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Gender of convenience?

Yes, lets talk transgender tonight, and in a sense, politics at the same time. Controversial stuff for me, lol!

You’ve probably heard all about it on the news, especially if I’ve got any American readers here. Yes, Bradley Manning as he was known, Chelsea Manning as she now wants to be known. You know the story, all about security leaks, so I wont bore you with all the details.

Because thats not what brings me to this subject matter, its the whole transgender thing, and the timing of it. Dont get me wrong, his chances of winning the case, were about the same as me winning the 100m title at the next Olympics. Yes, that good!

No, what got to me, and from what I’ve seen around, others as well, was the timing of the moment to come out as transgender, immediately after he lost the case. Now, I have no idea if female prisoners get better treatment than men in the US, especially at somewhere like Fort Leavenworth, but…cynicism factor comes out pretty high on this. Equally, we will never know if he would have said the same thing if he had won the case, will we? Put it this way though, I’d have offered you decent odds that he wouldnt!

As someone said, in the battle for transgender equality, we need good role models in the public eye, and we get this! Its sure not going to help our cause when people see these sort of people turning to transgenderism. As I say, maybe I have got Manning wrong, and this desire was genuine, but you’d have to work hard to convince me of that.

So yes, I’m just wondering who will actually come out of prison, Bradley, or Chelsea? Me, my bet is on Bradley, but I’d love to be proved wrong!

Given where he has gone, that cynic in me found this making a rather apt video