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Paper Date

No, dont worry, I’m not signing up for any paper dating line, or any other kind of dating line, I was just looking for a play on words for the video.

Yes, a rare treat for some, but probably what people expect me to blog on occasionally, transgender issues.

Now dont get me wrong, I’m not the prettiest trans girl in the whole wide world, in fact, far from it. And lets face it, at my age, I wouldnt expect to be anyway! But at the same time, apart from a few sniggers from young people, I dont tend to attract much bad attention either.

Actually, in an ironic sort of way, it amuses me who does react sometimes. On a Friday, or Saturday evening in Leeds, many young girls seem to regard it as a challenge to wear as few clothes as possible, without being arrested for indecency. Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen them elsewhere, the skirt/dress barely covers their modesty, and wearing heels they can barely walk on. And if I finish at 9, or 9.15, they can be seen throwing themselves at men by that point, generally having over imbibed on alcohol, I trust.

But for all their behaviour, no, they arent the ones who inspired me to write this.

When I’m on a late shift (shift working wise, I’m on a run of 6 in a row!), I tend to stop off at the Sainsbury’s in Leeds, to get some food for my meal, before heading to work. Nothing exciting, I concentrate on calories to keep me going at those times, not gourmet delights. Outside the main entrance there are 2 men sat, selling the local evening paper. As much as I can tell, they arent the brightest bunnies in the world. Lets face it, if you are, you dont spend your days trying to sell newspapers to passers by, do you?

I dont think I’ve ever seen people buy one to be honest, probably because they are ‘slightly’ crazy in peoples eyes, for whatever reason. I’m not sure if its crazy, or mentally limited, but anyway…

One of them has recently taken to shouting at me as I go into the store, that I should act like a man with him. No, I just go hastily by, into the store, its not worth the hassle, but I do wonder what he means.

Does he want me to go and have a drink of beer (or something) with him, and talk about man issues, or what? I’m tempted to ask him if he wants me to put on a strap on, and take him up his back passage, but I doubt it somehow lol! Ironically, I think the only ones who take any notice are him, and his mate, and no one even looks at me when they are shouting at me, clearly their crazy reputation goes further than me!

Thing is, I’m not sure who employs them, I assume its the newspaper group, or would it be the supermarket? No, I’m not really likely to report them for transphobia, I think its as much amusement for their simple minds as anything else, but I do wonder? Until its more than words, I’ll leave it be for now, but given there is a Morrison around the corner, I have considered changing my loyalties. No, Sainsbury’s wont notice the difference with one person, but am I the only one?

Ah well, the delights of being trans, I guess?

The video, well, it rhymes with the blog title, some Genesis for your delight.

Born in England, dont expect to make the cricket team!

Oh alright, thats a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. Certainly seems that the next time that England pick a team where all the players were born in England is a long way off at present. Alright, Welsh players would be allowed (officially its the England and Wales Cricket Board, though you’d never know it), but I dont think that will make much difference.

Fine, as much of my annoyance is with Boyd Rankin’s desire to play for England, rather than Ireland, his call, and one that in the long term he might live to regret. After all, he’s only playing tonight because all of the Ashes team, and a few others arent playing tonight, but thats his call.

But for the country that is supposedly the home of cricket, to have so many foreign born players in their teams, absolute joke really! I know, I know, Ireland have got a few players born outside the country in their team, but we arent supposed to be one of the major test nations in the world, and besides which, we are cutting down on these players, at the same time as England are increasing their numbers rapidly.

Bet at the moment is more likely to be as to when England will put out a team with no English born players in it lol! No, no American players in the team yet, but if they ever find a decent one, then England will probably pick him! But the song is a great one, so…

Is it really about the racing?

Yes, that so called big meeting that starts tomorrow, Royal Ascot.

Agreed, to some degree, it is about the racing. High class animals racing for huge prize money over the next 5 days, and punters, and bookies hoping to make their fortunes over that period. But lets face it, for most of those folk there, especially in the Royal Enclosure, the racing is a sideshow.

Yes, its that time of year when people shell out fortunes on suits, hats, and dresses, so they can be seen, somewhere in the proximity of the Queen, or other associated members of royalty. Thats on top of the highly inflated figures to get into the racetrack, and the food and drink when they get there. And thats before they even place a bet!

But its being seen, darling, and thats all that seemingly counts!

Thankfully, at work we dont have to dress up in a similar fashion, even if it might be fun seeing certain workmates dressed up to the nines. No, I dont think Leeds is ready for me in a posh dress, high heels, and a flouncy hat lol! Correct that, I’m pretty sure they arent, and I certainly would want to commute in the rush hour dressed like that anyway!

So, yes, it will be a crazy week at work, though for me, not until Wednesday, as I’m off tomorrow. Me, I might have a trip out tomorrow, but it will only be locally if I do, and I certainly wont be dressing up in style to do so.

Oh, the video, its not strictly related, but it certainly fits in, of sorts.

A Belfast Air

I know, I know, the traditional tune for this is another city in Northern Ireland, but given I’ve been breathing in the Belfast air for a few days now…I could also have called it, Oh Maxy boy, but that joke would have sailed over non cricket fans heads!

Ah, the cricket. Yes, the Max is Max Sorensen, taker of 5 Australian wickets in the 88 overs of play managed over the last 2 days, most of them yesterday. We managed a whole 16 overs today before the rain came in, and blew the rest of the days play away. Mind, that has its moments too. After a short while, I went in the pavilion to get shelter indoors, and ordered a coffee, to try and warm myself up. I turn round, and almost bump into Paul Stirling stood behind me, one of Ireland’s leading players. Shortly after, Kevin O’Brien walks in, and after a while, Trent Johnston sits down at a table, literally across the passageway from me.

And before anyone says anything about only Irish players mingling, Steve Smith was seen chatting to several spectators before we got started this morning too. Maybe its the Belfast air, maybe its just natural politeness, but either way, its a lovely sight.

Anyway, about 3.00, it was clear there was unlikely to be any more play today (there wasnt), so I headed back into the city. I wasnt really shopping for anything, though I did find one wonderful shop selling vintage stuff, but didnt buy, though I might have been tempted to some degree.

Then back to the hotel, and during this evening, I got a reminder of ‘old Belfast’ when a parade of marching band(s?) went down the street nearby. Just remember, I used to be over here during the ‘Troubles’, and marching parades used to be a major catalyst for riots, and other delights. Nowadays, no one even blinks, thats how much things have changed for the better.

Tomorrow is back to England, hopefully I can get back here next year, though it may be more fun arranging dates, given the World Cup is being held in Brazil next summer. But fingers are crossed…though I may have seen the last of Trent playing, but I wouldnt put too much money on that. His form is still red hot, unfortunately his body is aging, a fact I too know only too well lol!

So, in tribute to my location, and to the bands, lets end with a song that will ever be linked to Northern Ireland. Sung by a Canadian actress, who only died 2 months ago, I was surprised to read on Wiki.

Airport security, and yesterday

Its funny how things happen, isnt it. Normally you only get to experience airport security once when setting out to fly somewhere, dont you? Unless your plane gets cancelled, and you have to go back and start all over again, of course. Mind, if you did, you’d expect the same results twice, unless…

This happened to me yesterday, I was meant to be flying to Belfast on the 3.05 flight from Manchester yesterday, but didnt. The flight was cancelled, 15 minutes after we should have taken off, for technical reasons, strongly rumoured to be the fact there wasnt enough people booked on the plane, but I have no evidence of that. But given there was a regular Flybe passenger booked on our plane, and he commented this wasnt the first time it had happened to him, for that reason, so…

Ah, the fun bit. When I went through security the first time, I was in ‘no rush’ mode, and was processed normally. I went through one of the standard scanners, and passed through first time, not a thing. Oh, unamusing point with that team, despite boobs and things (was even in wedge heels), I had to wait for a man to see me, not a woman. I wasnt annoyed, until they started letting women through, but anyway…

Second time around, because I had very little time to get on board, they put me in the fast lane, and I went through one of the more modern scanners, and set it off. Exactly the same things on, watch was in handbag both times, so…I got to do the newest body scanner thing, which I’ve done in the US before (and cleared) as well. So I get the hand scanner thing used on me, seems it was the buckles on my trousers that may have set it off, or the silver metal decorations on my shoes. But they both passed the first time! Oh, second time around, I was female, female scanned, and called madam, so I preferred them, despite everything.

Weird thing is I passed through the most modern version of body scanner in Rochester, in April, with a big metal button on my trousers, and passed! Oh, for those who dont know, this is it, though its now in use, not on trial any more

Today has been a wonderful day at the cricket, meeting up with some old friends, making some new ones in the media area today as well. I saw a century scored, sadly by an Australian. Steve Smith did look classy though, and if he doesnt play in the Ashes, I will be amazed. Back again tomorrow, weather permitting.

Yes, I recall…

Well, at least using that as the title might confuse a few as to what video it is tonight, though not for long I suspect.

On my previous trips to Belfast, I’ve always stayed at a wonderful hotel called Park Avenue Hotel, in the Holywood area of the city. This time I’m not, and in irony, in one sense, it would be easier if I was. Its nothing personal, its just that when I found a good, downtown hotel to stay at, so it seemed a chance I should take. More variety on eating outlets, maybe a chance to see some of the city centre, so…

The thing is, on Facebook, I have the Park Avenue Hotel listed as one of my likes. So earlier this week, they posted up that the Strand Cinema, virtually across the road from the hotel is showing a film tomorrow night, that I wouldnt mind seeing again. No, not a Brooks film, that would be too much to ask lol. But another wonderful, slim featured actress, yes it does, Audrey Hepburn in fact. And this is where the video clue comes in, its Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The cinema is an amazing building, if you want to see what it looks like, go to,

and take a look. Yes, its a 30’s building, and truly, quite something. Snag is, from the centre of Belfast, its a bit of a trek, especially during the evening to get there. Even more so when I probably wont get to the hotel before 5.00, and I would have to sort myself out, eat, and be there for an 8.15 start! Mind, it needs to start on time, there are only 2 buses left back into town after the film ends, and one of those involves a short walk in an area I really dont know too well!

So yes, all in all, I’ll probably give it a miss, though I know I’ll regret doing so, both because of the cinema, and the film. It might be a sell out anyway, and I cant book in advance, because I might feel shattered after the journey, so…but I can ring, and check on that.

Oh, and thats not everything, though the other would only be viable with bad weather on Saturday, which I hope it isnt. At the Park Avenue, they’re having a vintage fair, and though they might not have any 20’s or 30’s clothing at bargain prices, well, equally they might! Aargh!

Right, the video. No, not the film, just the same named music video from 1995, which is a great song, and sprang to mind before starting this as perfect

Modern film, old story

Yes, The Great Gatsby has been remade again, and in honour of what I saw last night, its the subject matter for tonights blog.

Incredibly, the first film of this story was made in 1926, but sadly, beyond a one minute trailer, none of it has survived the test of time, thats all we have nowadays. That was almost the video tonight, but I fell for the charms of this one instead, cant think why! Watch it, if you cant guess already lol!

After what had been a pretty typical Saturday at work, I went off to get the train home, tired out. But despite that, what I saw on the train both made me smile, and very jealous. Clearly a young couple had been off to see the film, and she had dressed up for the part, looking truly amazing, it must be said. The only fault, as far as I could see, her hair was far too long. Otherwise she looked just like she had been whisked forward from the 1920’s, to the modern day.

And alright, I wouldnt have looked anything like as good as her, age, transgender, and everything else would count against me, as would my knees, if wearing a dress that short, but anyway… Yes, I was jealous, and would have loved to swap places, and looks with her, but ah well…Made a wonderful sight for me though, after a long Saturday at work. I’m not saying I was the only one on the train who got the significance of her look, but given it was the usual Saturday evening crowd, its probably not that far from the truth!

Maybe I should go to see it, though where I find the time to do so, I have no idea. And yes, alright, I’d love to dress up like that when I go, but thats even more unlikely, its fair to say.

The video, yes, its a 20’s thing

Taking the plunge

For those of us who have written stories in the past, the only outlet for your work, unless you were very lucky, was to post it on the internet, and hope somebody liked it, for no financial gain whatsoever. And yes, I’ve written a good number of stories in the past, though not a lot in recent times, I just dont have the time any more.

Principally I wrote for one site, under a nom de plume, and they got a mixed reaction. Some people loved them, some people didnt, and a few opinions in between. But to put it bluntly, my writing skills were never going to appear in Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, and the like!

Then along came ebooks, though initially when they did, it was only established authors that appeared even then. Then slowly but surely, more humble writers found this gave them an opportunity to sell their works to the wider world, or at least try to do so. To be honest, I pretty much ignored this development, the one comment that seems to have come out of it, is that you need to post new stuff on a regular basis, and I’m in no position to do that any more. But, in the deep distant past, I have two stories that never got posted on the net, for various reasons. Not that they werent good enough, they both got a decent reception when posted on the Forums, but they didnt qualify for the site, under the rules.

Well now, I’ve decided they deserve that bigger audience (maybe), so I’m going to try to sell them as ebooks. No, I dont expect sales rivalling Jane Eyre and the like, if I sell any, and certainly more than a couple, I will be thrilled. I’ve got a lovely friend known as ‘Pan’ who has bought me a couple of stock images to use as book covers, a present for all the reviews I’ve done, very kind of him, all the same.

So sometime in the next few weeks, I will become an ebook author. If you’re good, or even if you’re not, I’ll probably advertise a link on here when they are up and available. I’m pretty sure my wonderful editor has already checked them over, but I’ve sent them back to him, just in case, before publishing to the world.

If they do OK, I do have a couple of posted stories that dont really fit in with said persona, and I might add them to the collection. But if they sink without trace, probably not!

In the meanwhile, here is a very ancient song that might give half a clue as to the synopsis, and title of one of the stories