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Harem dancer girls with gin

Oh, fine, I’ll be amused to see how many people can work out the video song before they reach that point in their viewing? Seriously, there are enough hints in there, but anyway…

Well yes, we’ve reached that point in the ‘performance’ where we get to the main part of the show, the radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, main section. Yes, today was the last visit to the hospital in Leeds before the big event begins on Monday. No, I’m not going to bore you with the details, as beyond going through the details, and collecting all the additional pills, and when to take them, there really is nothing exciting to report from that, in truth. Well, except that in Week 1 (the only week I know times for at this time) I now only have one really early start, instead of two, which I’m not going to cry about, in truth. Does mean my first Speech Therapy visit at home has now got a new time on Monday, before I head to Leeds, but other than that.

Oh fine, I did fool someone who saw me in hospital, was looking for a blonde, then realised I was now a redhead, but other than that… As she got me to go upstairs to collect my new pills, I did think about changing to my silver wig, but given the lift was busy, it didnt happen, so I didnt fool her again! Oh, and she tipped off the next person who would be seeing me, under same circumstances, ah well… Oh, and for those who read the last blog, yes, I did wear the silver bodysuit under my clothes today!

The one thing I have been told I should have, for post treatments, is a series of achievable events that I can aim to look forward to, to keep me going. And yes, they mean before March, lol, principally from December, to about March, so strictly I can stick the Blackpool tram on the end, but before then…so…

As things stand at this moment, and already mentioned, the first is easy to go with, on December 12th, the works Christmas Dinner, in Bradford, probably the last work related event in my working career, in truth. Still, if you go with the formal leaving date, not the last working day, I’ve done 45 years, which for a woman, when I started work in 1974, would have been seen as quite an achievement, as women only worked until 60. Of course, I wasnt strictly a woman back then, but now…

After that, the next one that comes to mind is Christmas Day, when not for the first time, the dressing up suitably option is the one that comes to mind. I had original thought of a fairy outfit, but quickly discovered that fairies dont believe in covering their knees, let alone anywhere lower, and seriously, at 61, no! Thankfully I found a nice Mrs Christmas dress, of a more suitable length, which will now be the planned purchase.

In truth, January, beyond Ella’s birthday, which isnt strictly anything out of the ordinary, I’m drawing a bit of a blank, principally because of the likely questionable winter, so if anyone has any ideas, I’m happy to listen. The only thing I can think of as a possible is the photo shoot with Angie, who tells me there is a dress waiting for me for that, though from which decade I’m not quite sure, hence the hedge in the blog title, though I’m certain it will either be 20’s, or 30’s, rather than an actual harem girl look, lol.  But yes, that worked for the video, so…

February, all I can think of at this point is a couple of things I used to do, havent done for a while, but work as nice ‘possibles’ at least. One is to go back in the flotation tank again, which I loved doing, but I would need to be pretty well recovered, given the amount of salt needed to make you float. The other is a trip to Wakefield, and see if the charity shops have got as much ‘old fashioned’ clothing on sale at decent prices, though as that will take a bit of walking, my mobility might need to improve for that option, lol?

After that, and the last that I see as short term of course, mid March, the anniversary (of sorts) weekend, and Blackpool, and then, well, who knows? Will all this happen, who knows? Some will, some might, others might be a step too far, but there is only one way to find out…?

So, have you worked out the video yet? If not, I’ll put you out of your misery, as its…


Do the walk through life

One thing I’ve had to accept is the fact I’m getting old now. How much longer I’ve got, who knows? How much longer (given the pain I’ve got now) I want to last, who knows, but in this current organic body (yes, I’d love a cybernetic upgrade, if offered, lol), I dont want it to be forever. Whats the pleasure, when you’ve got a body with permanent ache, and lets face it, even if its now my personal choice (due to no pleasure in surgery pain), I’ve got a body thats screwed up gender wise too! If asked my ambition, I’d aim for a few years of retirement, but not too many, then just leave the world to the next generation. Fine, we dont get all the say we want in that matter, but anyway… But yes, I’ve started planning for the next stage now, that of retirement.

Let me say, I have no idea if my body is still going to be up to work by the time I hit the current retirement age of 66. I’m hoping it is, to build up the work pension, but in truth, not sure that I will. But while I can, I will, at least unless they change the retirement age for women again, something I think that despite campaigns, is not going to happen, but besides that… Not going to hold out for the suggested compensation payment either!

But yes, facing facts, as things stand, just under 6 years from now, I can retire from work. Now, I probably will. Until the back went, given that I could have carried on for a short while, I was considering October 2024 as retirement date (50 years of working life), but now, the sooner the better!

Anyway, last week, got an email at work for a pre-retirement advice course from work (well, I work in right department, lol), but unfortunately saw it one day after the closing date to apply. Anyway, yesterday, got an email that someone had dropped out, I was top of reserve list, so now I’m going. Just under 2 weeks time, in Leeds. I hope I can learn a lot, including how you apply to a previous job for your pension that they owe to you, when you’ve had 2 name changes, and a gender change! I guess the name change isnt going to be new to them, women get married, lets face it, but the gender change might be new to them! Thankfully my National Insurance number hasnt changed, so they should be able to trace it, but… Another advantage of that, payment was due to start at 63, even when the retirement age was 65. It wont be a fortune, but if it makes the differenece between the need to do a 3 day week from 63, instead of a 4 day week, might be handy!

But yes, who knows where life will take me between now, and then, anyway? But hopefully, on 2nd July, I can learn a lot more about that next step in my life thats fast approaching. No, I dont expect the robot body offer in my lifetime, lol!

Right, the video. I always assumed that the US Sports video of this song was the original one, but seemingly not! Bit dated with things like £1 pound notes and the like, but hey, its old, just like me!

Money for nothing (well, just £2 anyway)

Its funny, nearly a week on from the big lottery jackpot over here, I was thinking, just how much do you need to win before the amount becomes irrelevant?

I know, previous huge lottery winners have seemed to manage to go on crazy spending sprees, and blow all the money, but I know with my Yorkshire nature, I’m sure I couldnt do a thing like that. And before anyone comments on the ridiculous concept of possibly winning £66 million, as was available last weekend on the lottery over here, that was absolutely nothing compared to what has been happening in the US. Yes, seriously, the Powerball lottery over there, which was actually won on Wednesday (and which has no rollover limitations) had actually reached a pool of $1.4 billion (1400 million) dollars, before being shared 3 ways. But fine, does the average person really need a prize of over $400 million dollars? And how, in a normal way, are you going to spend all that?

So fine, I’ve bought a lottery ticket for tomorrow night, and its not for the rollover value yet, its because instead of the normal 1 millionaire prize, there will be 5. And I’ll be honest with you, if I won one of those, I’d be more than happy, and could give up this exhausting job hunting lark. I might not have enough to be able to buy a property, and move to Hollywood, but it would be a pretty good prize all the same, and I could afford to spend plenty of 90 day allowances out there, with that! Spend even about half on various things, I could probably get by on the interest from the rest!

To be honest, the 20 £20,000 prizes, one of those could solve a lot of concerns for quite a while. Even treating myself to 2 or 3 stays over there, I could survive for 18 months, very easily. Even half that, I could go for at least 9 months treating myself, probably about 12 if I’m sensible, but I’d prefer the 20 K option.

But for me, what would be a nice amount to win? One that solves all issues, but at the same time is not so insane an amount that it would blow my mind? Yes, I guess the million would more than do that. And fine, thats why I got talked into buying a ticket for the Euro millions draw tonight, with a rollover of £61.5 million! First time I’ve ever bought one, have no idea whats involved, or the prize scale is, to be honest. But its done, and another £2 I’ve wasted, that I probably shouldnt have done, in all honesty. But for a few hours, this girl can dream, or is that panic, about winning that jackpot?

The video, as so often, the clue is in the title. This is a live version, featuring 2 of the greatest guitarists of all time

Oh, I meant to add, I might have found one way of getting over the trauma of winning so much money. Yes, hypnosis. Tomorrow, I’m doing a relaxation, and stress busting hypnotherapy session somewhere near Huddersfield, at a reduced price special. This should have happened on the Saturday I was doing training for the ‘job from hell’, I wish I’d stuck with the original plan. At least for 45 minutes, I can let all the stress, and worry float away, I so need it!

Romeo and Juliet

Oh fine, thats about as unsubtle a hint as to what the video that I could come up with, I guess? I was going to surprise you with the Killers version, but the live Abbey Road version of that has disappeared from You Tube, so… yes, Dire Straits, live, which I havent used before.

Yes, I kept that resolution, took that big leap in the dark, and signed up to a dating website. Given that its a free (of sorts) website, I only had 2 choices, male or female. So yes, I went female, its how I live, so…But yes, I made it very clear in the profile that I was pre-op trans, but even so, no prizes for working out some didnt read that. I did get bombarded initially by men, but thankfully, after that initial rush, things have calmed down somewhat. Yes, again, annoyingly, I could either seek for men, or for women, but not both. I could open a second account, for my lesbian side, but have passed on that as yet. Still tempting, maybe, mind, just to see what happens?

I’ve found a couple that know the situation, have still shown interest, and yes, they might be fine, but havent stirred my ardour, just yet. There is one other, who definitely interests me, but he’s in Houston, Texas, and lets be practical, much though I’d love to move to America, and get married, developing a relationship in the first place, especially given my current financial situation, its complex! Younger man too, ooh! No, I have no idea what his plans are, for my ‘bits’, I’ll find out in time, if we can find a way to make things happen, but I’ve no idea how, at the moment.

Then, tonight, I got the message that made my weekend. A wonderfully sweet note, a profile that actually made me laugh, and smile to see it. The snag, if you want to see it that way, he’s older than me. And no, I dont mean a couple of years older, either! Fine, nearer 20! But do you know what, I like him, and I’m wondering if I dont care about the age difference! Yes, he seems that adorable. Fine, he’s not on my doorstep, but neither of the other 2 from over here, are that, either. So maybe tomorrow, I might have to have a look at train fares going down his way, as I want to meet him now, if nothing else!

Funnily enough, my only previous long term partner was nearly 20 years older than me too, but that was a while back, so not sure how that relates? And Derbyshire will be easier to get to than Texas! So…? No, I’m not telling you more about him, he might be mine! 😛

Right, to the video, you know what it is, so lets just roll with it!

Why do things when you’re expected to?

Lets face it, for most of the population in this country, who wish to do so, you do the long trip abroad either between school and college/university, or shortly after you graduated. Me, I did that at 45! Equally, most people, if you’re going to go to university, you do it before you reach 25. So fine, I’m considering doing it at 57! Yes, I’m awkward, but I suspect most people know that already.

I must admit that when I decided to take the redundancy money, and run, I did realise that at my age, finding a new job might be a bit of a challenge. Still, I wasnt expecting it to be quite as tricky as this! Fine, the first few weeks were a strange mix, given I really couldnt job hunt because of the Hollywood trip. Then yes, I admit nerves, and rustiness may have got the better of me early on, but even now, when I’m happier with the process, still no joy.

In the meanwhile, I did consider becoming a university student for the first time in my life (once it was firmly pointed out to me that my age was not an issue in doing so), though that might have been in the US, and in the end, my lack of qualifications, combined with the rules for working over there as a foreigner, I ended up passing on that opportunity. James was a wonderful rock, and help on this matter, I must say.

As is well known (I posted on this recently), my Twitter feed is an eclectic mix, but includes more than a few science related sites. As I commented this morning on Twitter, a lot of what I was writing as science fiction 15 years ago, is now either fact, or fast becoming so. Anyway, despite previous comments about my age, when a wonderful gentleman named Will posted about studying Electrical Engineering at Loughborough University, I again made the comment about my age being my main block for doing so. Just like James, he told me that my age wouldnt be an issue, though clearly I would have to do a foundation course prior to my degree, due to my time away from studying, and my qualification limits. He mentioned to me that there would be open days, to come to the University to look around, and that I should seriously think about doing so. So I did, and came to the conclusion that there was no harm in taking the first steps at least.

So I applied to go to the Open Day next Saturday, thinking I could see how things played out, before committing to actually going. And then I thought,”What the hell.”, and decided that unless a job offer stopped me going, I was going to do it. No job offer yet, so that made it an easy choice. So yes, yesterday I booked the hotel for next Friday night, in Loughborough, on the campus, in fact.

To be honest, I’m really, really looking forward to it now. And no, not just because I get to meet Will, though that will be nice, I must say. He puts up with a lot of ‘witty’ remarks from me, in good grace, a fact I certainly admire. Yes, the sci-fi side of me still sees the other side of electrical engineering, being used on me, but thats not likely to happen! But also because the idea of studying something like this has really grown on me! Very much so, in fact, its got to the point where the idea really appeals. No, at this point, I’m not saying I will do it, but I’m certainly going down there thinking, if it all works out, then I might well do so.

But yes, the beauty of this is that I can go there under no pressure. At my age, becoming, or not becoming a student is not the big issue. An interesting course, which I’m sure this will be, a chance to improve myself (again a definite), and something different in my life also play a part. So yes, at 57, I might be becoming a student, in a subject that really appeals to me. A new life, just maybe?

Right, the video. Well it will be a walk of life, if I become a student at my age, lets face it. Plus, its full of baseball, and NFL, 2 of my favourite sports.

A weekend of anniversaries, part 1

OK, fine, there are 2 anniversaries this weekend, one a personal one, that will appear tomorrow, but today marks the 71st anniversary of D-Day, the moment that the history of WW2 changed forever, though certainly the Soviets attacking from the East certainly helped to change the history of the war too.

But on this day, early morning, for the first time in just a few years, France was invaded. This time though, it was a landing force, coming to rescue them from Nazi domination. The beaches were well defended, but the breach was eventually made, and after that, in less than a year, Germany had been overrun, from both directions, and WW2 was over.

Sadly, but inevitably, thousands of brave young men died on that day, and in the 11 months or so after that time, and we must never forget them. Indeed, we should be very proud of them, for freeing Europe. Of course, as history shows, Eastern Europe, for the next 45 years or so, disappeared under a Soviet controlled Iron Curtain, which in the Stalin years at least, probably suffered as much as they did under the Nazi’s!

So on this day, lets remember these brave people that never came back from France, and the freedom they granted us.

The video, well, if anyone can think of a more apt one, I cant!

To bid you farewell

To those who know both blogs, apart from the set up words, the only difference is in the video pick

I know, its been a week since I last posted, and I’m sorry. But today has been my first day off for 10 days, and beyond something exceptional, like last Saturday, I tend to only have time for these when I’m off. But anyway, enough talk…

Talk about a depressing week for anniversaries, mind! The first I want to mention happened on Tuesday, 52 years since the day that Marilyn Monroe died, at the age of 36. No, the video isnt Candle in the wind, another more poignant anniversary grabs that honour. To be honest, I dont know an awful lot about her, other than when tragic blonde actresses get mentioned, the 2 most popular names are of course, Jean Harlow, and Monroe.

Whereas we all know what Harlow died of, her kidneys failed, officially due to Scarlet Fever in her teens, but lets face it, all the smoking, drinking, and the like (and maybe, just very maybe, all that bleach on her hair) didnt help her kidney’s to function, lets face it, and thats what killed her. Back then, no dialysis, no replacement organs, so it was fatal.

However, when it comes to Monroe, in all honesty, we really dont know. Officially, its suicide, by barbiturate poisoning, but there are so many other theories to how she met her end, so who knows? One thing is for sure, who she was seeing/dating was giving concern to people in ‘high places’, so her death was handy for them. Or was it arranged? As I say, we will never know for sure.

The other whose death anniversary this week, is of far more significance to me. 29 years ago, yesterday, (Mary) Louise Brooks died, at the grand old age of 78. To be honest, given how much she smoked, how much she drunk, and how she lived her life, its amazing she lasted that long, but anyway…she did! Emphysema, a lot of it caused by her smoking, probably aided the inevitability of dying of a heart attack, but lets face it, she lived a long life, albeit a painful one at the end to some degree, so…

But the grimmest one, and the one with a round number occurred on Monday, 100 years on from Great Britain entering World War 1. Given my recent posting about this, and having given my feelings on those brave men who died, I’ll keep this part brief.

As I said, this is the one worth of the video pick, a wonderfully haunting song by Dire Straits.

That other video, the obvious one, Candle in the wind, Elton John

Things are heating up

No, not my love life, dont be so daft! Not even for Valentines Day! Actually, its that other great British subject of debate that I’m talking about, the weather.

Today, its snowed on and off all day, more on than off in all honesty, which kept me in, because though I might be blonde (of sorts), I’m not stupid. Well, not unless I put it on for show, and thats not often lol! Currently the temperature is about freezing point, by tomorrow afternoon its supposed to be about 20 degrees higher, so…Yes, I know, I do mean Fahrenheit, I spend too much time in the US to think in Centigrade, thats my excuse, and I’m sticking to it! 😛

No, I dont think I’m yet planning on skirts, and heels, and short sleeved tops, but that point might be getting nearer I guess? Maybe if I was on a day when it was warm when I left, and warm when I get back, then maybe the shoes would be tempting, but given I’m leaving here before 7.30 tomorrow morning, I suspect boots will win the vote, though not the fleecy winter ones this time around…? Might be tempted tomorrow morning, but I know they’ll be too hot coming home, and at work, so…We will see on that front, but definitely trousers still, thats for sure. Besides which, I dont want to be trying to sort out a skirt suitable to wear early tomorrow morning, and as my trousers are handy…Shoes and boots are all readily available though, so… 😉

No, I’m not planning on wearing a dress to work though, I’m not that outrageous…yet! Besides which, how many women wear a dress to work nowadays? Might wear a dress out on my birthday dinner day, just over a month, but a lot will depend how I feel at the time, and the weather, especially as its a Saturday, and there might be a few idiots about. I know, I know about passing and all that, but its the football season, and if Huddersfield are at home that day, there might be even more idiots about lol! Its rare to actually get my birthday off (its an extra holiday entitlement at work) as it normally clashes with the Cheltenham Race Festival, but this year it doesnt. Valentines dinner date tomorrow, dont make me laugh!

Ah, the video. Well, what could be more apt for tomorrow than this? Yes, this might be the last for a few days, as I’m back to work tomorrow, unless something amazing happens at least. I did think of using the Killers cover version, but hey, the original video is just so good. So, who are the perfect couple for tomorrow? Might just be these two.

Lol, those who get an email when I blog will get an extra edition tonight, free of charge. I had a blonde moment, and posted it on here, instead of my other one. Will confuse them if they come here to read it though lol! The rest of you will just never know! 😉

The sporting summer

In a follow up to a recent posting, the wonderful BBC commentators are still at their best. If you believed all they told us, Great Britain would have won about 6 gold medals by now. Err, the grand total so far, 6 less than that lol! The biggest piece of over hype was Mark Cavendish in the road race, didnt even get a medal! Then totally ignored, our mens gymnastics team got a bronze today, against all odds!

From what I read tonight, its not only the medal prospects they’re getting wrong, seemingly there are multiple comments on network sites re poor pictures, commentaries etc…ah well…Still, another fortnight or so and it will all be over! Sadly that means the start of the football (soccer) season over here, and all the hype (and overpaid footballers acting like idiots) to the fore. Ah well…under 7 weeks from now until my escape for a week, really cant wait!. 🙂 Yes, summer really is passing by now, but at least it seems to have finally arrived here.

Another reason why I know that, the pre season for the NFL starts next weekend! Alright, its still 6 weeks to the serious stuff, but…its coming home lol! Hey, I can start dreaming of the Bills in the play offs again.

Also in September is a chance for the Irish to ‘bloody a few noses’ at the 20 over version of the World Cup Cricket, the first game of which I will be in the US for, but thanks to the internet, I will still be able to find out whats happening. The second qualifier is the day after I get back, might need to get that as a day off lol! For getting over jet lag purposes of course, nothing more lol!

Oh, right, the video you say, just get to it. Well this includes NFL (and Baseball) as well as a few sporting bloopers too. You could say our Olympic hopefuls are in Dire Straits (or maybe not?)