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The Commercial Break

Oh please, dont just pass on by, its not like I inflict lots of ads for my stuff on you. Besides which, doing it this way, you still get 2 more blogs this weekend, which wont be adverts for my new book!

Yes, I’ve been writing again, and this time, its something a little bit different. No light and fluffy here, though fine, the ending is pretty sweet, all the same. But just gets a bit grittier, and thought provoking along the way.

Oh, right, the link. is where you need to go. Yes, it is also up at Amazon, and will be up at Barnes And Noble, and a few other places soon, but at the moment, its just those two, and Kobo, so…Yes, fine, I’ll admit it, Smashwords pay far better commission than Amazon, which is why I’m featuring them. But if you love Amazon, just go there, search on Merry Brooks, and you’ll find it there too.

Yes, as mentioned, this isnt your sort of cute story that ‘Miss Brooks’ has written before, because it tackles a subject that interests, and intrigues me, but has the same effect on people as Marmite, seemingly you love it, or hate it, only in this case, it seems more fall into the latter. So, my positive look at ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) is going to annoy some folk, for sure! Hopefully some will agree with me though. As to the modern style of treatment, its very different to what you see in the movies! Best example I can come up with, is this one. I know, its in Dutch, but I cant do everything. Let me make a film in English, with me as the patient, and I’ll do it, willingly!

I know what you might be saying, she’s putting forward a positive case for it, but if she had to have it herself… Sorry, I would, happily, though fine, ideally, at first at least, I might prefer a lower voltage passing through my mind than a standard treatment, but if that was the only choice, then yes, I would, definitely! In fact, if anyone is offering…?

Anyway, the story, though you can read it in the synopsis on the link, a quick resume. Susan is a great believer in method acting, and likes to know how her roles would react to events. So when she is offered the chance to play a wealthy lady, whose children want her out of the way, in a psychiatric unit, while they blow her money, she needs to find out what that would be like, for real. And fine, because the children dont want her out too soon, they plan on getting her ‘treated’ in a way that will keep her there for a while. So, a stay is booked, though Susan plans to avoid the treatment, but…

Yes, its a role, yes, its fiction, and no actresses were harmed in the making of this story lol! Fine, I wouldnt mind being ‘harmed’ that way, but anyway…

So yes, if you want to make me happy, go give the book a try. Better, buy it, its only $2.99, and you have no idea how good it is to see your books sell a few copies. If not for you, go check out my other books, and maybe buy one of those instead?

OK, publicity moment over, which means its time for the video! Or tonight, two videos! Yes, same group, same song, so take your pick. Firstly, the original video

Then, a recent live performance, which proves that they can still do it live, about 40 years later!

Yes, you like the name of the group, which is why I used it? An amazing pair of brothers, it has to be said.

Merry Brooks publishing proudly presents…

And before you query matters, for those who don’t remember, and it has been a while, that’s my author name, for publishing purposes.

I know, its been a while, but thats what work will do for you! But while I was taking it (relatively) easy, before I headed to Hollywood, I wrote this. Yes, I know, I write this before I get to see the city, but on the whole, I made a good premise of it. Yes, Google maps helps in that sense, but anyway…

If you want an idea what its about, before you buy, there’s a guide in the synopsis. All I will say, is that there are 2 very famous actresses mentioned here, 1 of whom gets to try life in a modern era too (technically, she also appears as a ghost, but…). There is also 1 less well known actress, who gets to live 2 lives as well, for whom I have a special affection.

As I say, think the tale of Christmas Carol, hitting Hollywood, only the visitation is not just the sight of things, you get to experience the whole thing.

Oh, and it features a couple of guys as well, who might be a bit sinister, but have a dry sense of humour too, purely fictional.

No, I dont expect to sell enough copies to give up the job hunting lark, but hopefully enough to boost my sagging funds, pretty please!

OK, you had this video only a couple of months ago, but who’s counting. Its a much under rated Gerry Rafferty gem, that deserves some love, so…

Oh, and this lady might appear in it

Digital Camera

Was I looking at the wrong decade?

When I had the photo shoot done last year, it wasnt just for vanity, though I must admit, it was great fun having it done. One of my main aims behind it, was to get a picture (or 2) that I could use as a guise for an author writing stories set in the 1920’s. And yes, at the time, I was trying to think of a blonde Louise Brooks, that cant be denied. Thankfully the hats used in the pictures did a very good job of hiding my lack of fringe, for such look. And yes, as some may have noticed, I’ve switched pictures here on my blog, to one of those as well.

What I wasnt expecting, was for a couple of people to point out that I did look like a film actress of the distant past, but not Brooksie! But, in all honesty, being compared to Jean Harlow is pretty flattering too. And hey, she is blonde, after all!…And pretty!

At the time, my suggestion was that some people needed an eye test, but in time, and with a couple more comments on the same line, I’m beginning to see their point! Mind, given she died at the tragically young age of 26, of kidney failure (far higher fatality rate back then), I can only claim to be a more mature version of her, surely? It does seem we both have had comparable success in our love lives, mind, in her short life she was married, and divorced 3 times! Whereas me, I just eschew the whole love thing!

No, I’m not planning on throwing out my 20’s style in my wardrobe, and hitting the 30’s, unless someone is offering to pay lol! 😛 But OK, I might stay blonde, and stick with the Jean Harlow look now, who knows? 😉

For those who havent a clue who I’m talking about, watch a piece of this video, and see some pictures of this pretty young woman, then look at my shots, and compare. I am happy to hear more opinions on the matter, thats for sure.

Oh, and now for that little piece of advertising. Yes, finally, a new book went up today, titled ‘The Life and Times of Belinda Nicholson, AKA Flapper Girl.’. Yes, its a super heroine story, set in the 1920’s, and features Belinda’s various scrapes and adventures, as a sassy young Flapper in River City. The cover looks like


Already available at Smashwords, and Amazon, and Barnes and Noble have it too, just not published there yet. So, great value for just $2.99, if I say so myself! Links and

I’m sure that if you arent in this corner of the world, Amazon will soon direct you to the right place.

Got to pay your taxes!

Well, for forty years or so (just under, will hit that mark in October), I’ve been paying my taxes as a worker in the UK, both as man, and woman, not many get to say that bit, do they? But in the last 6 months or so, there has been a first, paying taxes to the US Government, albeit not very much so far. Why, royalties on book sales of course! One nice thing about the US taxes, all paid as a woman lol! 😛

Over here, every year, you get a form (P60, I believe?) that details all your tax details for the year, so you can see how much you have ‘generously donated’ to our Government, to help pay the bills. Or to help bail out the incompetent bank firms, but enough politics…

This morning, I had post from the US, my tax certificate for last year, showing how much I paid in US taxes. No, its not a great deal, I didnt start publishing until July, and therefore payments only started in September, but its a few dollars, all the same. No form to fill in, offering me citizenship in gratitude though, guess it wasnt enough lol? No, wouldnt have mattered how much it was, but anyway…

And yes, its my own fault I had to pay it, if I had sorted out a TIN number (Tax Identification Number?) when I was in the US, I could have had those few dollars as well, but I was having such a good time, I forgot! And equally, being honest, the cost of calling them from over here, to get it sorted out, would probably be more than my tax bill for the year! So no, not going to worry, just be a good ‘US citizen’ and continue to pay my taxes, as a good girl should. Just wasnt expecting the certificate really, but it makes for a nice souvenir, I guess?

So, if you want me to be an even better US citizen, and give them even more of my money in taxes, buy a few books, by Merry Brooks, please!:) I still get more than they do, lol!

The video, a tribute to those who get to pay far more in US taxes than I do, just hard to believe this song is 30 years old, thats all

The rest of the weekend, and things

Yes, the main ‘thing’ being, its back to work tomorrow, albeit for just 1 day, before my first day off for the week. Yes, I know, but thats the life of a shift worker lol! On a ‘Dolly’ tomorrow, hopefully you know what I mean by that?

Right, firstly, for those of you who care, or want to see it, the video of the ‘hypno model’ session will be up on You Tube tomorrow. Ah, now the bad news, of sorts. It wont be listed, so dont even think about going to try and find it. I’ll have the link, and for a very small donation, I’ll pass it on. One or two very special people will just get, but otherwise, about a fiver ($7.99, as all these paypal things seem to be in dollars) will get you a look. My Paypal account awaits lol! Email me at , and I will provide all needed details… 😉

I know, I know, cheeky, but thats what having a sassy young flapper in your head (sadly now gone) in your mind will do for you. Its hardly a fortune, I have the rail fare to try and recoup, and anything on top of that might be nice, as there are a few gorgeous flapper dresses around, and ‘Mary Lou’ has demands lol! Still a bargain compared to regular hypno videos, but I’m not a young model, so…flutters eyelashes…

Beyond that, I didnt wear the flapper dress, just too short for the weather. Mind, I thought I was wearing a long dress, and then discovered that it was slashed on one side below the knee, so out came some gold leggings! Maybe I should have just braved it, but my knees are not a pretty sight, and if someone had seen them…no, I dont think they would have done, but too late now anyway! 😛 Wonderful evening, and a good meal.

Today has been getting things ready for the next book release, having got 3 of the 5 pieces back from my wonderful editor, James. Cover now purchased, and sent to a lovely guy called Kris, for the title to be added. So very soon, a new publication from Merry Brooks…no, dont get over excited lol!

Oh, and lastly, loaded up my Amazon account with £100, part of my winnings from the Christmas competition at work. Got a few ideas of what I fancy, and will either do some purchases later tonight, or on Tuesday. That should be fun 🙂

The video, one of my favourite songs from my youth, and one I could never work into a title

A man I admire greatly

Given the height of excitement today was heading into town, to get someone’s birthday gift, lets focus on a different matter tonight

Back in 2009, I wrote a story, called No Place Like Nome, last year it finally started to get an audience, when I started up my ebook publishing thing. But no, before you just pass on, this isnt a request to go buy the book, though I wouldnt mind if you did!

One of the threads of that story, was the 2009 Iditarod race, won by the incredible Iditarod legend, Lance Mackey. Seriously, in all, this guy has won this race (one of the hardest in the world, if not the hardest) 4 times, quite an amazing feat. But all the more amazing, given his long fight with cancer. It did also involve the serum run of 1925, but as I say, the reason for this blog is Lance, not the book.

The thing is, all the chemotherapy, and everything else he had to go through, has messed up his body. I know, it happens to a lot more folk, but they dont race for a thousand miles through bitter weather. Doesnt make them any less as a person, just means they havent walked into my life yet. Last week, Lance lost the last of his teeth, his jawbone is now such a mess, they had to go. Cost $8,000 or so! Cost to get a new set of decent teeth, that means he could get back to what he terms a normal life, about $30,000! Sadly all this means Lance wont be in this years race, he isnt in a fit state to do it.

Let me say, our health service system over here isnt perfect, but at least we have one. In the US, medical insurance is a must, as its all private, and expensive over there. Indeed, Lance does have insurance, but it doesnt cover the oral work he needs doing.

Oh, did I mention, Lance doesnt like being helped, he’s a strongly independent man, but he’s also a hero to many, so these things get noticed, and hopefully help is on the way. He has been convinced, by a friend of his, to let her start a campaign to raise money to help pay for this work, and thats why I’m writing this blog, to hopefully increase the audience for this. Oh, and for the few who read both, this will be tomorrow nights personal blog, just saying…Just had something else to write about there tonight.

The campaign is at so if you have a few spare dollars, pounds, euros, or whatever, please consider giving. I will be, hopefully so can you find it in your heart to do so.

The video, lets just ensure that Lance’s dream, of more Iditarod races isnt over.

Thanks for reading.