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Flapper Girl

Yes, and the song title is in the title, just hope you’ve heard of this brilliant group. I must admit, I only discovered them by sheer fluke, when I typed those 2 little words into You Tube, and lo and behold, various options for this song cropped up, along with the usual historical stuff, including a few Brooksie ones, unsurprisingly.

Given that I know a few at work read this, maybe I shouldnt give the game away to them, but anyway…Yes, I found, and purchased a wig, classic bob look, with the fringe, and I plan to wear it to the Christmas Dinner at work, to finish off the look wonderfully. Hopefully I can get a picture or two taken, as last year, and if so, I promise to post some on here. Got a headband too, hopefully it works over a wig, pretty sure it will, as it seems a decent one.

So now I’ve got the dress, got the shoes, headband and wig. So all I have to get ready now, is me! Shouldnt be too hard to do, darlings! x

Well, unless someone wants to hypnotise me, and give me the 20’s mindset to match the outfit lol! Might be fun, but they might have to explain the internet to a 20’s babe first!

Well, theoretically the holiday is over, though I could have been working till 10 tonight (as I am next Sunday), but lets just assume…Though as I mentioned before, I’m off the next 2 days, as my days off for the week, and out to the theatre tomorrow night too. No, I’ll save the Flapper dress for another couple of weeks.

Tonight was out for a meal, being Eric’s birthday, and yes, despite the chill, I wore a dress, though a warm coat over the top. And hey, this dress is as long as trousers anyway, just not much protection up top, but the coat saw to that. Been told I should wear it again tomorrow night, so probably will, though again, I’ll need a coat over the top.

On other news, I’ve got some writing done this week, hoping to get a little bit more done the next 2 days, so I can hopefully earn a few more pennies (well, cents) on the ebook front sometime soon. And guess what, its set in the 20’s and involves a flapper girl. I know, I know…Anyone got a time travel machine, so I can find out what it was really like? ūüėČ

Fine, the video. I always jokingly say that there is no decent, fresh music this century, and someone has to prove me wrong. As I say, I found the Lumineers by sheer luck, but I’m a fan. Judging by the awards they’ve got already, I’m not the only one.

Start of the holiday, and all that

Yes, that week has come, when I dont have to go to work, started today. I need the break to recharge the batteries, and hopefully I will. Not literally, well, unless you’re offering lol, but…a few days of sanity will be nice. I promise, not all the blogs this week will be as ‘quiet’ as this one.

Judging by the weather forecasts, I could have picked a better week, but as the choice is influenced by a birthday on Sunday, its not truly my call. Hopefully they will be proved wrong, or at least, not quite so bad around here, at least.

The week started in traditional fashion, the Christmas shopping trip to Manchester. Well, that’s Dave, and Eric sorted at least, and no, I’m not telling you what, as its possible that at least one of them might read this blog, so…Oh, and given that Eric has his birthday on Sunday, I got that present too, but a similar lack of details on that, for the same reason. Normally I would have got Nicole’s too, but due to a lack of guidance as to what I should be buying, it will be done later in the week…I hope!

Me, mixed results. Unlike last year, I wasnt heading to Manchester looking for a dress for the Christmas dinner at work, as you know, that was sorted out a couple of months ago. But there is still one item that I’d love to get for the big night, just so I can complete the Brooks, flapper look. Yes, the black bob wig, with that ‘helmet’ fringe, because even if I coloured my hair accordingly, I still couldnt do the fringe, without help! I know, I’m awkward. I have no desire to spend a fortune on a good quality, human hair wig, as I’m not convinced it will get worn more than the once. Maybe it will, maybe it wont, but…Equally, I want something decent enough that it wont look too awful at the Dinner. Ooh, lets see, just like the ones the ‘display models’ in BHS in Leeds are wearing, funnily enough! No, I havent plucked up the courage to go and ask if I can borrow one yet. I might have to, if I cant find anything suitable, but for now, I’m hoping to find my own.

Found a few places doing hair extensions in Manchester, but beyond a pretty cheap (and therefore I expect, not great quality one) wig, I found nothing there today. I do know of one place in Wakefield, that I will try later in the week, but in the meantime, any Leeds reader, who knows someone working at BHS, feel free to ask on my behalf, and get my eternal gratitude.

Oh, a couple of silly buys for me, from Primark. I’ve always been a sucker for leather, and leather look, even if perhaps I shouldn’t at my age! They must have known I was coming! There were a number of dresses reduced, with pleather sleeves. Some short, some long, some with short sleeves (barely anything), and some with much longer ones. All reduced to ¬£5! Yes, I got one of the longer ones, with longer arms, in green, no way could I resist that! They also had bra/bustier things, in a black leather look, reduced to the same silly price. Yes, I got one of them too, though I have no idea when I might wear it? Ah well…

The video, well, its a band from Manchester, one of my favourite videos of all time. Yes, I know the song is about drugs, something I’ve never taken, nor am I likely to, as I really cant see the point. But the video, its truly something special, though I do wonder if it was dreamt up by someone influenced by drugs!

Sweet old fashioned girl

Well, its the look I’ll be aiming for, at the Christmas Dinner at least. Snag is, whether I can pull off the sweet bit might be a whole different ball game altogether lol!

But the old fashioned look, most definitely, dress fits in so perfectly with that. The one thing left that I’d love to get my hands on for the night, is one of those wonderful black, helmet bob wigs, as modelled by the dummies in BHS in Leeds, and I suspect elsewhere too. Anyone know someone who works there, so I can borrow one? Or if some BHS worker reading this can get me hold of one, principally only for the night, I’d be so grateful. Yes, I’ll probably end up splashing out for one, knowing me! No, I think I’ll forego the cigarette holder though, thats a step too far lol!

And alright, I wont be so old fashioned that I wont be on the internet beforehand, something no one in the 20’s could have even vaguely dreamed about. But look for the do, oh absolutely, darlings! Make up is going to depend on the luck of the dice, as there is no way I will do it myself. If I’m off, I’ll probably get it done before I go, if its after work, it will probably be the scrubbed look, and people will have to live with it.

Yes, you’re right in assuming I’ll book a hotel room nearby for the night, same place as last year in fact. Two single beds, so if I pull (yes, you can stop laughing now!), I’m made for the night! I have two chances of that, even if I was interested, thats none, and less! Irony is, all summer long, I’ve been getting discounts offered for hotel stays, now I want one to appear in my email box, nothing! Still, fingers crossed, and there is a while yet, so…

Yes, the big date is not until the 5th December, but it was announced this week, hence the blog.

So, does anyone want a sweet old fashioned (flapper) girl? No, thought not! :p

Talking of which, there is a vintage fashion fair in Leeds this weekend, planning to go pay a visit after work tomorrow at 5.00, to see what I can find.

The video, a song older than me, and thats saying something. The star of the video, even older, boop, boop a doo!

Just An Old fashioned Girl

Well, as always with me, I never believe something is going to happen to me, until it actually happens, but…it seems likely I’m getting a photo session done on Monday, and even better, it will be vintage style. No, I dont know if it will be 20’s, or a more recent era, but it will be fun, whenever its from, assuming it happens. Yes, I know, it should, but I’m a natural born pessimist lol!

And yes, if it does, I will post at least one picture in the blog, I promise you. The added bonus of it being a vintage look, is that it will fit in with my author persona, even more so if it is a 20’s look. And yes, I do mean 1920’s, not some fantastic silver item of the future that we dont even know about yet lol! Sadly in a sense, the hairstyle would be mine. I know my wig wearing days should be in the past, but if I could get hold of a nice black helmet bob wig (like the ones the dummies in BHS Leeds get to wear) then that would be even better. But given this is Friday evening, and its happening Monday lunchtime, I dont think it will.

Make up and hair done, so I shouldnt look too shabby, should I? ūüôā Certainly it will be fun regardless, and despite the flappers generally being younger than me, oh, who cares, darling?

Before that, I’ve a long weekend at work to look forward to, ah well…but maybe on Monday, boop, boop a doo!

The video, well continuing with the 20’s thing

Thursday Night At The Movies

Well, I knew there was a very good reason why I’m in the Louise Brooks Society, and this must count as one of them, because I probably wouldnt have known this without them. On November 1st, guess what’s showing in Leeds? Pandora’s Box, thats all! ūüôā Opera North, thank you so much.

Yes, technically I can watch it anyway, its available on You Tube, but…seriously, there’s a huge difference between watching a film on a laptop, and watching it on the big screen, with live music. Alright, there’s part of me that thinks it would be more fun if Andy McCluskey had written the score, and was performing it with OMD, but anyway…

Now all I have to do is get a suitable shift for that day at work, and preferably the Friday off, because its going to be a late night getting home, even possibly needing a taxi back home from town, but we will see on that at the time. For those in other parts of the country, its also being shown in London, Warwick and Manchester if that is better for you? Details

So, anyone out there want to take Lulu to the show? Well, I’ve got Lou as a middle name, and if I’d been more rebellious when transitioning, it would have been Louise, so… No,no takers, I’m pretty sure, lets face it, I’m not as young, or as pretty as Brooksie, so hardly belle of the ball/woman of your dreams¬†material lol! Seriously, I’m happy to buy my own ticket etc, just thought it might be fun? No, dont worry, I wont wear a stunning (or even plain),¬†flapper style dress unless you’re buying lol, and I certainly cant do the helmet bob look¬†without a wig lol, there are some limits to what I can¬†achieve with my hair, and budget¬†lol! I bet some of the cinema goers do though. Sorry guys, high heels, you have no chance. By the way, girls who want a¬†female partner, feel fine to offer to come with me too.

Ah, the music. I bet you’re expecting OMD, and Pandoras Box, or Abba, and Take A Chance On Me? Wrong on both counts, though both were considered, it has to be said. Actually if you change the day, the clue is in the title. I’m guessing this performance¬†is from a 70’s TV series, when their fame was revived,¬†but dont quote me on that.

I will wear a dress, instead of top and trousers/skirt if a ‘partner’ wants me to, but expect to escort me all the way there if you do, I am transgendered, and there are idiots about, especially at night, so…sense prevails. A helmet bob wig, you bet I would, darlings!

Any brave beaus about in the Yorkshire area? ūüėČ