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All around the office?

Yes, I know, we’ve all heard these stories of working in offices where the bosses are horrid, and the conditions are awful? Thats right, I definitely dont work in one of those! So, as promised to a couple of people who will surely read this, lets tell you a tale of a very non average office.

But to ruin her glory, I’m not going to start with the actual star of this piece. Yesterday evening, I was working hard as usual, and had just finished a call, hopefully dealing with a client in a way that made her fell better about matters than when I started the call. I looked up, and there stood beside my desk, looking at me, was the big boss, the operations manager, and I wondered what I’d done. Nothing was the answer, as I quickly found out. He came over to see how my knee was recovering, as he had heard the news about the incident, and say that like many others, if he’d been there at the time, the idiots who tripped me over wouldnt have got off so lightly. A delightful chat then followed, waiting for my next call to come through, and if I needed to feel good about working there, this would have helped. In truth, I dont need it, I fell in a bed of roses when I started at this place, honest I did.

But no, he’s not the star of this blog, one of the team leaders is. No, not my team leader, but she actually sits closer to me, is an absolute delight to work with, and oh, she’s entertaining too! There may be 2 people of acting persuasion in the office, but as far as I know, Madi isnt one of them. She should be! Sometimes, towards the end of the working day, when the offices have closed, and the general public calls are fewer, we are treated to something known as ‘story time’. This relates to Madi reading articles, or reading the side of boxes in such a way that we tend to burst into laughter.

Besides all this, being a team leader, she has to check the quality of the calls from her team, and when something goes slightly wrong, and you’re sat behind her, lets just say you tend to know about it, and leave it at that. Saturday, Madi was battling a spreadsheet, and judging by the comments from behind me, the spreadsheet won the battle!

Oh, and in case she reads this at some point, my team leader is wonderful too. I think her only disappointment over me, is that everybody has been so wonderful about the new ‘girl’ in the office, that she didnt get chance to stick up for me! I love it the way it is, but I know that if the matter ever should arise, it should be fun!

As I have said before, it might have taken me a while to get a job, but in the end, I couldnt have found a better place to work, in so many ways.

So fine, for the video, I need an entertaining Madi, right? In truth, I could only think of one, but she is brilliant. Hard to believe this song is now 42 years old, mind. So…All around the office, I will wear…