Some folk thought I was a Californian girl!

There have been a couple of times recently, when people who know me on Social Media, but not in real life wrote to me about forthcoming events, that will be happening (or might happen) in Los Angeles. Snag, they assumed I was living there! Oh, I wish!

Mind, my friend Stacie sent me a picture of this house in the Hollywood Hills, which would look perfect for a sci-fi girl like me!

Hollywood home

Its officially known as the Malin House, but equally well known as the Chemosphere, and its not hard to see what it was inspired by, lets face it. From comments, the trees have now grown up closer to it, but yes, love it, and would love to live there.

To be honest, I’m rather flattered that people think I actually live in Hollywood, even if I do post a few more blogs about the city than your average Yorkshire girl might! But most of my info is either based on my 2 trips there, or around news info that I get my hands on.

On the other hand, if I was offered the chance to live there, pardon me while I snatch your hands off! Cant see it happening on a permanent basis, but who knows? But I must say, its nice to know that I know enough about the area to come off as a local, to some at least.

The video, well, I guess you could say that if I lived in Hollywood, this is what I’d be. I’ll be honest, there is a live vocals performance of this that I found, but to be polite, its not good. But fortunately, I managed to find it, with the recorded version over the top of it.

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