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You can call me up and make a date

No, seriously no, please dont. But the title fits in with the video, and that fits in (of sorts) with the location, so…

Yes, you’re right, the search is over. For better or worse, for crazy or totally insane, or whatever, the sanity break is officially settled, booked, and everything else. And no, not Plan B either! Which is why I can use the location connected video tonight. OK, the story, before the headline stuff.

I finally heard from Plan A man, apparently he no longer owns said cottage, but for whatever reason, the website wont let him delete his advert. Funnily enough, by the time I heard from him, I was booked! Plan B lady also had an interest for a 3 month stay, that would have overrun with mine, so decided to pass on me. I hope she doesnt end up with mud on her face over that, but anyway, not my concern now, really.

So, head to Plan C. 2 options, slightly further out from the centre of things, but very nice places. One, the current renter had just extended their stay, but yes, the other was free! And yes, its not free now! Thats right, however sane an idea it is, and I’m still not thoroughly convinced myself on that front, the deed is done, apartment and flight booked, for a 4 week stay in Hollywood. No one amazingly has yet told me what a daft idea this all is. Now whether thats because it isnt, or whether its because no one is just prepared to say it to my face, no idea! Too late now, either way! If nothing else, the air fare is booked, and thats non refundable!

Whats that? You want a look? Oh fine… should take you through to have a look. Nice, isnt it? Well, you werent expecting a Harlow mansion on my budget lol? 😉 But its got everything I should need though, for my sanity break, and everything else. The oven (and microwave) gives me the option to buy cheap meals, and eat in, at least to some degree, probably wise under the circumstances, as well as eating out sometimes.

Plans, apart from the crazy one of attracting the eye of someone from a movie, or TV studio, and getting employed by them (which may have worked in the 20’s or 30’s, but not now), are simple. Hopefully get to see some of the sights I didnt get to see in April (and there are plenty), see some again (including a return visit to Forest Lawn), and hopefully get some useful things, like writing done. And fine, should I see a suitable job opening while there, I might just have a go. Not going to happen, unless they are really keen on me, but hey, who knows? Would be wonderful though, but I’m being realistic. I’m sure there will be a couple of “silly”, more expensive excursions (Dodgers are at home my first weekend, end of season) as well, but on the whole, I will have to be practical on such matters.

Of course, I might get wined and dined by someone romancing me, but I suspect thats as likely as becoming a movie actress! If someone offers to buy me a coffee, I suspect that will be quite something! But hey, I’ll be in the home of romantic movies, so…no, not really!

Fine, yes, and not just in case someone at the Job Centre is reading this, I’m still job hunting. But clearly, I’m now looking for something starting at the beginning of November. Christmas season might provide some temporary work at least, if nothing else. So fine, now you know.

Miss Harlean Carpenter (I might have been, if I could have fitted the name change in, between trips) will be taking up residence in a private apartment in Hollywood for the month of October (close enough, 30/9 to 28/10), and open to all offers in that period

I will have to wait until I get back from the trip to arrange that, but I’ve left the money in the secure Paypal account until I’m ready. Thank you to 2 people for at least paying part of the cost of that. Anyone else that is still inclined to help, just ask, and I’ll pass you my Paypal account details. And yes, the idea of a major change, and going with Harlean Stephanie as my name is definitely winning out at the moment.

OK, finally, the video. Its a slightly different spelling, and definitely will not be my phone number while there (that will be a modern AT&T cell phone number), but its close enough

Almost there

So fine, I was assuming by now that I could tell you that yes, I was going to LA for 4 weeks, or that I’d got a job at last. Fine, the way things had been, I wasnt expecting the latter, and so it proved. Yet again, close, but no cigar, really does make me feel like screaming, and thats probably why I need the break, to get my sanity back.

Alright, I thought the one thing I could really on, was the accommodation, having been pre approved for somewhere on the outskirts of the city centre. So the main thing I was nervously watching was the air fare. That stayed the same, but…by the time I heard the news about the job, I discovered someone had jumped in before me, and bagged the apartment I had my eyes on.

Yes, I brought in Plan B, the back up cottage, a bit nicer, but a fair bit more expensive, but bit the bullet, and applied for it. Now I’m not saying my luck is out, but this guy supposedly had a 100% reply rate, within the 24 hours, so all would be fine. Me, I’m the first one he doesnt reply to! Of course, that could have been a 1 out of 1, it doesnt specify that lol. He could simply be unavailable (its a bank holiday weekend over there too), but…

So I took another look, Plan C if you like, and a new one had appeared. Looks even nicer, in fact. So I’ve applied for that one. Yes, you’ve guessed it, after 4 hours, I’m still waiting for a reply, one way or the other! I have also left a message for the first guy, saying that if he is just away, I am interested at the present moment. I did also spot a couple more at similar prices, just a little bit further out, so they are on the reserve list.

Ironic, when I do decide I’m going, I still cant get things totally sorted. Ah well, as a certain group said, things can only get better…hmm? No, thats not the video, I went for something more classy lol. You could say this gives a clue to a street that isnt a million miles from either of these apartments!

Just know that something good is going to happen?

OK, fine, first part of the duty is done, I did the interview earlier today. For me, it went fine, but then again, I’ve thought that before, and not even got a message of rejection from the company/agency involved. Hey, half the agencies (or more) that required me to register, so they could put me forward for a job, never heard from them again, post registration. I suspect they got their KPI target by doing the registration, and that was that. Some of the time, thinking especially of a couple of agencies, I’m not even sure the job ever existed in the first place. One at least I’m sure was just getting people to go on a course, to claim money from the government. Given I never even got the course certificate I was meant to get from that course, I’m pretty sure of that.

No, I havent booked the flight, and accommodation yet, not quite sure why? I suppose there is something at the back of my head saying that I’ll get a call, telling me I’ve got the job on Friday, but given its 1 position, I doubt it. So, should I wait, or should I book? Are 2 midweek flights likely to increase in price before Friday, I doubt it? The choice of apartment is made, and I’ve been approved, so just a matter of transferring money on to my card, and paying now.

Alright, in the end, its not a Hollywood address, though its not too far away, just a little way south, towards the centre of the city. Yes, its practicality, and reality, its about £200 cheaper for the month than the Hollywood one which had taken my eye. But then again, part of my thought behind this was to see more of L.A itself than I did before, so its hardly critical. And I can see the sign on a fair day, so definitely not that far away. But it looks nice, its a 20’s building, so it works in that sense. And besides, Jean lived in Beverly Hills, so living outside the movie capital isnt cheating in that sense? 😉

I know, part of me thinks I’m taking the easy way out with this, and I’ll almost certainly still need to find something when I get back, though I will still be job hunting for something that starts when I get back, while I’m here. There is also the logic that 3 (or even maybe just 2) weeks might be enough to work out the mental knots that have formed, but I suspect that by now, I’ve got that 4 week trip in my head…and its going to happen…unless? No, realistically, its just whether I book it tomorrow, or wait formally until Friday, then do it.

Right, so to the video. Given the drought situation in Southern California, they’d probably love a machine that could do this. Preferably not while I’m there, though for the odd day, in 4 weeks, might be fun? And besides, its a brilliant song

California, here I come…probably?

OK, the title of the blog gives a pretty good clue what happened with the council job, doesnt it? Those famous words, “You did really well, but…” were heard again yesterday. In the end, the fact that others of a similar standard had done that sort of work before, and I hadnt, pushed me the wrong side of the line? Or is that the right side of the line? Really, dont ask, I dont know!

So fine, by now, I should have taken the steps towards booking my trip to Hollywood, you reckon? Well, depends what you call taking steps? If you mean checking what the current flight situation is, and selecting an elite list of places that I would like to stay at, then done. If I’m doing the 4 week trip (just about doable), then I need to fly out on the last day of September, because for the Thursday, the air fare goes up by about £240 return, and the weekend is fully booked, for the flight coming back. If I settle for 2, or 3 weeks, then I could still do it on the Thursday. But you know me, assuming I havent got a job to come back for, in mid October, and the figures look the same when I check them again, then its going to be 4 weeks!

So why you’re asking, hasnt she gone ahead and booked it yet? Err, a job interview? Let me explain. About a month ago, almost to the day, I applied for a job in a call centre in Mirfield. It was only 28 hours a week, which would be at the bottom end of fine, but it did say there would be plenty of opportunities for extra hours, so I went for it. And heard nothing…until yesterday morning! In fact, they rang while I was signing on, but got a message, and phoned back. And so, I’ve got an interview there on Tuesday morning! I know, I know, I’m daft, but anyway…its sorted now. The way I look at it, they arent going to start me now before my holiday. Even if I started the following week, it would be 1 complete week before my holiday! And therefore, about a month before I could realistically get started there. So, someone else is going to get it, who’s readily available, right? But still, I feel its right not to book it until after that. I know, being daft, but…suppose they offer me a mid October start, because then…could do it, for 2 weeks! And have a job to come back to, so…

Fine, yes, I expect on Wednesday to be booking the trip, for 4 glorious weeks in Hollywood, and even though I know its not going to happen, maybe I get that lucky break, and get to stay there. Fine, stop laughing now! Sadly, the place I originally had my eyes on, is no longer available, but I’ve found at least a couple more that would be very nice, all the same, at a fair price.

So now you know. OK, the video. To say this is early Abba, would be putting it mildly, this is several years before they became world famous. But hey, what can I say, the first song is very apt, and its better than Al Jolson…just!

My generation

And yes, massive clue to the video in the title, though maybe not the obvious version? Mind, listening to it, maybe I should have done lol?

Fine, before anyone says anything, this wasnt my planned blog for tonight, that was going to feature on whether I’d got a job, or was booking a decent period of time away in Hollywood, but fate means I dont yet know the answer to that, hopefully I can let you know tomorrow. Yes, thats right, the job is starting Monday, and yet I wont know until late tomorrow afternoon if I’ve got it, or not? I know, crazy! I mean, I’d love to make an appointment to get my nails done next week (ideally should have been this week, but things again made that complex), but how can I when I dont know whether I’m available midweek, or not! And no, I have no idea when it gets done if I start work on Monday, aargh! And yes, its all getting to my head at present, however hard I try not to let it do so. And given that at present, its only for 4 months anyway (until end of December), I almost feel I’d rather not get it, and have my 4 weeks away, but I sort of know thats not the way I should be thinking, but its how I feel about it all!

But besides, thats now out of my hands (of sorts), so lets just wait and see, take things from there. Lets talk about something else instead.

I’m old enough to remember when there were 2 TV channels in the UK, not several hundred. And yes, it was all black and white too. And one of those series I eagerly watched as a child, was Batman. No, not any of the movie crowd, or anything like that, the original TV series of the mid 60’s. And guess which character I wanted to be, which should have been a clue to my gender issues, Batgirl! Sadly, this week, ‘Old Father Time’ caught up with Yvonne Craig, who played her, at the age of 78. Apart from anything else, its when people who were relatively young, when I was a child, dying at that sort of age, you realise just how old you are yourself. Yes, fine, I’ve got a few years on her (I was about 8-10, she was in her late twenties), but you still sort of catch on that before long, your time will be up too.

So fine, on top of all the job hassle I’ve been having (some due to my age, I suspect), having things like this happen, makes me feel really old. Fine, hopefully good news tomorrow, just dont ask me which I’d prefer that to be. Twist my arm, I’d probably say no job, and be booking my stay in Hollywood, but I know thats the wrong attitude. But just now, I dont care.

RIP Yvonne Craig, btw.

Right, the video. its funny, when the Who sang this in the 60’s, they probably meant it, but Daltrey, and others are still alive today. This however, is the Oasis version, hmm?

A pair of ‘daft’ possibilities

No, nothing to do with going to Hollywood, I’ve got to the point where that really doesnt seem that daft! Says it all really!

OK, firstly, the serious stuff. Job appointments. Got an agency registration tomorrow afternoon for a job I applied for this morning (I see it that for the early part of this week at least, I have to keep looking seriously), and we will see where that goes from there. Given most of these sort of registrations, even related to job applications seem to go nowhere, I wont hold my breath! But yes, the group assessment thing for Kirklees Council on Wednesday, thats going ahead. At least if I get that, takes most of the commuting hassle out of the equation at least. The other 2, not a thing, which given I’m meant to be interviewed, checked and in a job by next Monday, I’m beginning to get cynical about at least one agency yet again. Ah well… I think breaking into a job in Hollywood wouldnt be much harder, and thats with all the regulations involved!

Oh, fine, the daft possibilities, nothing to do with work, or Hollywood, or…No, I cant see me doing either!

Firstly, this weekend in Manchester, there is an exhibition called Sexhibition ( ) no prizes for working out what industry that relates to! I only found out about it because one of my Twitter contacts interviewed someone who is a legend in the burlesque scene, and I discovered more from there. I know, I have no interest in sex, but seeing something like this just appeals to my crazy sense of fun. I have no plans to wiggle any bits of my body, buy anything kinky, or anything else, but looking around something like that might be interesting, all the same. Ironically, I’d be more likely to do this if I had a job starting on Monday, because I wouldnt have to concern myself about saving money for the Hollywood trip. But its a long haul (other side of Manchester from me), so I probably could do it, but wont.

The second one is a lot closer to home (Leeds), and would at least allow me to get one of my ‘dreams’ out of the way, but I feel I’m too old now, for looking good wearing it. Yes, latex clothing shoot, at Cocoture, where I had both my photo shoots done. Just remember when saying “go for it” that I’m 57, not 27! The term, mutton dressed as lamb comes seriously to mind. Plus, to get the pictures, its going to be £300. Not bad really, considering the service you get from them, and what clothing we get to wear, but even if the money wasnt a concern, my personal body image is for me. But yes, I know, just once, I’d love to know what it feels like to wear, but…

Yes, you’ve worked it out, even if I have got a job, I probably wont do either. Possibly I should do one, or the other, if I am in employ, but this is me we’re talking about lol. If I’m not, then spending additional money, on top of the Hollywood getaway, just plain daft, especially the photo shoot one. OK, I’ve got those daft ideas out of my system, lets see how this week goes, anyway.

Right, the video. What me thinking I’d look good in latex clothing would be, or the likelihood of me at an Erotica exhibition would be

Free to be whatever I…choose

Yes, the title is done like that, because of the song connection. Lets see how many can work it out before they look. Given the song is 20 years old, who knows? Apologies for the gap, but the last few days have been crazy!

Right, lets start with the personal update, before we get to the transphobia rant, and half of you turn away lol. You might spot the connection here? Went for an interview on Wednesday, for a job I’d love to do, as its in the travel industry, an area I’d love to get into. Biggest snag, the fact that there is some up selling involved, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I’m probably up against it, in that sense. Next week might (or might not) be entertaining, given its possible there will be several interviews, depending on circumstances, and a couple of agencies doing what they actually say. On top of that are a couple of local government openings as well. Well, I assume its a couple? Met up with an ‘old contact’ in her new workplace yesterday, so that she could put me forward for one, looking to take on 15 people, which would involve some weekend work. Today, with a different agency, but same council, I registered for a role seeking 10 people, working Monday to Friday only. Either Kirklees Council is on a major staff hunt, or they are really the same thing? We will see.

The one thing they all have in common, the jobs start on Monday 24th. Yes, all of them! So in theory, by this point next week, I should know how the job scene lays, in opportunities at least. Another neat coincidence, the last “competitive” visit to the Job Centre to sign on, is next Friday morning. There will be 1 more before the holiday (2 weeks later), but Julie knows I’ll have eased down the searching by then, as I wont be here for interviews, phone calls and the like after that point.

So yes, therefore I’ve put back the day on the decision on living in Hollywood for a little while until then. Mind, Friday afternoon (with luck), I’ll be booking it all, if I havent got work. At which point I’ll look, but be looking for a job starting mid October at the earliest, and ideally, the beginning of November. There, its official!

Right, you were warned, transphobia rant. On Twitter, I talk on a regular basis with a lovely guy named Steven. Well, thats the name he goes by on there at least! What I’ve learnt from him, and through yet another sickening article today, is that trans folk, especially those of colour in the US, in places have a very hard, and dangerous life. Well, in fact, its the murder rate for such groups that are depressing, to be honest. Me, I’ve never had any problems over there, but then again, I’m white, pass pretty well, so…I might have more “fun” if anyone gets romantic with me, but for now…no thanks to that. I do think its a tragedy how some trans people are treated over there, and only wish it wasnt the case, but anyway…

I’ll be honest, in terms of problems, I really do only have one group of people who set out to intimidate. Young, or youngish people of West Indian origin. The older ones are fine, and most other people put up with me, or better, but just that one group…All I can assume is its a macho thing, as with one exception, its all men. And given she was with a man, maybe she was just supporting him, but anyway…? No, I’ve only once been attacked at all, and he was drunk, at a bus stop, and promptly reprimanded by others. But verbal assault, yes, sadly it happens, from this one small group of people. Put it this way, I have no desire to ever visit the West Indies for sure, given the male examples I’ve met in life!

Right, the video. Yes, the clue is in the title, though its not strictly the song title

All we want, is equal rights

Right, just before we get to the main part of the blog, just one thing I want to mention. It was 30 years ago today, that Louise Brooks died, in Rochester. One thing is for sure, Louise wouldnt have wanted a lot of fuss made, so I’m not making any.

So, without wishing to sound too feminist, and all that, tonights piece is about equality for women. Thats right, equality, its all women actually ask for, not more as some seem to think the whole feminist society would suggest. And more, tonights piece is about one specific place of misogyny close to my heart, Hollywood.

I’ll be honest, before April I had no idea how skewed movie making in Hollywood was, pretty much because one thing of no major interest to me, is modern films, and the making of them. But at that time, and since, I’ve got to discover just how biased all the roles are towards men. No, not the acting roles, but everything else! Though of course most of these action movies seem to focus on men in the roles anyway. Just compare the gender split in super hero movies, for starters!

No, I’m not looking for work myself, though if offered the right form of work, I wouldnt say no, especially at present. But I met in April, a lot of marvellous women who just arent getting the fair break, because the ‘old boys club’ just gives all (or pretty much all) the work to men. Doesnt matter about quality of work, its jobs for the boys! No, I’m not saying get rid of them all, just give us girls a fair break! I know, they arent likely to read this, but at least I can get it off my chest, and the next time you go to the movies, take a look at the behind the scenes roles, and see how many are female. Believe me, it wont be many!

OK, rant over, and not a single bra burnt lol!

Other news, not much. Given that the job I was interviewed for on Thursday wanted me to start on Monday, and I havent heard anything, I guess I havent got it? I know, not hearing anything, what a surprise nowadays! At present all I have as possibles for next week is one role in the travel industry, who rang Thursday, while I was out, who asked when I was available, so I told them, but got no reply. I rang them Friday, got an answer machine, but she could have been off? Other than that at present, I’ve got 1 agency registration on Thursday, and a possible open evening at another the same evening. Beyond that, next weekend, all things permitting (miracle happening, or air fare going crazy), I’ll be doing more than just considering the options for 4 weeks away, I’ll be booking it. Yes, almost certainly Hollywood, no shock there. Who knows, I might even be the woman who gets that deserved break lol?

Right, the video. What women probably feel they are doing when trying to get important roles in Hollywood

Dont Give Up On Us Just Yet

You know what, I’m prepared to admit it, all this job hunting lark has finally really got to me, just about, for now at least, reached breaking point, I guess? So far I’ve managed to resist the temptation of the one homeopathic anti depressant (St Johns Wort) tablet I’ve got up in my room, but thats more because of the length of time (as in years) that its been there, than anything else. And besides which, even if I thought it was safe to take (and I dont), I might need more than a one off, the way things are going at present.

And before anyone thinks I might do anything daft, I’m not planning on it, I guess I just need a bit of a sanity kick at present. And no, I’d rather not touch the pharmaceutical stuff, if I can help it. St Johns Wort worked fine all those years ago, and I’m sure it would be more than sufficient now, in all honesty. But…

Going back a couple of posts, I mentioned that if I got the job that started in November, I’d head off somewhere else for a month or so, just by myself, enjoy life, and all that? Hollywood probably, though as I say, a couple of other West Coast cities could tempt me. Boston, and Washington (area) also appeal, but sanity says that if I’m doing a 4 week trip, taking the long travel short blast out of the equation would be a shrewd move. Yes, Hollywood/ L.A will be strong favourite, regardless, but not yet committed yet, in more senses than one.

So yes, I’ve been calculating matters, given that if I’m going to do it, I need to start booking flights, and accommodation in the next couple of weeks or so, to make sure I get a reasonable deal. And given my personal questions to myself over my sanity re all this, I decided when I was walking up to draw my rent money today, that I’d set myself a date to have things at least to some degree sorted by, or I’d take that time out regardless. Given that my next visit to sign on, from that point would be the 21st (I have my quarterly review on Friday), it would mean I would have reached fait accompli by then, but I could probably get through. The next one after that, 4th September, I’d be beginning the process of signing off for my holiday anyway, so I suspect that wont be too intense an interrogation anyway. Besides, after that point, I couldnt job hunt too hard, wouldnt be here for calls, and interviews!

So guess what? I’ve got an interview in the morning! Only applied for it this morning, but I know this is fine in that sense, its British Gas! Mind, apart from the practice of getting through an interview with a job offer, as much as I can trace from their website, its a 6 week training period. 5 weeks tomorrow, the start of my holiday period, as I have to leave a couple of days beforehand to get the body, and hair in a decent state for the trip. So how that would play out (even assuming I get offered the job), no idea?

As for other things, no, I havent heard any more about the assessment on the 20th, but given thats still a fortnight away, I’m not chasing yet. There is one other thing I’m meant to be getting an interview for (supposedly plenty of jobs), I last heard on the 27th that they were interviewing at the beginning of August, but nothing has been emailed, or posted on their Facebook site yet. But that one, I suspect, wanting a sabbatical before starting, might not be out of the question! If they ever do it!

But yes, wouldnt it be irony, if just as I know I need, and am going to take a time out from the hunt, I get offered a job?

And so to the video. There is a distinct clue in the blog title, I might add

That’s Entertainment?

I’m pretty sure that a lot of sport nowadays is purely about the money making potential, with providing the general public with value, and entertainment a mere side issue. At least at times it feels that way.

I’m not even going into football, given the crazy sums that they charge people to go to a Premier League match nowadays, and even what some of the lower league sides charge, for an event that lasts about 90 minutes, crazy! But given I cant stand the sport, and have no wish to make it personal, lets leave it at that.

Not that (going up my scale of like) Horse Racing is an awful lot better now, what is charged for some of the major meetings (especially at weekends) sounds crazy to me, especially given that on top of the entry fee, you’re going to end up gambling more money, which may, or may not add to the cost of the day out. Fine, some days it might pay for it, but anyway…

And OK, I’m not going to defend what some of my beloved US sports charge for a seat, especially the better ones, because they can be pretty outrageous too. On top of which, you pay a good sum just to park your car, which given the prevalence of out of town stadiums seems a bit unjust too, if thats the only way you can get there?

But ironically, the sport getting my ire tonight is one of my favourites, cricket. Yesterday saw one game where not only was 126 a good score, it was a winning score, which for leading pro’s sounds crazy. Yes, I gather the wicket was to blame for that, which sounds daft, given that people pay to go and be entertained, not to see batsmen barely able to cope with conditions.

However, that wasnt as low as it got. Sky Sports were covering the game from Cardiff, due to the early end to the test match. It was a wicket that had previously been used, and sort of got back together for another match to be played on it. The commentators described it as an interesting wicket. Well, it was interesting if you want to see bowlers totally dominating, on a wicket where just about anything could happen. But for the people who’d paid a good sum, to see an entertaining cricket match, never mind!

The awful state of the wicket really showed up in the 2nd innings of the match, when both Hampshire batsmen got hit badly, by balls that leapt up from the pitch in a crazy fashion. Another ball in between, barely bounced! Anyway, after the second incident, the umpires declared the game abandoned, due to the unsafe state of the pitch. So not only did the paying public not get to be entertained, they got barely over half the match they’d paid to see.

Fair enough, if you want to pay large sums of money to go to sporting events, then go ahead and do it. I might add, that when on my own, I always go in the cheaper (though not the cheapest) seats at Baseball matches. But sporting teams, please at least provide conditions suitable for the contest, given how much you expect the public to pay to go and watch it.

The video, well its a question about yesterdays cricket, shall we say?

Oh, and fine, for the last time, given its now in its last 3 days, may I just ask that if anyone has a few spare pounds, dollars, euros, or whatever, and would like to help me change my name, the link is