The rest of the weekend, and things

Yes, the main ‘thing’ being, its back to work tomorrow, albeit for just 1 day, before my first day off for the week. Yes, I know, but thats the life of a shift worker lol! On a ‘Dolly’ tomorrow, hopefully you know what I mean by that?

Right, firstly, for those of you who care, or want to see it, the video of the ‘hypno model’ session will be up on You Tube tomorrow. Ah, now the bad news, of sorts. It wont be listed, so dont even think about going to try and find it. I’ll have the link, and for a very small donation, I’ll pass it on. One or two very special people will just get, but otherwise, about a fiver ($7.99, as all these paypal things seem to be in dollars) will get you a look. My Paypal account awaits lol! Email me at , and I will provide all needed details… šŸ˜‰

I know, I know, cheeky, but thats what having a sassy young flapper in your head (sadly now gone) in your mind will do for you. Its hardly a fortune, I have the rail fare to try and recoup, and anything on top of that might be nice, as there are a few gorgeous flapper dresses around, and ‘Mary Lou’ has demands lol! Still a bargain compared to regular hypno videos, but I’m not a young model, so…flutters eyelashes…

Beyond that, I didnt wear the flapper dress, just too short for the weather. Mind, I thought I was wearing a long dress, and then discovered that it was slashed on one side below the knee, so out came some gold leggings! Maybe I should have just braved it, but my knees are not a pretty sight, and if someone had seen them…no, I dont think they would have done, but too late now anyway! šŸ˜› Wonderful evening, and a good meal.

Today has been getting things ready for the next book release, having got 3 of the 5 pieces back from my wonderful editor, James. Cover now purchased, and sent to a lovely guy called Kris, for the title to be added. So very soon, a new publication from Merry Brooks…no, dont get over excited lol!

Oh, and lastly, loaded up my Amazon account with Ā£100, part of my winnings from the Christmas competition at work. Got a few ideas of what I fancy, and will either do some purchases later tonight, or on Tuesday. That should be fun šŸ™‚

The video, one of my favourite songs from my youth, and one I could never work into a title

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