Was I looking at the wrong decade?

When I had the photo shoot done last year, it wasnt just for vanity, though I must admit, it was great fun having it done. One of my main aims behind it, was to get a picture (or 2) that I could use as a guise for an author writing stories set in the 1920’s. And yes, at the time, I was trying to think of a blonde Louise Brooks, that cant be denied. Thankfully the hats used in the pictures did a very good job of hiding my lack of fringe, for such look. And yes, as some may have noticed, I’ve switched pictures here on my blog, to one of those as well.

What I wasnt expecting, was for a couple of people to point out that I did look like a film actress of the distant past, but not Brooksie! But, in all honesty, being compared to Jean Harlow is pretty flattering too. And hey, she is blonde, after all!…And pretty!

At the time, my suggestion was that some people needed an eye test, but in time, and with a couple more comments on the same line, I’m beginning to see their point! Mind, given she died at the tragically young age of 26, of kidney failure (far higher fatality rate back then), I can only claim to be a more mature version of her, surely? It does seem we both have had comparable success in our love lives, mind, in her short life she was married, and divorced 3 times! Whereas me, I just eschew the whole love thing!

No, I’m not planning on throwing out my 20’s style in my wardrobe, and hitting the 30’s, unless someone is offering to pay lol! 😛 But OK, I might stay blonde, and stick with the Jean Harlow look now, who knows? 😉

For those who havent a clue who I’m talking about, watch a piece of this video, and see some pictures of this pretty young woman, then look at my shots, and compare. I am happy to hear more opinions on the matter, thats for sure.

Oh, and now for that little piece of advertising. Yes, finally, a new book went up today, titled ‘The Life and Times of Belinda Nicholson, AKA Flapper Girl.’. Yes, its a super heroine story, set in the 1920’s, and features Belinda’s various scrapes and adventures, as a sassy young Flapper in River City. The cover looks like


Already available at Smashwords, and Amazon, and Barnes and Noble have it too, just not published there yet. So, great value for just $2.99, if I say so myself! Links

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/406177 and https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00IAPGK6U

I’m sure that if you arent in this corner of the world, Amazon will soon direct you to the right place.

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