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A look at the year. I’m alive, but still 3 days…?

In truth, I have no idea if strictly 2016 has been a worse year for celebrity deaths or not, or whether its just that more people that I’ve grown up with are beginning to die, or what? It feels that way, but I suspect if I looked back at certain years in the past, they’d be just as bad, but anyway…Yes, I might be feeling old lol!

I know there are still 3 days to go, so it might happen yet, but maybe someone needs to get me a ‘I survived 2016’ top/t-shirt, or something? Well, assuming I do, of course! No, I’m not going to mention the whole depressing roll call, or indeed any specific names, because I’ll leave out someone who someone thinks was the most important, so lets not go down that road, OK?

Mind, if anyone wants to offer me an upgrade, cybernetic, or otherwise, I wouldnt say no. Especially as my right knee is beginning to become a more serious issue lately, so I suspect my fight to avoid getting replacement joints may not go on much longer. Unless it gets really bad, I intend to wait until the Autumn at least (job probation period, pair of holidays) before getting it done, but then I might have to give in, and go under the knife, but… hey, this is next year, which I’ll probably cover at weekend!

Fine, review of 2016. In truth, not an awful lot to say.

The year began with waving goodbye to the last evidence of ever being a man, the change of passport to one that says I’m a woman! Yes, it was special the first time I applied for a job as a woman, I must say. It was also nice not to actually be known by one name, but applying for jobs as another, while waiting to be able to sort out the whole name thing, I must admit. Seemed to work pretty well, as it didnt take forever, but still long enough to get offered a job. Yes, the irony of being offered a short term one, then a day later, the one I really wanted, and the one I’m currently in, after such a long period of trying to get something was amusing, but its over now, and its going to take something special to get me to move again now, willingly at least! Fine, a nice acting tour, or a movie, might, but otherwise…planning to stay!

Let me just say that I have no idea when the last year was that I never left England, let alone the UK. Its a long time ago, but exactly when, not a clue. The last year I didnt leave the UK would be 1995, the year my mother’s second husband died, because we knew it was going to happen, so planned to holiday in Scotland that year, so we could get back quickly if needed, and we did! But not to leave England, no idea, as we went to Scotland, or Ireland, as children a number of times, relatives, and all that. So its possible that we are going back to 1967, when the holiday was a visit to some relative in Cornwall, to find the last time that happened, but dont quote me on that!

As I said before, I fell on my feet, when I finally got this job, I think its the most interesting of all the jobs I applied for, or certainly among them, and its not just an average call centre job, even if I do spend my shifts wearing headphones, and talking to clients. But yes, I’m happy there, thats the main thing.

To be fair, its going to take a while for the finances to recover totally, especially if I keep taking 2 US holidays a year, but fine, I’m planning to do it, regardless. Well, lets face it, on what I’ve seen this year, my time might be nearly up!

Other things, oh, a new book was written this year, which sold a few copies, but hasnt inspired me to become a full time author. Fine, ECT might not be everyone’s perfect book material, but a few more sales, all the same… Oh, and fine, there is still part of me that wishes I could have done some personal research on the subject matter, but anyway…

OK, video time. I gather from You Tube that there are some more modern songs with this title I could have chosen, but hey, this is the one I knew as a child.