In, out, or shaking it all about?

You know the witty comment about you wait forever for a bus to come along, and then 2, or more come along at once? Yes, happens in other fields too, seemingly.

As you know already, last week, after 14 months of struggling to find a job, I finally got offered one, due to start on Monday. All fine, all good. Anyway, as you’ve guessed. there’s more to this tale. Last month, I was interviewed for a Civil Service job, in Bradford. I was told it would be a couple of weeks before I heard anything, but that was 5 weeks ago, so fine, despite their reputation for always contacting you, I’d accepted the inevitable. No, life isnt that easy! Yesterday, I got an email from them, provisionally offering me the job, subject to checks!

Now dont get me wrong, I can live with the job I’ve been offered, but seriously, if both offered me a job on the same day, no contest, the Bradford one! No Sunday work, which is a ghastly day to travel, and a new commute, which would be nice. I dont mind Leeds, as such, but after 10 years, fine, a new trip would be nice. But equally, these nice people put me out of my misery, so…

Fine, I can work this through, and will. I can start this job on Monday, as planned, and see how it goes, given I’m sure Civil Service security checks wont be sorted in days! If its enjoyable, and the shifts work out, then I can withdraw the other one, and stay there. If its OK, and within the trial period (12 weeks) when I hear, then I need to make a decision, one way or the other, but only then. I know me, I’ll probably stick, but for now, in my mind at least…

Yes, I know, irony, 14 months of nothing, and then I get this! I’m laughing about it at least, which I guess is the main thing?

The other ‘amusing moment’ is the dear old Conservative Party. So after all the fuss, and everything else, when the names for next PM candidates are announced, Boris Johnson isnt amongst them! I know the joke was that no one wanted to bite the bullet, and withdraw us from Europe, but when the leader of the ‘Leave’ group decides he doesnt want to be in a position to do it, what does that say? Mind, there is talk that he never wanted to come out, just wanted to oppose Cameron, so just maybe that was true? Anyway, all things will just get more dragged out now, I guess. Five candidates, one of whom thinks Homosexuality can be cured (in that weird right wing way), so lets hope he doesnt win! Mind, if he wants to mind control me in an interesting way, then well…no, not really!

OK, the video. Well, its got a Bradford connection, its got a political connection, given how much that idiot Trump loves Mexicans, so…

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