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Now I remember why I dont go out on a Saturday!

And no, before anyone shows any concerns, absolutely nothing to do with transgender issues in the slightest. One Indian man did ask his teen son if that was a man or a woman who had just passed them, but his son, I suspect taken in by my boobs, replied with confidence, woman. I was too far past them to hear more lol! More on the other entertaining moment shortly.

No, the reason I do trips out, and shopping midweek, is because of the number of people about, midweek is quieter, and so much easier. Snag was, this week, one of my days off was today. Yes, shock horror, a Saturday off, no idea what happened there? But given I wanted to do some shopping, and I have an appointment on Monday lunchtime, it was a bit now or never, given a space on the reading front from updates. And feeling mad, I went over to Manchester, for a change.

Wrong move lol! I had to stand on the train going over, it was absolutely packed. I only found out later that there is some concert on over there tonight (Stone Roses, whoever they are?) and lots of young folk were travelling across for that, even at 11.15 in the morning. Even worse, they were the football fans type, and the whole journey was set off by their continued swearing (mainly in Leeds United (football team) related songs), and lots of alcohol.

I must have passed lol, quite grateful in all honesty, given the state of them, and their behaviour. One did drunkenly ask if I was ‘one of those ladyboys’ as I was about to get off, but firmly got told ‘no, she isnt, so shut the f… up’ by one of the others lol!

I headed for Primark (US people, think Old Navy, its as close as I can get), because I wanted some cheap sandals for my September holiday, and they obliged. I have got a pair already, but they were slip on ones, and I dont feel comfortable with them, because I always think I’m going to fire them off my feet, and have done, at least once lol! Picked up a few other bits and pieces as well, nothing vital, but handy all the same. Oh, including a pair of silver trousers that appealed to me no end. Also looked at a couple of bras, but was positive I didnt have the money. Snag was, I got near the pay desk, and saw socks, something I did need. Problem, as I said, I only had limited money on me, and thought I was close to the limit of my funds, so with regret, I put the silver trousers back, and went to pay for my purchases. The queue to pay, well lets just say it was very long, and leave it at that.

I was right, I did only have limited funds, but that was still £10 more than I’d thought I had. So in the end, I could have got the trousers, and a couple of basic bras too, aargh! After lunch, and a lookaround, I did go back in to see if the queues had calmed down, but they were even worse. So no, I didnt bother.

I got back to Huddersfield, and tried Primark there, but as I suspected, the much smaller store didnt have the trousers, and I didnt even bother to check for bras lol. Yes, it was busy, but nothing like Manchester lol!

Oh well… and the next time I’ll be in Manchester in all likelihood in November, by which time I’ll have forgotten all about them, and doubt they will still be stocked anyway. C’est la vie, i guess?

Alright, the video. It has a Manchester connection, it sums up both the gender, and shopping ‘entertainment’ I had today.

I’ll try and post again Monday, certainly wont be before then. As would be said, you dont want to know my shift tomorrow lol!

The joys of shift working

As some here will know, and others soon will, I work shifts in a call centre. This means I can be working anywhere between 8 in the morning, and about 9.30 in the evening, so there probably isnt a time of the day I havent travelled one way or the other, within reason of course!

Snag is, I live in Huddersfield, work in Leeds, so by the time you throw in travel time (especially early and late, and Sundays/Bank Holidays), it makes the timings even more fun. And yes, that is me being cynical, and yes, I have an 8 am start tomorrow, which means being up by about 4.45

Alright, it means an early finish, but I’m not really the type who can come home and grab a couple of hours sleep then, besides which, even if I could, it would only throw my sleeping patterns out for the next night. One of these isnt too bad, but next week I’ve got 2 in a row, really not looking forward to that.

Dont get me wrong, its part of the job, so fair enough, but that wont make it any easier tomorrow morning, it has to be said. Thankfully, coffee is my friend, and will hopefully keep me going lol! The only time its a real killer is when I have a late the night before, then a very early, but those are pretty rare it has to be said.

To be honest, otherwise, shift working isnt too bad, even if for some the idea of working weekends would be strange. I dont mind in all honesty, if I want to make appointments, or get other things done, its usually easier midweek anyway.

OK, fine, this is just a bit of a ‘grumpy old woman’ posting, because she knows she’s not looking forward to the early start in the morning, but it allows me to let off steam, might amuse my readers, and sneaks in a blog posting so I dont feel like I’m ignoring you. So there! 😛

Alright, the music video, for once there’s no clue in the title, though the more senior of you might have an inkling what the tune might be. Sorry, cant find a live video for this, might be something to do with the song being over 40 years old lol!

And no, neither of the blondes are me!

An Eternal Flame

Well alright, this wasnt the original plan for todays blog, but I suspect the weather has got in the way of the most important event of the weekend, so lets go to plan B.

Yes, for those who know, you’re right, this was going to be about a cricket match in Belfast tomorrow, between Ireland and Australia, but I suspect the chances of that happening are limited, judging by the weather here, and reports from Ireland.

A great shame, as it was our big game of the season, despite many other important ones coming up against Afghanistan, and others. Fingers crossed the game can happen, but no breaths being held on that.

So alright, second prize. As everyone probably knows, at the end of next month, the Olympics start in London. Currently the Olympic flame is touring the country, though I’m sure its enjoying the weather as much as we are lol. On Sunday, it comes to Huddersfield, the highlight of its journey? 😉 I wont be hear to see it, I’m working Sunday, and will be gone to work long before it arrives here. Funnily enough, its in Leeds on Monday, and I wont be there either, as I’m not working lol!

Would I have gone to see it anyway, probably not, I’m not one for big crowds in all honesty. Quite likely that you wouldnt see much anyway, and thats assuming all this rain simply doesnt put the flame out! And no, the forecast for the whole weekend isnt good!

But given the cricket situation, its an idea for the blog.

The music, well the title, as often gives a hint. An 80’s classic from the Bangles, more featured in wedding videos nowadays, but seems rather apt for the Olympic torch.

How long?

No, I’m not talking about the length of my hair, post cut, though if you really want to know, its about shoulder length, and apart from the front (grr), its doing its best to resemble a long bob style lol! The front, well, I’ve got a fringe, and lets leave it at that! And no, no one here has commented since their return today, but I’ll put that down to their long day travelling back from Cyprus. The cats can now get back to their normal feeding, and begging arrangements until the next time lol! I think one of them still doesnt believe my food is for me, not for him!

In that case, it has to be, yes, you’ve guessed it, the work shift tomorrow! Lets see, I start at 9.00, ends at 9.00, and the shift is longer than one minute lol! Thats right, 12 hours! Even worse when you think I’ll get home about 10.30, get to bed somewhere after midnight (going to have tons to catch up on, internet wise), and then be up by 6 the next morning to start work at 9.00. No, not another 12 hour shift, but all the same… Coffee might be a critical ingredient by then lol!

Thankfully Euro 2012 takes a break tomorrow, before the quarter finals start, but all that means is that the shops will be ringing up for prices on the Icelandic 3rd division, and any other games desperate punters find to lose money on, in leagues that no one with any sense would take a second glance at. But anyway… Oh, and the second day of Royal Ascot to keep up with as well!

Its funny, it used to be we would get 5, 7.5 hour shifts in a week, and that would be it. Nowadays a 7.5 hour shift is a rarity, though I have got a couple at the weekend! Yes, they do get countered back, its why I’ve got 5 hour shifts Thursday and Friday, but I suspect that wont be much consolation tomorrow evening!

So no, dont expect a blog tomorrow lol! 😛

The video, well some might say that in a sense the title is a dry comment about tomorrow

Oh, and I only wish my hair looked like this!


Hair today, gone tomorrow

No, dont worry, not all of it, just some as its starting to go down my back, and I prefer to keep it at shoulder length or so, in all honesty. Also getting it highlighted again tomorrow, as there are more than a few dark patches showing through again now. It has been a couple of months, so what do I expect lol! Was reading some sci fi stuff the other day that talked about perma-blonding, now wouldnt that be handy? 😉

Its funny though, up to a few years ago (about 3?) I would never have dreamed of colouring my hair at all, but now…I joked to my masseuse/beauty therapist about going dark again, as in black, a la Brooksie helmet style, and got told not to! No, I have no olans to, as it has to be said, and not just because of that old line, its definitely fun being blonde! Still wish I had slightly more hair in front so I could have a blonde helmet bob like Brooksie though! Sadly the fringe is far from capable of that, not enough hair nowadays! Sides arent quite forward enough for the true look, but closer lol. Its just a shame the hairdresser cant just move some of the hair from the back, and put it at the front, and sides, but ah well…

Its funny how things have changed around though. I used to have short dark hair, and owned blonde wigs, which I wore at home. Nowadays I have long blonde(ish) hair, and fancy owning a dark, bob style wig, basically because its the only way I could get that tight, helmet style look. The difference is, for wearing a wig at hoime, relatively cheap ones off Ebay were fine, no one was going to see them except housemates. The ‘Brooksie look’ one would have to be a good one though, as I’m sure I’d want to wear it out sometimes. So alright, probably wont happen, as I’m not an expert on such matters, and wouldnt know where to start. Might need to go even shorter at the back mind, so the blonde didnt show, but I’m sure I could live with that!

But yes, thats about the end of the exciting news at present.

So, to the video. For once, utterly unrelated to the blog, and just showing total musical bias towards a favourite band. No, I have no desire to have anyone to ‘see me smile at the break of day’, though as my dear friend James has told me before, there probably is someone out there for me, and maybe one day, I’ll meet them. This track is from the much underrated Crush album, was never released as a single, though I have no idea why!

And the next sporting ‘delight’ is…

Royal Ascot!

Being serious, I dont mind horse racing, and this is quality horse racing. So why the cynicism in the title, you might be asking. Well thats nothing to do with the racing, and all to do with the fuss made about other matters at the meeting.

Firstly, as I’ve commented before, I’m not a great royalist, so all the fuss made about the colour of the Queen’s hat, and who gets the thrill of riding down the racetrack with her before racing, just leaves me cold. Thankfully its the last year that the BBC presenters will be falling over themselves to say nice things about her as she does so, because its the last year they cover it. Sadly, I suspect the Channel 4 presenters will more than make up for it next year though.

But anyway, before I get whisked off to the Tower, and all that…Its not my main gripe of Royal Ascot, its the ridiculous outfits, and hats that all the women wear, just so they think they look good in the Royal Enclosure, or elsewhere at Ascot. To be fair, some of the dresses do look nice, though I dread to think about the price tags. But the hats, sorry, I cant think of many I’d want to be seen dead wearing, let alone on TV.

I do actually wonder what would happen if a pre-op transgendered person tried to get into the Royal Enclosure lol, even if dressed (en femme) totally the rules. Get in, unless very convincing, probably not!

And no, I’m not even getting started on the manners of the so called ‘high class’ people at the races, but lets just say that the percentage who will be drunk, and acting stupidly by the end of the day, will be considerable.

Ironically, my shift patterns this week mean that I will only be at work while racing is on, will only be 2 days. No, you dont want to see my shift patterns lol! And given that the football is still on as well…you get my drift? Only blessing will be Saturday, when a decent cricket team take on Australia in a one day match at Belfast, and thankfully Sky have the good taste to cover it. I think most at work know I want a seat where I can see a TV that day already lol, but more on that later in the week.

Please, dont ask for tips, as I proved with the football, I havent a clue anymore!

Yes, I did consider a certain Sex Pistols song for the video, but thought I would be good, though not sure why. So lets go with the other matter that will surely drive me crazy this week,

Can someone tell the weather that its June!

Here I am, sat at home, middle of June, and I’ve been thinking about putting the fire on this morning. Even now, nearly noon, and the temperature has barely crept into the fifties. I know, its not the height of summer yet, but…all the talk is of flooding, not heat at present.

Or is summer over, those few (and I do mean few) glorious days we had a while back was it? I hope not, but it feels positively autumnal at present, it has to be said. Alright, I dont expect, and certainly wont get wall to wall sunshine at present, but some, and decent temperatures to match would be nice.

The rest of the household are away in Cyprus at the moment, where the temperatures are up in the eighties, what a difference! Still, hopefully it will warm up here in time, and be nice when I go off to New England in September too. No, no bikini, but a few less layers needed hopefully then lol!

Apart from the cold, everything is pretty normal here at present, but just wanted to write something, to try and keep readers interested, while I have the chance. Yes, working a late shift today, which is why I can type this now. Dont expect more before Sunday though!

Yes, I’m surviving the football, not actually seen much of it, though I suspect I will have it inflicted on me today, as I’m working till 9.15 tonight. Ireland playing, but no, not expecting anything from them lol!

I bought a book!

No, I know, nowhere near as controversial as Katy Perry supposedly kissing a girl, but something rare, all the same. And probably more actual than Ms Perry anyway.

To be honest, I cant remember the last time I bought a book that wasnt a travel guide, or a travel anthology, but lets just say its been sometime. I do read, darlings, but its direct from the internet stuff, and lets not discuss the material involved lol.

But something, or should I say, a certain someone made me break the habit of a long while, though when I get to read it, I’m not quite sure. That person, Laura Moriarty, though its fair to say its not her that took me out of my buying slumber, but one of the stars of the book. Of course it is, its Cora Carlisle. Whats that, you dont believe me? Right again, yes, its the other star of ‘The Chaperone’, one Louise Brooks. 😉

The book strictly is fiction, though given that at this time, Louise did travel to New York, with a chaperone, to join a dance school, I suspect faction is a better term for it. And judging by the reviews, Laura Moriarty seems to have captured the style of Brooksie very well. It might well become commute reading, though given that I have to change glasses to read, dont quote me on that just yet lol. Might otherwise fill those boring flight hours to Boston and back in September, but doubt I can resist it that long!

To be honest, I probably really only purchased it because I had a tiny amount of credit at Amazon. Combine that with minimal credit on a pay as you go credit card, and it was just enough, so…I broke the habit of a while lol!

No, I dont expect this to bring about a dramatic change of reading style, but it will be fun picking up a book again, after so many years. I did it a lot as a child, but not so much since, especially since internet story sites appeared. But yes, it will be fun to read about what Brooksie ‘might’ have got up to during the twenties.

But going back to the original line, I have no desire at all to kiss Ms Perry though!

The video. Well, you’ve had the song before, but not this version. Of course, the irony is, this is the classic OMD line up live, but only Andy was actually on the record, the others had all left by the time this was released in 1991. The plus point, some projected shots of Louise behind them, some from the video, some I dont recognise from there.

Enjoy, or ignore, as you choose

Oh no, not a month of football (soccer), aargh!

Warning, tongue in cheek posting lol!

Yes, this blog will be all about that boring football tournament that starts tomorrow, and goes on for the best part of a month. But dont run away screaming, this will be less than adoring of the game, and certainly any comments made on the teams etc will be far less than knowledgeable! So why do it, because I’m going to have put up with this rubbish for a month, so lets have some fun with it.

I know, I work in the betting industry, in a call centre, but that doesnt mean I enjoy every sport. Cricket, dont deny it, and Baseball and NFL, pretty much addicted as well. Others including Horse Racing, Snooker, Golf and Rugby League, I can take in reasonable sized chunks. But Football, or Soccer to my American friends, cant stand it. Possibly not helped by having to deal with shop staff in certain areas of the country (specifically Liverpool and Glasgow) who think everyone should be as keen on football as they seemingly are.

So no, before you ask tomorrow, we arent offering odds on how many times Gerrard spits on the pitch, or on which boot Rooney laces up first. Please, get a life, and use a braincell before ringing up and asking these truly idiotic questions. Equally we arent betting on how many of the team will actually sing the national anthem.

Some readers might think I’m being less than serious here, and granted, none of these have been asked… yet. But some equally inane questions, I’m afraid so!

Mind, the guys at work are just as bad at times with football. Yes, I can understand their need to have the pictures on a large screen, maybe 2, one at each end, but do we really need it on 6 screens out of 8. Yes, its happened before!

Right, rant over, be prepared to be entertained with some truly clueless previewing, from someone who knows little or nothing about the teams. Comments re favourites etc apply to my companies website, so might not follow everywhere.

Group A, not hard to see why Russia are favourites, their club teams have a decent record in Europe, though whether this is down to home born players, not a clue! I guess Poland are next in the betting because they are the home nation? But twist my arm, Czech Republic second team through

Group B, they arent top of the betting, but Holland for me. Would love to see the Germans go out (long standing thing for Brits), but suspect they might get past Portugal, and Ronaldo’s massive ego.

Group C next. Spain are a certainty to get through here, and before the latest scandal, Italy were certain to join them. I know, Ireland are in this group, but seriously, they arent that great. Neither are Croatia (as far as I know) but lets face it, there is a 50% chance Italy will implode totally, or they will be so resolute, they’ll beat Spain! Me, I fancy the former in all honesty.

Group D, which French team are turning up? The ones that would struggle to beat Guam reserves, or the ones who could beat Brazil? No idea, until they play lol! England will mess up against someone, just a matter of who, and if it matters. Ukraine (the other host team) being in this group makes it even more of a mess, so any guess who is going through.

Seriously, for the tournament, Spain are favourites for a good reason, judging by results. Twist my arm, Holland are my fancy, Russia if you want a bigger price are a bit of a dark horse, with a seemingly soft group. Therefore top scorer, Van Persie seems obvious.

But seriously, my best bet for the whole tournament, ignore it completely, and hope it all just goes away. Unlikely, but I’m entitled to a wish, arent I? Sadly I wont be able to avoid it at work, but certainly will at home.

Oh, the song. One of those songs by so called celebrities that the football fans go out and buy, just because its about football. My vote would be not to click on it, dont say you werent warned if you do!

Everything changes

Its funny how things change, isnt it? If you think it through, as I did today, when I did the whole name, and gender change thing at work (well in the sense of becoming a Ms at least, if not the physical change), everyone in my department, and to a lesser degree, at work, had known me as a man. Well, maybe thats pushing it, I’d certainly gone with an androgyne look from day 1 at this place, but that was making it official, that I was now a woman.

But of course, since then, people have come, people have gone, and I suspect there is now a decent percentage in our office department at least, who have never known me as anything but a woman. Indeed, there is now an ever growing percentage of those who have never known me without cleavage! I suspect it will never reach a point where no one knew the old me, but I guess as time moves on, that percentage will drop ever more.

Occasionally I will still hear Steve, or he, but its pretty rare nowadays, and is generally followed by an embarrassed look from whoever said it. I’m not the militant type about it (unlike so many), so unless its someone I can tease, a glare, and a smile will usually suffice. But agreed, its those who’ve known me all the time, so…and they’re learning lol!

Mind, I have to get used to things as well. Yes, I was using ladies public toilets in Seattle just fine, but the Americans seem more open minded on such matters, well in most of the country at least, I’m not sure about the ‘Deep South’ all the same. Though to be honest, the matter has simply arisen less over here, I have less need to use public toilets, as most of my needs outside the home, are met at work, where I use the unisex ones anyway.

But last week, I went to the cricket at Headingley, and needed a ‘break’ while there. Yes, used the ladies, twice in fact, no problem at all. But yes, there is still this weird moment as I enter the ladies, and I think what I’m doing, after all these years, but I’m getting used to it. Of course, it might be easier done with a full cleavage, but dont quote me on that.

But no, I’m sticking to trousers, for now at least when out, though maybe one day it will be a skirt or a dress, who knows? But I’ll forego the high heels a lot longer than that lol!

The music, well the title seems sort of apt somehow