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No phone, no car, what do you do?

Yes, the title of the blog is a play on Adam Ant’s song, Goody Two Shoes, but thats not the video tonight, just saying…

As regular readers will know, shortly before Christmas, I took my chance, over the holidays, and sent off my old passport, along with the application form, for the new one, in my new name, and gender. And when, before Christmas, the money was taken off the card, I thought that was a good sign. And also given that the standard 4 week period for return came up last Thursday, I’d reached the point of expecting it to arrive sometime soon, even allowing for the holiday period, and all that. So, when I received an envelope back from the passport office on Monday, I assumed they were returning my deed poll, and stuff, as that tends to come separate to the passport, delivered by courier, for obvious security reasons.

I wish!

No, it was a letter asking me to prove evidence that I’d changed my name on my driving licence too! Yes, I remember vaguely from before this happening, that they check for a licence in your new name, and if they cant find it…it gets queried! Of course there is a good reason why I havent told said authorities about my name change, I dont drive, and dont hold a licence! I wouldnt say her surprise at the other end of the phone that I dont drive matched those when told that I dont own a mobile phone, but it was pretty good, all the same!

Anyway, the good news, seemingly that was the last issue outstanding, and therefore, with luck, that new passport should arrive in the next few days, I sincerely hope! It will make things so much easier when I have it again. Not that I currently have the funds to use it for trips (however tempting the idea might be), but for ID purposes, please! Yes, at present, all charitable donations would be very much gratefully received!

But anyway, regardless of that, tomorrow, I get to do my first agency registration as Harlean. Yes, they know the situation, and I will have to show them my passport when it arrives, but they’re going ahead with it anyway. Thankfully, by now, I’m well used to the name, and dont even blink when called it, so all is fine on that front. Fine, in fact, I love it!

Right, the video. What I dont do, OK? 😉

Free to be whatever I…choose

Yes, the title is done like that, because of the song connection. Lets see how many can work it out before they look. Given the song is 20 years old, who knows? Apologies for the gap, but the last few days have been crazy!

Right, lets start with the personal update, before we get to the transphobia rant, and half of you turn away lol. You might spot the connection here? Went for an interview on Wednesday, for a job I’d love to do, as its in the travel industry, an area I’d love to get into. Biggest snag, the fact that there is some up selling involved, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I’m probably up against it, in that sense. Next week might (or might not) be entertaining, given its possible there will be several interviews, depending on circumstances, and a couple of agencies doing what they actually say. On top of that are a couple of local government openings as well. Well, I assume its a couple? Met up with an ‘old contact’ in her new workplace yesterday, so that she could put me forward for one, looking to take on 15 people, which would involve some weekend work. Today, with a different agency, but same council, I registered for a role seeking 10 people, working Monday to Friday only. Either Kirklees Council is on a major staff hunt, or they are really the same thing? We will see.

The one thing they all have in common, the jobs start on Monday 24th. Yes, all of them! So in theory, by this point next week, I should know how the job scene lays, in opportunities at least. Another neat coincidence, the last “competitive” visit to the Job Centre to sign on, is next Friday morning. There will be 1 more before the holiday (2 weeks later), but Julie knows I’ll have eased down the searching by then, as I wont be here for interviews, phone calls and the like after that point.

So yes, therefore I’ve put back the day on the decision on living in Hollywood for a little while until then. Mind, Friday afternoon (with luck), I’ll be booking it all, if I havent got work. At which point I’ll look, but be looking for a job starting mid October at the earliest, and ideally, the beginning of November. There, its official!

Right, you were warned, transphobia rant. On Twitter, I talk on a regular basis with a lovely guy named Steven. Well, thats the name he goes by on there at least! What I’ve learnt from him, and through yet another sickening article today, is that trans folk, especially those of colour in the US, in places have a very hard, and dangerous life. Well, in fact, its the murder rate for such groups that are depressing, to be honest. Me, I’ve never had any problems over there, but then again, I’m white, pass pretty well, so…I might have more “fun” if anyone gets romantic with me, but for now…no thanks to that. I do think its a tragedy how some trans people are treated over there, and only wish it wasnt the case, but anyway…

I’ll be honest, in terms of problems, I really do only have one group of people who set out to intimidate. Young, or youngish people of West Indian origin. The older ones are fine, and most other people put up with me, or better, but just that one group…All I can assume is its a macho thing, as with one exception, its all men. And given she was with a man, maybe she was just supporting him, but anyway…? No, I’ve only once been attacked at all, and he was drunk, at a bus stop, and promptly reprimanded by others. But verbal assault, yes, sadly it happens, from this one small group of people. Put it this way, I have no desire to ever visit the West Indies for sure, given the male examples I’ve met in life!

Right, the video. Yes, the clue is in the title, though its not strictly the song title

All we want, is equal rights

Right, just before we get to the main part of the blog, just one thing I want to mention. It was 30 years ago today, that Louise Brooks died, in Rochester. One thing is for sure, Louise wouldnt have wanted a lot of fuss made, so I’m not making any.

So, without wishing to sound too feminist, and all that, tonights piece is about equality for women. Thats right, equality, its all women actually ask for, not more as some seem to think the whole feminist society would suggest. And more, tonights piece is about one specific place of misogyny close to my heart, Hollywood.

I’ll be honest, before April I had no idea how skewed movie making in Hollywood was, pretty much because one thing of no major interest to me, is modern films, and the making of them. But at that time, and since, I’ve got to discover just how biased all the roles are towards men. No, not the acting roles, but everything else! Though of course most of these action movies seem to focus on men in the roles anyway. Just compare the gender split in super hero movies, for starters!

No, I’m not looking for work myself, though if offered the right form of work, I wouldnt say no, especially at present. But I met in April, a lot of marvellous women who just arent getting the fair break, because the ‘old boys club’ just gives all (or pretty much all) the work to men. Doesnt matter about quality of work, its jobs for the boys! No, I’m not saying get rid of them all, just give us girls a fair break! I know, they arent likely to read this, but at least I can get it off my chest, and the next time you go to the movies, take a look at the behind the scenes roles, and see how many are female. Believe me, it wont be many!

OK, rant over, and not a single bra burnt lol!

Other news, not much. Given that the job I was interviewed for on Thursday wanted me to start on Monday, and I havent heard anything, I guess I havent got it? I know, not hearing anything, what a surprise nowadays! At present all I have as possibles for next week is one role in the travel industry, who rang Thursday, while I was out, who asked when I was available, so I told them, but got no reply. I rang them Friday, got an answer machine, but she could have been off? Other than that at present, I’ve got 1 agency registration on Thursday, and a possible open evening at another the same evening. Beyond that, next weekend, all things permitting (miracle happening, or air fare going crazy), I’ll be doing more than just considering the options for 4 weeks away, I’ll be booking it. Yes, almost certainly Hollywood, no shock there. Who knows, I might even be the woman who gets that deserved break lol?

Right, the video. What women probably feel they are doing when trying to get important roles in Hollywood

Speedy service

To be honest, nowadays when you apply for a job, you tend to end up waiting forever for something to happen. A lot of the time, to be honest, nothing happens. There are even a few agencies its almost got to the point where I cant see any point applying to them, because even when eminently qualified for a job, I’ve never heard from them. Given that nowadays, a lot of job applications are pretty much ‘point and click’ online, I do go with it sometimes, if only to keep the Job Centre happy, with no great expectations.

So, if I said to you that I applied for one this morning, about 8.30, and had a job interview sorted, and confirmed about an hour later, I’m saying wow! Now I know the advert did say immediate interview, but even so…quite something. No, I dont expect to start work 1 day later, but hopefully soon. No, seriously, I couldnt start work Wednesday anyway, got an appointment that morning to get my nails done. Given it will be a 2 week training period, its likely to start on a Monday, anyway.

But agreed, given how long some firms drag the whole process out (on at least 2 occasions I’ve heard from a firm a month, or more after application), one hour has to be a record! Get it, we will have to see. If anyone has a “smart” download they can load into my mind, tomorrow morning, to get me past the competency questions, I’d appreciate it. And fine, I’d enjoy the download at least! 😉

The only shame is, I’m currently 4 gel nails down, as they’ve been on far too long, and it would be more impressive with a full set. But cant be done, so I’ll have to go with it anyway.

But yes, a recruitment agency that does things immediately, long may they prosper.

The video is an absolute oldie, over 50 years old, in fact. Did seem apt though.