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I’m not getting up early in the morning!

Yes, I’d forgotten what 5.45 in the morning looked like, until this week, and now I’ve again been reminded just how early it is! Mind, I suspect at some point, I will get reminded again of what its like, but for the next few days… will be nearer 8.00, or later!

No, its not because I suddenly developed a Monday to Friday job (yet), but because I’ve been on a course in Leeds all week. Been quite interesting, met some new people, learnt some new stuff, and next week, I should get an interview for a position, either with the NHS, or local government. Of course, getting an interview, and getting a job are 2 different things, but anyway…

Seriously, apart from the culture shock of getting up so early, its not been a bad week, other than on the job hunting front. I know, I know, its the main thing, but…I still have the studying option! No, not Loughborough University, I was a bit late in the day, and under qualified to be a prize candidate for the foundation course there, but as Will discovered for me, I may well still get in at Loughborough College, to do the preparatory stuff, if I want to. Yes, I plan to investigate that a bit more over the weekend, and then consider it.

Other news, well, given I havent been around all week, job hunting (before today) has been very quiet, I simply havent had a minute to myself! Given today was a short day, due to the interviews being delayed until next week (someone is off sick), I did apply for a couple when I got home. On top of that, in theory I have an interview Monday afternoon, but in all honesty, having had the time to look at it, I’ll probably pass.

Main reason for that, you could say is my own fault, its somewhere that it is complex, and a very lengthy process to even get close to, by public transport. As in, nearly 2 hours each way, on a limited timetable. And also, its not cold call selling, but it is ‘pushing’ customers, so not my thing, so put these together, and I’ll probably forego the effort to struggle to get there.

Right, the video. What I need to do, some might say. A live version, from Hollywood, very recently, what more can I say? Not the best if you want to see the band, but the location nailed it.

A little bit of fun

With many thanks to my friend, Kris, for these two marvellous, err, photographs of Jean, clearly a big Royals fan



The video, well, what can I say. Both teams seem to adore this song, so wonderfully apt, for what should be a great series.

Yes, I want the Royals to win, but the Giants are probably my favourite NL side, so…I’d live lol!

An early shift isn’t always bad?

I’ll be honest with you. Normally, when I get an 8.00 start to a shift at work, I groan, inwardly sigh, and simply get on with it. Why, because I have to be up about 4.45 in the morning, for one of those, that’s why!

Fine, I had one yesterday morning, and to say I wasnt full of joy when I switched the TV on, about 5.00, would be putting it mildly, to say the least. But you see, the thing is, the previous night, it had been on ESPN (UK), so thats what comes on first. And what do I get, baseball! Opens a sleepy eye, and yes, its live, and yes, its the Kansas City Royals, somewhere in the 10th innings, in the Wild Card match against Oakland.

For the next hour, or so (just under, in fact), I sat engrossed, as first, in the top of the 12th innings, Oakland scored a run, and that would seemingly be the end of the Royals interest in the play offs. Oh no, in the bottom of the 12th, first they tie the game, and then they get one more run, and win the game. Even in Kansas, that was nearly midnight! To say the stadium erupted would be to put it mildly.

And yes, fine, I was pretty happy too. It was pretty special being there, 17 days before, but seeing them win, in the play offs, at 6.00 in the morning, as they said in the ads, priceless!

Regardless of the level of my support (and yes, its principally because of Harlow, and Brooks birthplaces), they get my strong vote of support because of the wonderful service that Kate and I got, when we visited the stadium. My mobility isnt perfect, Kate’s even less so, and they looked after us wonderfully. So yes, even though she’s a passionate Boston fan, its fair to say she’s rooting for the Royals at this moment.

To quote her, and I’m sure she wont mind

All that being said, I can actually forgive most of that because the staff of the Royals and Kauffman Stadium are probably some of the best I have ever encountered in any stadium. They are all pleasant, polite and beyond helpful.

To illustrate: some of you here know that I do have a few medical challenges that prevent me from a lot of physical activity. Even with the premium seats we got, I was having difficulty navigating the stairs and seats. One of the Royals staff came running down, and said “You are not going to be comfortable here. Let me see what I can do to find you better seats.” (and keep in mind, the original ones were fabulous…)

Long story short, she was back in minutes with seats that were better than the ones we had originally, and did not require me to navigate the steps. Other staff also came to check on us to make sure we were fine, and the young man who was bringing drink and food out to the section gave us better service than some that I have gotten in supposedly fine dining establishments.

I saw the staff assisting people with various physical issues in various ways, even running carts from the stadium to take people to their cars (and I’ve been in larger parks where they don’t do that.). The care they were taking with anyone who had any kind of challenges was impressive.

Don’t get me wrong…you know I loves me my Fenway Park. But, EVERYONE, from the ticket people at the gate to the concession stand workers to the stadium staff to the people manning the elevators simply could not have been more courteous and pleasant. Even the Royals fans were polite to the throngs of Red Sox fans that decended upon the K, (despite losing three out of four games-heeheehee).

I strongly recommend that, if your team ever plays in KC and you get the opportunity, you go to the K to watch a game. You won’t regret it.

So yes, not only the players are great, the backroom staff are even more amazing.

Tonight, the divisional series starts in Anaheim, and if the game hits 4 hours (average is about 3), I will catch the end in the morning.

So, from myself, ‘Jean’, and probably Kate, I wish them all the best, for the rest of the play offs and hope someone from the club gets to see this.

The video, I heard this at Kauffman Stadium, and I gather its one of the team songs. And hey, I love it anyway

Never just assume…

Yes, I might have mentioned it recently, that wonderful group, Postmodern Jukebox are playing live this summer, and what’s more, they are coming to England, Manchester in fact. Fine, that seemed to be the good news, until I looked at the date, and things. Yes, its a Saturday, the busiest day of the week for those of us working in the betting industry. Not only that, but later that evening, England are playing their first match in the World Cup, so I assume things will be even more manic than normal?

So fine, my chances of getting an early finish, or even better a Saturday off, absolutely zero, you’d think? I know I did, but it seems I was wrong! Anyway, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I went across and saw Julie, who arranges all our shifts yesterday morning, and did the bit about ‘I know the answer will be no, but…’, and told her, expecting a prompt answer in the negative. No, got a ‘leave it with me, and I’ll take a look’, but still I wasnt expecting anything. So, even when I logged in, just to check next weeks shifts before leaving, and saw I had a message, I was expecting the decline. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Not only have I not just got an early finish, I’ve got the day off, wow! Being a good girl, unsurprisingly I went across and thanked her, just wasnt expecting that. I’m still not planning on going in a vintage style dress, but never assume…lol!

Oh, but by the way, thats not the end of the story. I’d seen on the site selling the tickets, that you could pay by Paypal. Brilliant, as I pretty much have enough in my account (writing royalties) to pay for the ticket, and the little bit extra was more than covered by my pre paid credit card. Yes, you could pay by Paypal, but it had to be via a credit card, not from any balance you may have on Paypal, aargh! So now, I’ve had to put the ticket buying on hold, until tomorrow, when I can top up the credit card. Hopefully it wont sell out overnight, so if you’re thinking of going, let me buy first, should be done by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The other delight of the weekend, is a rugby league one. The Challenge Cup is the big knock out tournament of the year, and normally, in the first round that they can face better opposition, Keighley draw a top Super League name, and go out of the cup, being that we are a league below them. This year, we had a stroke of luck, and drew a team lower than us in our own league, Barrow, and won. So fine, with all those mighty teams in the last 16, we were bound to draw a good team, and go out. Again, never assume, we drew Swinton, admittedly away, but again lower than us in our league. Keighley beat them yesterday, 33-20!

Now might get trickier, the other 7 teams left, are Leigh (same league, but better team), and 6 Super League sides, but…one of those sides, is our near neighbour, and ‘loved’ rivals, Bradford, who surprisingly beat Catalan today. Well, we all hate the local rivals, dont we, lol? But more so with them, the Rugby League have protected them through administration, and the local council (Bradford) support them greatly, and ignore us, even though we’re in the same council area.

So what could be more fun, than playing them, at home in the quarter finals. If I say it wont happen, then just maybe…!

Anyway, the video. Something that lower league rugby teams shouldnt do, and seemingly call centre operators shouldnt either. Great song, great group, no idea why I havent used them before!