically, its because the leave campaign thought they might be in a similar position. Nigel Farage said that if the vote was closer than 52-48 to stay, he would make the same appeal that others are making now that leave has won! So I guess its come back to bite him now, but please, no.

Hopefully it wont be as bad as I fear, but we will see on that. Already the leave campaign are back tracking on promises made, so I’m not going to hold my breath on that, but we will see. Anyway, no more votes on this, please! Not unless you count the possible Scottish Independence re-run, or a slightly less likely united Ireland one, as related, but anyway…

OK, video time. I loved this piece of pleasant 70’s pop, and this sort of gives me a chance to use it, seeing as we will again be as we were in 1970, not a part of Europe. Interesting fact? The name of this group, is the name of a pub in Yeovil. Guess where me, and my one long term partner met for our first proper date? Yes, got it in one! In fact we’d seen each other for quite a while by then, but only as team mates, in a skittles team. No, not the 10 pin bowling stuff, a whole different sport that seems only to have ever been played in the South West of England!

Decision Day

So fine, when I wake up in the morning, I guess the first news I’ll go to look for, is whether we are still in, or out of Europe. Yes, I’ve voted, and yes, I hope sanity prevails, but no, I’m not telling you which way I voted, dont want to get into a political row on here, or anything. Pretty sure it will be close, and I’m equally sure the losing side will claim it was rigged, but anyway…At least it will be over, hopefully?

But fine, to more cheery news, I’ve been offered a job at long last. Yes, I know, I was expecting another rejection, but hey, I was wrong. Yes, its a call centre, and yes, its in Leeds, but I’ve got past the point where I can get too fussy, I guess? Besides which, I can keep eyes peeled for something better, if I want to, but doubt I will somehow, knowing me.

The irony, at some point early in the job hunting process, I applied for a job at this company, and didnt get it. Yes, one of those glorious competency based questions days, no great surprise. So what happened that was different, you ask? Well, now, another company run the call centre for them, and thankfully their competency based questions were of the easier kind, and I survived! I start on Monday week, the 4th of July, a date filled with irony for an Ameriphile like me!

The other irony, sorting out the finances! Yes, I know that in the end, a job will solve that issue, but in the meanwhile, I have a fair bit to pay out, before I get my funds topped up. The big one, and one I really cant get around, paying my fares to work. I either have to pay out just over £150 for a monthly pass, or £160 for 4 weekly passes, before I get paid! On top of which, I’ve had to let personal care take a back seat while money was tight, but yes, I’ve already booked to get my hair done next week. It would have needed to be done soon, regardless, but now, clearly it needs to be done before work. Oh, and thats not the only hair that needs doing, because I havent been waxed since September! Brows are the most critical one, though under arms really need doing too, and in truth, wouldnt do any harm for a full body tidy up. But practically, cant afford it, as things stand.

I did briefly consider a fund raising thing, but given how much of a failure it was before, cant see any point! Mind, if anyone thinks otherwise, or just wants my Paypal details, shout, please!

Right, video time. A golden oldie, bilingual version, written by a silent movie legend.

Me, and Miss Johnson

Sorry, if anyone thinks this is an admittance of a secret lesbian relationship, or anything, you’re going to be disappointed. Despite the seeming admiration of a certain man, who doesnt know me well enough, this is not a blog about relationships, or anything. Well, not unless I’m having a relationship with myself, as the Miss Johnson I’m talking about, is Clara, my past life self!

When we sought her out, after that amazing hypnosis session, on IMDB, we found her credited for 1 movie, because back in the glorious days of the 20’s, and 30’s, bit part actresses (and chorus girl dancers) didnt get credited for their work, seemingly. A shame, as it means finding much of her work, nigh impossible, if not harder, because of that fact. So until I get the chance to go under again, and have someone ask her lots of questions, we know of only that single movie, that we can find her in. Its a skating/dancing musical, called ‘Thin Ice’, made in 1937, starring Sonia Henie, and Tyrone Power, and clearly not starring Clara Johnson! But she’s in it, in a minor role, which I suspect is her dancing, that I do know! To put it mildly, finding a copy of this movie is not easy!

So fine, as I mentioned a couple of blogs back, I won a £10 voucher at Amazon, for a survey I filled in for the Choice Hotels group. Given that at present I have no real need for more clothes, I did consider chocolates, but in truth, with the amount of exercise I’m getting at present, it might not be the best option. Yes, I jokingly put the movie name in the search option there, for movies, and lo and behold…Thin Ice (1937) appeared! The featured item cost about £18, which even with a £10 voucher, is still a bit much for a piece of fun, especially when you add on posting. But then I spotted it, an alternate new option costing just £11.23, plus £1.26 postage and packing.

Yes, thats right, for the grand sum of £2.49, I can watch a movie that I know Clara Johnson is in. Fine, working out which one is her might be a challenge, but…Yes, though credited for this movie, no name credit is given for who she played in this, which means she’s in a small part (dancer, pretty sure), that if I blink for too long, I could miss, but even so…If nothing else, wondering if said dancer is her, or not, going to be fun!

Sadly, its coming from the US, so its going to be a couple of weeks or so before it gets here. Then I need to find time to watch it, then I need to work out which one is her…but I cant wait for the chance!

The video, well its as close a name catch as I could think of. Besides which, given Billy Paul is amongst the many great music starts who have left us this year, it makes for a nice tribute.

On which side is the greener grass?

Oh fine, for the second time running, I get a blog planned out, and events do their best to overtake it. And again, not in a good way either, sadly.

Yes, this time next week, we will know whether the UK has voted to stay in, or leave the EU, for better, or for worse. Me, I’m still undecided on the whole issue, just totally disenchanted by the negative campaigns that both sides have run so far, and I dont hold out much hope for that changing now. Interesting thing is, the polls are suggesting that the ‘leave’ campaign has edged in front, but the betting still favours the ‘remain’ side, so we will see. Its more complex than it might seem, given many in Gibraltar will get to vote, and its fair to assume they will be firmly in the ‘remain’ camp, given how Spain feels about them!

But anyway, the subject I planned to focus on before yesterday at least, and will still do so, to some degree. The curious happening, is a sudden increase in interest in people living in the UK, applying for Irish passports. Yes, because people who have had Irish born relatives, right back as far as grand parents can register as an Irish Citizen, and would be able to stay in the EU, if we voted to leave. Me, unfortunately, the last generation I know was born in Ireland, is my great grand parents, on my mother’s side. As I have had no contact with my father’s side of the family for nearly 50 years (he died about 1970), trying to find out at which point exactly any grand parent I might have had, left Ireland permanently, not a clue! Given that both sides left around the turn of the century (1900), to come to England, I suspect my luck would be out.

Would I do it, if I could, if I found 1 grand parent somewhere, born in Ireland? I really dont know, to tell the truth. I certainly wouldnt, if we voted to ‘remain’, clearly, as there would be little point doing that, simply to stay in the EU. If we voted to ‘leave’, it comes down to which way I voted, I guess! ‘Leave’, and I’d be hypocritical to then apply, anyway. ‘Remain’, well, then maybe, but I must admit that the thought of all that paperwork, just to find out if I could apply (and I have my serious doubts I could), then its probably a bit much. But fine, if it was easier, hmm?

OK, the sad fact that has to be mentioned, especially as the lady concerned was an MP for a seat not that far from here. Yesterday, a brave lady was murdered by an extreme, right wing lunatic, simply because he disagreed, and felt that she should ‘Put Britain First’ as he stated, regardless of her individual belief, that she’s legally entitled to. Sadly, her family, and many others are left to mourn after his idiotic behaviour. May she rest in peace, I must say that much, for sure.

I know, in a sense, it shouldnt be the clincher to decide which way I vote, but I must admit, it makes me more likely to vote to ‘remain’ than I was before yesterday, and I suspect I’m not the only one who feels that way. So, in the end, he might have cost the ‘leave’ group a lot of votes, instead of the opposite, which is what he desired. Crazy, but thats how these things work out.

Hopefully thats the last of politics, and comments on people dying for a while, but that might be wishful thinking?

OK, video time. Unfortunately I couldnt find a live performance of this by Petula Clark, but this seems a pretty good second prize

What a weekend!

Oh fine, I’d planned to focus on one transgender issue in this blog, that the UK government seemingly have been trying to cover up, but events of the weekend have sort of overwhelmed that. Still going to look at it, but maybe a bit less detail than if events in America hadnt happened.

So, lets start with the one I’m sure everybody has heard about, the awful massacre in Orlando. I’m going to do my best not to say too much about the gun laws in the US. But given the fact that someone on the FBI watch list, can get hold of a weapon like that, and nothing happens, just unbelievable! The blunt fact is, despite his last phone call, this was not an ISIS related terrorist activity. They clearly knew nothing about it in advance, from their postings on the matter (source, instead of their agency), whatever the more rabid people of the media might want to suggest. What is clear, is that he came from a homophobic background, and had a deep hatred for all gay people. As a sideline, he believed in beating his wife too! Yes, lovely guy, not.

Unbelievably, in these days of health and safety, fire standards, and the works, the club he went into in Orlando had only one entry/exit point. There seemed to be others, but they led to closets, or a small courtyard, not a proper route of escape. So, once in, hard to get out of, under the circumstances, without being shot! Given the enclosed space, and the weapon he had, its probably a blessing that as few as 50 died, though sadly, its possible that number may yet go up.

Oh, the beloved right wing media. Focusing on the fact that he was Muslim, and that phone call, and ignoring all the other facts! Yes, he was Muslim, but as the next section of this shows, that was just one issue, the main one was his awful homophobia. He carried out this massacre because he saw two men kiss in front of him, on the street. Yes, seriously, that was it!

Rest in peace, all those sadly dead from this atrocity.

The next piece, I suspect the amount you’ve heard about, depends on where you’re reading this. Yesterday, was L.A Pride day. So fine, I might not have known much about it, but for my friends in the area. What happened yesterday morning, was the arrest of a white man, in Santa Monica, because his car was full of enough artillery to cause an equal amount of death, and destruction. Funnily enough, he was a right wing extremist, who admitted he was heading to the Pride festival, and it didnt look, or sound like he was going there to join the parade. Thankfully, in this case, he was caught before he got there, and with additional security, all went off fine. But again, just about a year ago, he was arrested for, yes, you’ve guessed it, gun offences!

Please, USA, at least reconsider your gun laws. Oh, I forgot, the NRA (National Rifle Association) has so many congressmen in their pay, that…ah well! 😦

Lastly, and something that my ‘beloved’ UK government have sneaked through, is this

Trans people in UK could face rape charges if they don’t reveal gender history

I’ve seen a meme a few times on Facebook, which shows a guy, and a girl in bed, post coital sex. To quote her, is something like “No, thats not my boyfriend, thats me before the operation.”, and a stunned look on his face. Alright, I found it amusing the first couple of times, but yes, it gets less funny as time goes on. Mind, given she clearly had all the right ‘bits’, why should it really bother him, unless…?

Me, I’m not planning on having sex anytime soon, in truth, and besides which, at the moment, if it got as far as sexual matters, I’ve clearly still got something a girl shouldnt have! But in truth, before anyone got that close to me, I’d make my limitations very well known, and let them act accordingly. In truth, I’m pretty certain that even if I was post op, I’d let someone know first, before we got up close, and physical! To be truthful, given I doubt I would consider the op, unless I needed it, for sex, someone is going to know anyway!

But yes, I guess, younger people, who have fully transitioned, and look just fine, do people really need to know? I’m sure that now, with younger, and younger people starting to transition, its going to come to a point where people really arent going to know, beyond the fact that their wife/partner will never get pregnant! Fine, maybe decades from now, Trans Girls will have babies, but for now…

So, I’m torn, in that someone of my generation probably would want to say something, so it shouldnt matter, but I can see youngsters feeling differently about it. But overall, no, I’m not a fan of this.

OK, video time. Maybe because of my age, maybe because of my attitude, or maybe because this body has so emotionally destroyed me over the years, this pretty much sums me up, concerning these homophobic haters out there

Catching up on events

Yes, I humbly apologise to anyone who might have been concerned about my impending death after Tuesday’s posting, but thankfully, or otherwise, depending on your opinion of me, I’m still here.

So lets catch up on the events of the latter part of the week, then if you’re good, I’ll come up with something more interesting tomorrow.

You could say that a couple more rare events happened on Wednesday, in truth. Firstly, for the first time in a long while, I made a book sale. Yes, only one, but its been so long, anything is good. Funnily enough, I had advertised one of my books that morning, on Facebook, care of that anniversary thing they have, to annoy people, or otherwise. But equally ironic, that wasnt the one I made a sale on! If anyone does want to take a chance on my books, a link is though you can find me under the same author name at other popular places too.

The other pleasant surprise I got on Wednesday, was a reward from a hotel group I’m a member of. A while back, I did a survey for them, and there were some prizes of a £10 Amazon certificate, and amazingly, I got one! No, I havent done anything with it yet, still pondering on that. Sadly, I’ve failed to find any genuine space craft on sale for £10! 😛 So I’m expecting it will either be something to wear, or something to eat, but undecided as yet.

Beyond that, and the main reason why its been so long since I wrote, I’ve been out doing interviews, and things. Had one over Bradford on Thursday, which I battled through, much as usual, which I suspect will probably bring the expected result, a lack of success. But hey, this week, who knows? Yesterday, I done my signing on in the morning, then headed over to Leeds, to register at an agency, as requested. Yes, I’m getting ever more cynical about these places, because when I got there, they told me that recruitment for this role had been suspended that morning. If I didnt know better, I would cynically think they never existed, but anyway, we will see.

Lastly, given a pair of successes this week, I decided to give the Lotteries a go this weekend. Well, last night, on the Euro Millions one, I got 1 number. Yes, no prize. I suspect tonight, with the UK one, will be more of the same, but I can hope, for a few more hours at least!

Oh, and my American ‘boy friend’ still seems to be in love with me, despite a few more postings showing I’m clearly not a natural woman. Who knows, maybe he knows, and doesnt care, but I dont see it that way, to be honest. But hey, I dont hide things, so…maybe one day I will get married, as a blushing bride. Yeah, stop laughing! Me, a wife, in California, you have to be joking, surely!

Right, the video. Something from a TV show from the 60’s, that I’ve found. Seems these 2 fine ladies are still going strong, at 79! Yes, married, I might get some day, but dont expect to see me holding my breath on that.

My dreams get weirder all the time

Fine, I wanted to throw up something totally out of left field, just to keep you folks on your toes, as I’ve been pretty transparent of late. And yes, this gets weird.

The night before last, seemingly just before waking up time, I found myself in a very strange dream. I seemed to be totally unable to move, seemingly in a sleep sack, pod, or something of that kind. I heard someone say something about just needing to block off her hearing, and she was ready for preparation. So anyway, I felt something put into my ears, a blindfold, or hood put over my eyes, and felt the cocoon type thing I was in, being sealed up around me.

I only wish I knew what I was being prepared for, but I will never know. About a minute or so later, I heard a disturbance, woke up, and it was gone, just like that. Mind, as it was gone 8.00 in the morning, I just hauled myself out of bed, got on with the day, wondering what might have happened, if I’d kept sleeping…

This morning was even weirder. I was actually laying peacefully in a bed, seemingly asleep, though I could hear voices around me, clearly concerned. Then I heard some rather dramatic words, “I’m sorry, but she’s just about to die.”, so instinctively I attempted to open my eyes, and see where I was, and who was speaking. I woke up, there was no one to be seen anywhere, and the only voice I could hear, was a cat meowing loudly for her breakfast!

But fine, for those who need to know my history, on this day, 79 years ago, Jean Harlow died of kidney failure, in an LA hospital. Was I hearing those doctors, was I temporarily in her body, who knows? All I know is, the last 2 nights, my dreams have been very strange. So heaven knows what will happen tonight!

PS, if this ends up being my last ever blog, just know that I died 79 years ago, of kidney failure! No, I’m sure I will be back here, probably Friday (have an interview on Thursday, so will probably pass on posting then), but if…wow!

OK, video time. Well, I had to post something dream related, I guess? This artist has been around for over 50 years, and I remember playing his singles, on 45’s, as a kid. This is a slightly more recent performance

Some folk thought I was a Californian girl!

There have been a couple of times recently, when people who know me on Social Media, but not in real life wrote to me about forthcoming events, that will be happening (or might happen) in Los Angeles. Snag, they assumed I was living there! Oh, I wish!

Mind, my friend Stacie sent me a picture of this house in the Hollywood Hills, which would look perfect for a sci-fi girl like me!

Hollywood home

Its officially known as the Malin House, but equally well known as the Chemosphere, and its not hard to see what it was inspired by, lets face it. From comments, the trees have now grown up closer to it, but yes, love it, and would love to live there.

To be honest, I’m rather flattered that people think I actually live in Hollywood, even if I do post a few more blogs about the city than your average Yorkshire girl might! But most of my info is either based on my 2 trips there, or around news info that I get my hands on.

On the other hand, if I was offered the chance to live there, pardon me while I snatch your hands off! Cant see it happening on a permanent basis, but who knows? But I must say, its nice to know that I know enough about the area to come off as a local, to some at least.

The video, well, I guess you could say that if I lived in Hollywood, this is what I’d be. I’ll be honest, there is a live vocals performance of this that I found, but to be polite, its not good. But fortunately, I managed to find it, with the recorded version over the top of it.