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Where do you go to?

Right, lets see if we can generate any audience participation other than the wonderful James! Come out you lurkers, and post lol!

So where do you go to, my lovelies, when you’re alone in your bed? And anyone who says to sleep will be shot through the magic of internet powers lol. Do you dream a little dream of me, I doubt it very much? And yes, one of those is a massive clue to the video at the end.

The interesting thing is, that if I dream, I’m a proper woman, no issues with my body, maybe its telling me something? Quite a joy that in all honesty, though to be fair, I do look much the same, some might say unfortunately, but I’d never say that!

But no, this isnt really about dreams, more about dream destinations. Where do you yearn to return to, where do you want to go for the first time. I think I’ve written often enough about where I want to go back to again, and I’ve mentioned at least one place, Alaska, especially Nome that I’d love to visit, but suspect I never will. Churchill as well has been mentioned, what is it with me and cold places in winter? Maybe I’m hoping something might get frozen and fall off lol?

But now, I need to start looking closer to home as well, the body is hinting that long distance travel will have to come to a halt at some point, so…Alright, cold, there’s Svalbard on my list nearer to home, but…I think the cities on the top of my list for when the body can only take trips to Europe are probably Prague and Vienna, never been to either yet. But hopefully it will be a while yet before I have to cut back that far, fingers crossed for that. Naples, Paris, no, not been to either, though I’ve flown to Naples airport on the way to a holiday near Amalfi, but didnt see the city at all. Yes, more hints about the video lol! Cant say either are┬ánear the top of my list though.

So where do my readers go, not in your bed, but on your dream trips you’ve done, and dream trips you long to do. I know from the stats its not just me and James here, but we seem to be the only ones posting, so type away please. Talking of stats, the ‘other’ blog has twice the hits of this one, despite less publicity, ironic isnt it?

OK, the video. This wasnt my first choice, but then I thought about it, listened to a few more videos at You Tube, and lo and behold, a 60’s song, not an 80’s one, though this is a much more recent live version, the full version, not the single one. Oh alright, despite the suggestions, it is the one relating to the title here. No, I have no idea who he was singing it about, I was only 9 when this first came out. All I know is I loved it then, and I dont think its aged at all.

PS It would have been Belinda Carlisle, and you probably will get it sometime soon!