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Something’s going to stop us now!

Fine, hopefully from here, for a while at least, normal blog service will be resumed. As in, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, other than maybe the odd surprise, or non appearance. Well, for 6 weeks at least, until my next holiday at least. When, shock horror, I’ll be returning to Blackpool again! I’d love to say that hopefully it will be built by then, but that might be way too optimistic. No, not the whole of the town, but they’re currently working on extending the tram route, up to the main station (Blackpool North), so navigating your way around town can be challenging!

This time around was a brief, 2 night stop, as it was Open Day at the Winter Gardens yesterday, and some of us were busily promoting the Film Festival in March. Oh, and possibly digging myself a hole outfit wise for some events at the festival too. No, seriously, bring them on, especially Wizard Of Oz, as well as That’s Entertainment over the weekend. Oh, and yes, got a new photo of me, ooh…

me at blackpool

Little Miss Glamour Kitten, lol! Sharon looked even more amazing, but not posting pictures of others without permission, sorry. Also thanks to Catherine for providing me with the picture.

Poor Eric was going to come and visit me at the Winter Gardens, after his morning out, but failed the maze test, so I only saw him when I got back to the hotel. The only other ‘silly’ moment of the weekend was that some blonde bimbo left her reading glasses at home over the weekend, so I’ve been peering blindly at the laptop, and menus over the weekend. Yes, I moved them on Friday, to put them in my handbag, got called away, couldnt see them, so assumed they were in the bag, ah well, I survived…just!

Ah well, back to work tomorrow, heaven knows how many emails await me! Tuesday sees a benefit meeting, as I try to get sufficient benefit to enable me to cut back my working week further, as the back isnt even holding up to a 4 day week any more. Well, unless we’ve won the lottery, on the syndicate while I’ve been away, but pigs flying seems to be more likely than that, lol.

I might be working like a maniac on Tuesday morning at this rate, to get all the paperwork I will need together. I might have been off, but with 2 sessions of physiotherapy, and all the travel involved, plus all the film work, darlings… Not got as much done as I hoped!

Right, video time. I’ve heard this song seemingly a million times recently, on a car advert doing the rounds at present over here. But it involves a film (not on festival list), and some great mannequin stuff (I would love to do that, if could be arranged?), and something is definitely stopping pedestrians in Blackpool at present. So…


Part is better than the sum

I suspect there are numerous cases where the original concept sucked, or even totally sank, but one gem survived from it, all the same. A popular area for this is movies, where the movie might have crashed, or been truly awful, but within that, that one shining beacon shone through.

Two movies I could easily have nominated for this are Absolute Beginners, and Give My Regards To Broad Street, but given both were generally designed as a window for a pop atar, and the awful record they have anyway, lets ignore those for now. Instead, lets take a movie that was meant to be taken seriously, but couldnt be if it tried, Mannequin.

The storyline was corny, and extremely saccharin, guy falls for mannequin, she comes to life, and general mayhem ensues. And yes, at the end, they get married, and probably go on to live happily ever after. I know how bad it is, I once saw the movie, and believe me, I know!

But for all that, there is one delight for me in this movie, the big song from it, by Starship. I know it, its the only reason I hunted down the movie to watch it in the first place, and wish I hadnt bothered! But the song, even today, still love it, though I never want to see the movie again.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

PS Feel free to suggest your own fine examples of moments like this, it would be nice to hear from a lurker, just for once!