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Not a proud moment for Huddersfield

I must admit that I dont often watch the news on TV nowadays, generally too depressing for my tastes, with Trump, Brexit, and various LGBT hate items seemingly filling the airwaves nowadays. Fine, I might have been better off if I hadnt made one of my rare sojourns to the news on Friday evening, as Huddersfield was making the news, for the wrong reason.

The only child grooming I remember as a child, was my mother combing my hair! Though I remember the news about the Moors Murderers when I was young, and all the children they killed, which was bad enough, but still less perverse than this.

There seems to have been a bout of this in recent years, a group of older men (generally men, though the odd woman has been involved) getting teenage girls, and sometimes younger, involved in sex, for their own perversity, and pleasure. There have been times when its got close to here (Rotherham being the prime example), but I was always glad it was never Huddersfield. Well, until that illusion was shattered on Friday evening, when the news broke that it had happened around here, mainly between 2004, and 2011, and the announcement that 20 men had been found guilty of grooming charges. 16 have already been jailed for a total of about 220 years in total, the other 4 havent been sentenced yet, but 8 years apiece, at a minimum would seem likely to be their sentences, given what the others have got.

It might sound a lot, but when you think those young girls have virtually got a life sentence, after whats happened to them, some might see it as generous? I do, but anyway… I doubt that bewigged, orange idiot in the US would, he would probably say the girl’s cases was fake news!

The thing that annoys me the most, is if comments are to be believed, the police knew about it for years, before doing anything about it, and the question has to be why? Were they being paid to ignore it, were they involved, who knows? Probably never will, as they are refusing to comment at present!

Also sadly, do I think this will be the end of this type of happening, no, I dont, I only wish I did! My faith in human nature recedes by the year, I’m only glad I’m beyond the halfway point in my life, thats all I can say.

Right, video time. I was trying to think of something apt for this blog, and with the aid of You Tube, I found this. Not perfect, but yes, those 20 men deserve to be kicked somewhere very painful, for sure!