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What we need, is a great big melting pot

Yes, a few brief comments on the awful news from Paris today. I’ve never really been one for buying satirical magazines, but I might have watched much satire on TV, over the years. From the early days as a child (when I probably didnt have a clue what they were on about) of That Was The Week That Was (or TW3 to its friends), right through to Mock The Week, they are the sort of biting comedy that appeals to me.

But no, I never really got into Private Eye, or anything like that, I suppose I was always more of a TV addict, I guess?

Equally, despite my Irish ancestry (and my father was from Catholic stock, my mother from Protestant), I’ve never been a big one for religious attitudes, as to the less than peaceful side of things at least. And yes, I did get to Northern Ireland during the troubles, too. But I gather that some get far too fanatical about these matters, especially when combined together.

And look what it produces, 12 people tragically dead, and I suspect more to follow, when they catch up with the people who carried out this atrocity. So yes, as you might have gathered, I’m not a religious extremist of any shade. But I’ve met a few, some Christian, some of other beliefs, and, lets just say, they wont be Facebook friends!

Of those I’ve met, the most ironic has to be the Baptist preacher in Seattle, whose service I was invited to on a Sunday. There he was preaching, pretty homophobic stuff (maybe, I’m being diplomatic there?), and yet, after the service, being as nice as pie to me, and offering to help me to find work if I wanted to stay there. No, as you have worked out, he didnt know I was trans, or anything else. I suspect I might have got a slightly different reaction if he had lol!

But as I say, I’ve met some, err, interesting folk of other religions too, for whom I would have equally little time in life now.

So yes, what I am saying, is give peace a chance…I wish! But I just wish we could all get along together, and even if we cant get to agree on everything, not feel the need to take countless lives, for our beliefs.

No, I dont expect things to change for the better, but I can hope.

The video pick also has a certain irony to it. In the sense that most of the PC brigade would have a fit about it now, even if it is suggesting racial harmony, and the like, something I’m not sure we had entirely back in 1969!