Flapper Girl

Yes, and the song title is in the title, just hope you’ve heard of this brilliant group. I must admit, I only discovered them by sheer fluke, when I typed those 2 little words into You Tube, and lo and behold, various options for this song cropped up, along with the usual historical stuff, including a few Brooksie ones, unsurprisingly.

Given that I know a few at work read this, maybe I shouldnt give the game away to them, but anyway…Yes, I found, and purchased a wig, classic bob look, with the fringe, and I plan to wear it to the Christmas Dinner at work, to finish off the look wonderfully. Hopefully I can get a picture or two taken, as last year, and if so, I promise to post some on here. Got a headband too, hopefully it works over a wig, pretty sure it will, as it seems a decent one.

So now I’ve got the dress, got the shoes, headband and wig. So all I have to get ready now, is me! Shouldnt be too hard to do, darlings! x

Well, unless someone wants to hypnotise me, and give me the 20’s mindset to match the outfit lol! Might be fun, but they might have to explain the internet to a 20’s babe first!

Well, theoretically the holiday is over, though I could have been working till 10 tonight (as I am next Sunday), but lets just assume…Though as I mentioned before, I’m off the next 2 days, as my days off for the week, and out to the theatre tomorrow night too. No, I’ll save the Flapper dress for another couple of weeks.

Tonight was out for a meal, being Eric’s birthday, and yes, despite the chill, I wore a dress, though a warm coat over the top. And hey, this dress is as long as trousers anyway, just not much protection up top, but the coat saw to that. Been told I should wear it again tomorrow night, so probably will, though again, I’ll need a coat over the top.

On other news, I’ve got some writing done this week, hoping to get a little bit more done the next 2 days, so I can hopefully earn a few more pennies (well, cents) on the ebook front sometime soon. And guess what, its set in the 20’s and involves a flapper girl. I know, I know…Anyone got a time travel machine, so I can find out what it was really like? 😉

Fine, the video. I always jokingly say that there is no decent, fresh music this century, and someone has to prove me wrong. As I say, I found the Lumineers by sheer luck, but I’m a fan. Judging by the awards they’ve got already, I’m not the only one.

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