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A different type of pre interview speech

Firstly, let me go back to the last blog, and update matters, and in a good way.

That technical issue, I got a call the next morning from the company doing the interview tests, to tell me that my account had been reset, with another password, and that I was now able to take the test again,at my leisure. It worked, I passed, and seemingly passed the personality test afterwards as well, because they now want to do a phone interview with me, for the thing I ‘really love’, the competency tests.

As I say, its a modern thing, something I personally hate, but it has to be done. But hey, I’m now back in the running for the job, so mustn’t complain.

So fine, when I found out this afternoon by email that I had passed the early stages for another job, and saw I had to make a phone call, I was expecting more of the same. But no, something a little different. I have got to ring what I assume is an answering machine/tape recorder of some kind, leaving all my basic details, and then,

And telling us about something you are passionate about and why.

So not the usual, when did you do exceptional service, something out of the extra to help colleagues, and all that, when my mind tends to go blank, even if I’ve thought it all out in advance, which I do… but this!

At this point, I’m not sure if they expect it to be something work related, or just anything that you feel passionate about, but hopefully the latter, because I will be fine on that.

How does Pre-Code movies, and the Golden age of Hollywood sound?

What, I can hear you saying from here!

Well, in the early days of silent movies, some of them were downright saucy. In the early days of talkies, it was much the same. To say the early Mae West movies were suggestive, would be to put it diplomatically. Jean Harlow wasnt much more of a ‘good girl’ either, back then. A prostitute, a gangsters moll, and a money grabbing, easy going wife were just 3 of her pre code roles.

Then in 1934, the moralists had enough of all this hanky-panky, and brought in something called the Hays Code. This tamed things down considerably, shall we say? For example, that role where Jean was a prostitute, well she ends the film as the moralistic, good girl, despite her nature of work. Post code, a bad girl had to stay bad!

Jean pretty much moved into romantic comedies, became a golden blonde, instead of a platinum one, and charmed audiences that way, which in all truth suited her nature better, and her acting quality improved accordingly.

It wasnt in fact until well into the 1960’s before things became ‘more relaxed’ again moral wise, and indeed, compared to some modern stuff, pre code is almost tame!

So yes, I dont think I’ll have many problems with this challenge, I must say.

The video, what Mae West definitely was, in those wonderful Pre Code days,