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South near the border, down Mexico way

A trip I’m planning for May had me wondering, if I’d been that far south before in my life? The answer, seemingly, is no! I did wonder if my very forgettable holiday to Tunisia (Monastir) was as far south as I had gone, only to discover that Los Angeles is further south than that, so literally, at this moment in time, the furthest south I’ve ever been in my life, is Long Beach! For reference, the furthest north would be on the Hurtigruten, when it sailed around the North Cape of Norway (in both directions), the furthest west would seem to be somewhere in the San Francisco area, probably Daly City, which looks slightly to the west of Seattle/Tacoma area, judging by Google maps, but dont quote me on that! The furthest east, using the same guide, would appear to be Vilnius, in Lithuania.

I’m certainly hoping to top a few of those in time, as Alaska is planned for a retirement trip treat, which will then (at some point in the state) be as far west as I’ve gone. Unless I go to the very top of the state, around Barrow, I’m not going to go more northerly than that Norwegian ferry line, and thats not on my plans. Nome would be my dream westerly, but being realistic, it will probably be Anchorage! East, I’d love one day to reach the far east of Russia, by train, but whether that ever happens now, who knows?

But going further south, you bet, thought not stretching my limits that dramatically, all the same. Yes, planning to head to San Diego, down towards Mexico way. In truth, I knew it was near the border, but didnt realize it was just 20 miles until I looked on Google maps! No, I’m not going just to stretch my limits, I’m going to meet someone that I know from Facebook, for the first time!

I know, maybe its the actress in me, but I’m possibly a bit crazier that way than most! I have to say that I have got to know some lovely people, purely by taking a chance on Social media, and writers forums, so…It also allows me to see some Californian scenery on the train that I would never get to see otherwise too. Much to my delight, and possible surprise, Amtrak’s website is designed for visitors from abroad! Yes, I know, they should be, but after recent experience, I did go and check!

So fine, next month, I might not be going south of the border, before that idiot Trump gets around to considering building the wall there, but I’ll get closer than ever before!

Yes, a few clues to the video in there, has to be said, but finding a film version was more complex, as most versions of this were recorded a long time ago. Thankfully, I found this Willie Nelson version from 1989, live!