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Everything (should have been) out of sight

Oh fine, its nice to know we have as many ‘dirty old men’ on this side of the pond, as there are in Hollywood, seemingly. Not something to be proud of, but equally, not something I’m surprised to discover. Yes, the Presidents Club event, and for once, that word doesnt relate to Donald Trump, when it comes to disasters!

Lets see, a men only event, for the wealthy business, and media industry people, held in Central London, supposedly with an auction to raise money for good causes. But lets face it, when 2 of the things you’re bidding on are a personal laptop dance in Soho, and cosmetic surgery for a person of your choice, you can tell what sort of event it was likely to be. Or should have been able to, at least.

So lets see, if you see an advert for hostesses for such an event, and the dress code for the event, is a sexy short skirt/dress, sexy black underwear, and black high heel shoes, there should be a clue that its not going to be an event for Puritans! Therefore, despite feeling sorry for the women involved, and to the events that happened there, I equally have to ask that with that dress code, and the payment is £125 for a few hours work (plus taxi fare home), it should be obvious that someone is thinking that ‘something’ might happen that night. As we now know, it did! But seriously, unless you’re very innocent, isnt that a case of the money being too good to be true? Yes, it was!

I’m going to assume most readers will have heard about this, so I’ll keep the details brief. But lets just mention the seventy something man, who asked a 19 year old woman if she was a prostitute (she wasnt), and tales of men waving their penis in the face of women, and inviting them to their bedrooms, and yes, thats just the, err, highlights!

What I suspect the Presidents Club expected to happen, was that everything would be hushed down, and though tales might get out, and a number (if not all) of those women wouldnt be doing the job next year, they thought that would be the end of that. Fortunately for us, but not for them, a couple of reporters had sneaked themselves in as hostesses, and the news got out. The amusing thing is, all the people who were there, but supposedly never saw a thing, or conveniently left early! Given that the ‘events’ with the girls supposedly started when the meal starters were handed out, I wonder just how early some left!

The interesting thing was the reaction from the Club. No, not to look into events, and make sure these things never happen again. No, they just decided that they wont give money to good causes in the future! I have no idea if they’ve retracted that, as that comment seems to have disappeared from details, but who knows? I suspect that ideally, they’d just like everything hushed up. Whether the ‘powers that be’ can do so, who knows, hopefully its gone too far for that.

But yes, sadly, it just shows that its not just a Hollywood thing, with rich men abusing their power, it happens here too, and probably has for years, its just that now they’ve finally been caught!

OK, video time. its amazing, this song is over 50 years old, and it shows on the tape, but everything just seems so apt!

What was he doing?

Firstly, may I say this has never been an issue for me, probably for obvious reasons. And equally, I must say that the only modern day cricketers I have come close to, are members of the Ireland Cricket team, and they have been gentlemen, in the extreme. So…Yes, we’re talking this awful Chris Gayle moment, arent we?

The thing is, as far as I can tell, this wasnt a first! Not in the sense of West Indies cricketers, but him! Though I gather at least one other…rolls eyes.

Fine, I’m not going to say much about the actual chat up, other than to comment that its clear that some supposedly famous people think they can get away with this sort of thing, even on TV. Not that he has, heavily fined, and seemingly he wont be invited back to said Cricket tournament again either. But what, apart from ego, ever made him think he could get away with this in the first place?

I may not be the best person to comment on the nature of West Indian men. Apart from 1 incident, all the fun I’ve had as a woman has emanated from West Indian (or people of that background) ancestry. So maybe I’m a bit jaded by them, but in this case, I dont think that really matters, this was awful.

But do you know what really concerns me? The fact that on Social Media, in several places, I’ve seen men (mainly Australian) saying that what he did was fine, and that she should ‘balls up’ about the whole thing. Seriously, guys? The Big Bash League has said its trying to attract women to the games, and maybe their reaction to this shows that they are. But at the same time, the TV commentators are very ‘boyish’ in their behaviour, so forgive me for not being convinced.

Not that its just cricketers, or sportsmen that seem to think they are above the law, actors seem to think the same at times too. Seriously folks, you might be (or at least think you are) famous, but it doesnt mean you can behave in such a misogynistic manner.

OK, rant over.

You could ask ‘what was he doing hanging around’, but of course, the TV channel were entitled to interview him, but not for him to behave like this! So the video is