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Dress to impress?

OK, fine, I know, a bit of catching up to do, thats what life, and a pile of various interviews will do for you! So lets get started

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I was always told that you ‘dress to impress’ when you go for a job interview. Be it just with a job agency, or a potential employer, you look smart, and well dressed, to make them think you’re the right person for the job, yes? OK, clown in the circus might be different, but otherwise…

So you can imagine my amusement earlier this week when I went for a receptionist role, in a ‘posh’ vintage tea room company, and saw the 2 young ladies being interviewed in front of me. To the credit of one, at least she wore a top, and trousers, but they certainly werent what I would call of the ‘quality’ type. The other, oh please, leggings, and boots!

The lady being interviewed with me was in a dress at least, which made me feel better, but even so…The irony is, the 2 younger, prettier, but under dressed girls will have more chance of getting the job than me, because he was also after a PA, and they would look better as eye candy than me! But we will see…

Yes, I’ve never been sure whether you need to dress up for an appointment at an employment agency, but I tend to do so. Maybe its just an older lady thing, maybe its just that I enjoy wearing a dress, but anyway…I do! Well, fine, the second one was a follow on visit from a job interview, so I needed to be dressed up, but I would have done anyway.

The other job interview this week was yesterday morning, in Batley. In fact, thats why I had to register at an agency on Thursday! So yes, amusing moment, a job, working close to the Hollywood sign, what more could I ask for? Alright, its not THE Hollywood sign, just one belonging to a local club, named Hollywood Legends, but even so…

Given my recent record with competency questions, I decided it was time to try something different, so I did. For those who have been reading a while, you know this, but for the newer folk…last November, I was hypnotised (not for the first time), and Jean-Bot was created in my sub concious. Yes, Jean Harlow, though strictly she was created as a bot, so she could cope with modern life situations. But bubbly, confident, and everything else Harlow was, absolutely. So basically, I let her loose in my mind for about 5 minutes before I went in for the interview, and told her to see what she could do. The only reason I couldnt let her do the interview is because she talks with Jean’s Kansas accent!

Anyway, end result, the best interview I’ve had this time around, by far. As long as ‘she’ doesnt think that she’s got the job, all will be fine! Mind, if I have, she probably got it for me, so…The other amusing thing, and the first time I’ve seen this was some sort of Personality Profiling test. Most of it was fairly standard stuff, but the 3 questions where the options included, obedient, controlled, and submissive amused me no end! I will have to be careful with the training methods used, clearly lol! Kidding, I think?

After that, another agency yesterday afternoon, something different job wise. I did do some call checking at Hills, and this job would be doing more of that, for an insurance company in Wakefield. Well, I wanted to do something new, so…

Oh, I’d better mention the General Election, I guess? Well, I sort of expected the Conservatives might have been the largest party, but getting an overall majority, yes, you got me there! I’m not surprised the Lib Dems almost got wiped out, seat wise, though I would have preferred less votes for UKIP, but anyway…though ironically I ended up feeling rather sorry for Farage in the end, with his vote on Friday.

Tomorrow, I’m torn whether to head into Leeds, or not. There is a vintage fair there, at the Town Hall, but its also the Leeds Half Marathon in town, so how easy it will be to get to, no idea. Also, should I be spending money on luxuries, when I havent yet got a job? I will see how I feel in the morning, but I’m tempted.

Right, lastly, the video. Relates to the General Election. One of my favourite Madonna songs, and the video has such an old fashioned feel to it too.

Is vintage the new thing?

One thing I’ve noticed in recent times, is the revival, in a big way of vintage. Mainly clothing, I grant you, but in other matters too. No, there arent too many 1930’s Ford’s coming back on to the road, or anything like that, but…in a practical way, the new look on the scene seems to be vintage. Unfortunately this seems to include the 70’s, when some of the clothes were shocking, and I should know, I was there! Sadly, fate means I missed out on the garish catsuits that the ladies from Abba wore, or the short mini skirts, a la Sally Carr, of Middle of the Road fame, but they might have been fun back then. As for those boots, oh yes please! No, a Bay City Roller fan, I could never have been!

But yes, you’re right, the eras that interest me more, are a lot further back than that, the 20’s and 30’s. Though finding actual clothes from that era might be a challenge too far, I suspect there might be a few around, though probably at horrendous prices! But the blessing for me, is that clothes producers seem to have caught on to this phenomenon, and produce clothing with the look of that era, but in modern materials, at practical prices. Even more practical if you can get cast off’s in charity shops lol!

Put it this way, as someone who loves living 20’s, and 30’s style, at a reasonable price, I love it. Even if at my age, true flapper dresses are way too short for me! Thankfully 30’s dresses seem to be longer, an absolute boon.

But now it seems to have gone a step further, from the occasional clothing item, it seems to have slipped into many other things, and now we seem to be getting an ever expanding number of vintage fairs. This one is on in Leeds, on Sunday, for anyone local, and interested. I might need my arm twisted to make me go, but I am tempted.

They seem to cover other parts of the country, so I suggest clicking on your local link as relevant. There is another, at York this weekend as well, but that must be a different company, as its not mentioned here. Yes, they sell clothing, what a surprise, but also seemingly comics, toys, and other stuff from the past as well. No, I didnt get to the previous one, I was working that day, but this Sunday I’m off, and thinking about it. I know, travelling to Leeds, on my day off, ghastly thought! But yes, its tempting, just to see what they have, as much as anything, as I suspect the clothing there will be far more expensive than my charity shop pick ups somehow!

But on top of all this, they have a hairdressing salon there too! No, as far as I know, they dont use those ‘wonderful’ old fashioned style hair dryers, but anyway…I suspect they charge a fortune for the privilege, but…

No, I dont suspect we are all going to give up on our computers, mobile phones and the like. That might even be a step too far for me now, I must say! But, the revival of some of the beauty of the past, has to be a lovely thing.

Oh, and while we are on vintage, this is an interesting vintage sound

Yes, this is the guy from Postmodern Jukebox, who I raved about recently. And seemingly they are coming on tour, and whats more, to the UK, performing in Manchester at The Ruby Lounge (wherever that may be?) on June 14th. Other dates, including some in the US, are

We’re going on tour! Come visit the Postmodern Jukebox universe (preferably, while wearing your best vintage clothes)!

Confirmed shows (with more dates on the way):
June 2 – The Great Hall; Toronto, ON
June 3 – Cabaret Mile End; Montreal, QC
June 4 – Brighton Music Hall; Boston, MA
June 5 – Toad’s Place; New Haven, CT
June 6 – The Met; Providence, RI
June 9 – Highline Ballroom; New York, NY
June 10 – The Hamilton; Washington, DC
June 13 – Whelans; Dublin, Ireland
June 14 – The Ruby Lounge; Manchester, UK
June 15 – O2 ABC; Glasgow, UK
June 16 – The Institute; Birmingham, UK
June 17 – Dingwall’s; London, UK
June 18 – De Roma; Borgerhout, Belgium
June 19 – Divan du Monde; Paris, France
June 20 – Sugar Factory; Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 21 – DR Concert Hall; Copenhagen, Denmark
June 25 – Lucerna Music Bar; Prague, Czech Republic
June 26 – Magazzini Generali; Milan, Italy
June 29 – Bikini; Barcelona, Spain

I must admit, going in vintage clothes would be wonderful, if a mite fun for me, given I’d have to get the train over there and back. But again, I’m sure, with a little persuasion… 😉 Mind, if someone wants to drive me over, in an old fashioned car, well that would be fun. Might even be rumble seat possible by June lol!

Yes, I love the whole vintage mindset, but please dont take away my internet!