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45 and counting.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember when the only way to buy a pop single, was a 7″ piece of vinyl, that played at 45 RPM, on a record player. Some of my younger readers may be wondering what I’m talking about, but anyway…

My record collecting started young, certainly by 1964 (at age of 6), the family shopping trip would include a trip to the music section of Boots, and I would get to choose a record to add to my collection. I was only ever given one rule by my mother, no Beatles records, no idea why? Even when her iron rule over my record choices ended, I still never did. Ended up buying Wings, Paul McCartney and John Lennon records, but have never owned an actual Beatles one to this day.

To be honest, given my tastes hankered for the flower power era music, I’m not sure she would have approved much more of those¬†anyway! No, I didnt buy Lola, by the Kinks, some will get that comment lol! Waterloo Sunset however, has become one of my all time favourite tunes though.

As I say, back then, there was only the one option, and for years, a single cost 6 shillings and 8 pence, that I still remember even now, nearly 50 years on, frightening stuff really! Towards the end of my singles buying, I did get a couple of cassette singles, a few on CD’s, and even a few on 12″ records it has to be said. But most were those cute 7″ ones.

Back then most records played at 2 speeds, singles at 45, albums at 33 (strictly 33 1/3, but they were never called that), though some record players still had the capacity to play old 78’s. One I owned even had a 16 rpm setting, though I never found anything that played at that speed.

Sad to say, all but a handful of items are long since gone, and those I do have, well I havent played them in ages, just using You Tube seems so much easier now. Ah, the memories, especially when I find an old black and white video from those days…

Yes, there is a significance in this look back into the past today, as 45 is quite a significant number today. 45 days from now, well I’ll be in the US, starting my holiday. Finally took one of the last major steps tonight, got around to sorting out my travel insurance. Trying an annual plan this time, rather than just getting the expensive travel agent deal. With luck, I wont need it anyway. Only thing left to do now, is to get the spending money, and my share of the accomodation bill, when a friend tells me how much that is! Beyond that, I’m ready to go, and after the last couple of days at work, even more so on that front!

But anyway, the music video, even more apt tonight. I dont know quite how suitable this title is just yet, but it seemed to work, and it came out on a 45 lol! Lets just say its headbanger mode tonight lol!