Just An Old fashioned Girl

Well, as always with me, I never believe something is going to happen to me, until it actually happens, but…it seems likely I’m getting a photo session done on Monday, and even better, it will be vintage style. No, I dont know if it will be 20’s, or a more recent era, but it will be fun, whenever its from, assuming it happens. Yes, I know, it should, but I’m a natural born pessimist lol!

And yes, if it does, I will post at least one picture in the blog, I promise you. The added bonus of it being a vintage look, is that it will fit in with my author persona, even more so if it is a 20’s look. And yes, I do mean 1920’s, not some fantastic silver item of the future that we dont even know about yet lol! Sadly in a sense, the hairstyle would be mine. I know my wig wearing days should be in the past, but if I could get hold of a nice black helmet bob wig (like the ones the dummies in BHS Leeds get to wear) then that would be even better. But given this is Friday evening, and its happening Monday lunchtime, I dont think it will.

Make up and hair done, so I shouldnt look too shabby, should I? 🙂 Certainly it will be fun regardless, and despite the flappers generally being younger than me, oh, who cares, darling?

Before that, I’ve a long weekend at work to look forward to, ah well…but maybe on Monday, boop, boop a doo!

The video, well continuing with the 20’s thing


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