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What is their future?

Right, I’ll make the offer loud and clear, and see if anyone will take me up on it. I am off work this week, and I hereby pledge to fill the usual blog spaces for you. Given that I’m not planning on anything more than a relaxing week until Friday (more on that Thursday) other than treatments, I’ve got the time to do more blogs. But if you want them to appear, I need some suitable subject matter, thats all. No UK/Europe politics, but other than that…? No, I dont expect to hear from anyone, but I can hope. for emails will be fine, if you dont want to join on here.

What struck me on Friday morning, and to a lesser degree, yesterday morning, was the number of children under 5 on the buses I caught. One woman had 3, of different ages, all under 5, or they should have been at school!

And yes, I wondered what their life will be, when they reach my age? What will their retirement age be by then, for starters? Expected life span was about 71 when I was a child, and now its 81! Pretty certain my body isnt going to last to 81, but some of us have to live less than average, lol! But will it be 90 in 60 years time, or more, or less, or…?

Look at phones nowadays, and move them on another 60 years. Back then, you had to book an international call about a week in advance, and you paid a fortune, and were limited to a few minutes, and no more. Now (and I have) I can speak to the West Coast of America, on a whim for the US, and it doesnt cost a fortune, even if you have to pay for it. Yes, I dialled a freephone number, and got connected to the US, crazy stuff.

Oh, and because of where we’re heading with the video, when I was born, no man had flown in space, it was a year after I was born that it first happened. Satellites were just about to be launched for the first time, so watching pictures, as we do now, from the other side of the world, live…wow! Hey, it was such a novelty that one adult worker included the novelty of a satellite in her outfit

space suit

Yes, Sputnik, the first Soviet satellite. And before you ask, would I wear that helmet, of course I would! I would say the full outfit, but I am 60, so if anyone wants to create it for me…?

I’m not even going to try and comprehend what will be the novelty item 60 years from now! One thing is for sure, I wont be around to find out! Will someone be experiencing a past life regression then, and finding me? Interesting thought!

One thing is for sure, there is no way we could even vaguely imagine what life will be on Earth in 2080, so I’m not even going to try. You can assume there will be bases on the Moon, and Mars, and maybe more? Will they look back on our movies, and be amused by how retro they are? Oh, and will they be able to transform humans into robots? 😉

Right, video time. This may look very basic now, but in 1962, this was cutting edge music. Oh, and of course, it also relates to a different satellite! Oh, and at the grand old age of 4, I bought this single!


The future isnt just one night

And fine, anyone that can work out tonight’s video song, without scrolling to the bottom of the page, I’m impressed. Both because the song is over 40 years old, and its not the title of the song! Yes, I bought the single, I really am that old!

You know how you’re doing a meaningless journey somewhere (in my case, to work), and you get a thought in your head, and you wonder… Yesterday morning, on the bus was one of them. Two children, I would guess one about 8, the other about 10 going into town, presumably to do some shopping before they go back to school.

Yes, set me thinking of me at their age (oh fine, I saw myself as a young girl, sue if you want to! 😛 ), and what I must have felt at that age of seeing a woman of my age, on the bus with them. No, my memory isnt that good, believe me, but I guess I would have thought how old she looked, and things like that. Of course, back then, life expectancy wasnt what it is today, I think it was about 72 for women, 70 for men, whereas now…60 is the new 50 lol!

Of course, I cant remember how most things were back then, lets face it, I’d be amazing if I could! Some of the silly things I do remember is that on train stations, the destination of the next train was on a long piece of wood, that the station staff inserted into a metal arm, and that was it. Nowadays everything is done digitally, almost automatically the previous train leaves. Holidays for the masses, going outside of the UK, unheard of, unless you took the ferry to Northern France, or the Channel Islands! Nowadays, just about everyone flies all around the world, whenever they wish, whereas it was something only the rich, or business people did back then. Of course, back then the planes were luxurious, even in standard class, whereas planes of today seem more like cattle class in comparison!

The other thing that stands out most for me, given the use made of them today is keeping in contact with others. Back then, if you went out for the day to school, to play with your friends, to go to work, or anything, you were out of contact until you got back home again! Nowadays, nearly everyone (yes, I’m a rebel lol) has a mobile/cell phone, and can be called at almost any minute of the day! Which is better, you tell me, but I must admit, I enjoy life without carrying a phone that I can be contacted on, at any time, greatly. I guess others would hate that now?

The other big change is media. When I was young, in the UK, there were 2 TV stations, and that was it! Then BBC2 came along, and we had a whole 3! Also, about that time, when I was about 10, in came color television. In truth, it was 1972 before I saw it, outside of a TV shop, and then only at a friends, whose family had been brought one, by a pop star relation of theirs, at the time. Yes, I got invited to see Top Of The Pops in color, and they were performing (well, miming at least) on the show. Now we have hundreds of channels on TV!

So yes, given that back then, I could never have imagined the world as it is today, there is no point me even trying to imagine what the world will be like when they’re my age, so I’m not even going to try! But one thing is for sure, assuming a pair of idiots havent blown the world to nuclear smithereens long before then, it will be very different to now!

Will I have left my mark? Somehow, now, I doubt it, but who can tell?

The other amusing moment that made me think today. I booked a hotel room for May on a website today. For some reason best known to the website, it booked me 2 rooms, instead of 1! So, I rang a UK freephone number, got connected to a US customer service center, who put me through to a hotel in Seattle! Well, near the airport, but close enough! 50 years ago, to call the US, you had to book a call days in advance, pay about £1 a minute (about £15 nowadays) to call the US, and there would be a time limit on the call! Whereas now…! Yes, hotel booking was all sorted out, just like that, on the other side of the world!

OK, video time. Have you worked it out, I doubt it. But I wont give up on you, if you havent, lol!

Trying to foresee the future

Normally, even when I’m writing science fiction, I tend to work in the period I would call the near future, usually about 10 years ahead, maybe stretching to 20, at a push. Beyond that, I tend to think that we really havent got a clue how things will be in 100 years time, just the same as people about a century back had no idea how things would be now. Its fair to say this video rather proves that.

Actually, some of it they got right, though not necessarily in the right decade, as per the Channel Tunnel. Others, lets just say they got it badly wrong! London to New York, taking a day by air, its about 7-8 hours, and far less when we had Concorde operating! But hey, they forecast the need for men to have pockets for their mobile phone, though I dont remember seeing too many with candies, for cuties!

So yes, for us now to imagine what this world will look like in 2100, no idea? I’m sure, like a century ago, we’d get a few things right, and a good few horribly wrong too.

So fine, you can imagine my reaction when I was supposedly setting a story in 2999, as per someone else’s story idea. What the world will look like by then, even if its still here, how can we possibly comprehend. Even by moving it to 2099, I still ended up with conundrums that I couldnt hope to get right. So I ended up playing it simple, making a few dramatic changes, and leaving it at that.

I mean lets face it, when we look back at the 1920’s, and the only practical way to cross the Atlantic was by ship, and it would take a week to cross, hard to imagine. Mind, looking back at the wild innocence of the Flapper era, maybe we’re missing out on something? Just think, 100 years from now, people will look back on us, in exactly the same way!

I guess it might be interesting to see this world in 2100, not that I will, but anyway…I suspect it would be one hell of a culture shock, for sure!

Unlike OMD, I cant see the future being silent, but I wont know, for sure.