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Colonic Hydrotherapy – The Experience

Anyone of a sensitive nature should look away now. Given I’m going to be talking about the workings (Or non workings) of the bowel here, its not hard to work out the big issue, is it?

Yes, today marked the day when I thought I would teach my errant bowels a lesson, and have a session of colonic hydrotherapy (or irrigation, much the same thing). I’ve suffered from bloating, and a grumpy bowel for a few years now, but finally got up the courage to do something about it.

So fine, I’ll quickly get through the mundane stuff, and let you get to the interesting bits, OK? Fill out a quick medical form, have my blood pressure checked (just slightly high, but as she said, that place will do that to you!), and then on to the more serious stuff.

Firstly, a rectal check, so tender I didnt even know it had happened. All I felt was my 2 buttocks pulled apart, and then…We get to the serious stuff, the insertion of the speculum into the rectum (to hold the water pipes). Yes, I knew it was in there, but really no pain, just a sensation of being a bit filled, thats all. It only goes in about 2 and a half inches, so that may explain it.

Then the fun begins, the water starts to flow. Its gravity controlled, so its a slow speed, and quite warm to be honest. Beyond feeling it moving around inside you, nothing to it! Had been told that when it started to feel like I wanted to go, then say, and she’d reverse the water out of me, hopefully taking the rubbish in my colon with it. This was done a number of times, along with some abdominal massage, and yes, I felt lighter, and better at the end of it.

Then a visit to the toilet, principally to let the water that didnt want to be pumped out, out. I did have a bowel movement too, but not a large one, didnt think I had much left in me, to be honest. Got told I have a sluggish bowel, probably down to diet and lifestyle, hardly an easy challenge for a shift worker to always eat healthily, lets face it! Got a herbal remedy to help with that matter, too.

Anyway, an hour or so later, at home, the bowel decided it disliked being filled with water, and being sluggish, and rumbled at me in a nasty way. I went to the toilet, and lets just say the bowel wasnt sluggish at releasing material then!

So the review, was it a worthwhile exercise?
At this point, its hard to say. At the moment I feel lighter, and more comfortable in my tummy than I have in a long time. But given I’ve emptied everything out, whether the bowels will stay active, I have no idea! But in the short term, its definitely done some good.

I’m tired after, but that might be as much to do with my crazy work shifts, as having my bowels washed out.

But yes, for now at least, I’m glad I did it.

Health issues and things

As some who know me already know, my knees are a surgical mess. Started with a kind pony depositing me into a show jumping fence when I was about 9, and I became tangled up with the poles, damaging both knees, and pretty much wrecking any cartilage in them. A few ops later, and they are generally fine, though given the lack of circulation through that area, and the wonderful British penchant for cold nights from time to time, I can get pretty bad bouts of cramp at times in both legs. I survive, but believe me, its painful when that bad cramping starts!

The knees also make little things, like cutting your toenails pretty tricky, due to the lack of flex in the joints, which means I go to a podiatrist, but more on that later.

Oh, and I wear glasses, for chronic short sightedness too, pretty much as long. And yes, nowadays, the hearing is less than perfect too.

Beyond all that, and a dodgy wrist due to breaking it when slipping on ice, I’m not what you would call in perfect healthy shape lol!

One other intermittent issue is my bowels, they can be highly temperamental at times. Those of a delicate nature should look away now! I have spells where I can hardly defecate at all, and when I do, it doesnt really push out, then a few days later, well I could crap for Olympic medals! So no, they arent the love of my life, my inner workings.

I’ve always tended to see colonic irrigation as one of those fad things, that gets a mixed review as to whether its good, or bad for you, not that until recently there was anywhere locally I could have got it done. So I suffered… A little while back, the holistic centre where I go to the podiatrist (foot specialist) started doing Colonic Hydrotherapy as a service. Much the same thing I gather, though dont quote me on that. But still I thought, no, I’ll carry on, but…tonight, at the centre, I let my guts win (or lose, depending on how you look at it), and booked myself a session for Friday week. I have no idea what I’m letting myself in for, I have no idea how much good it will do, but lets give it a try! Apart from the cost, what have I got to lose?

Any comments, other than dont do it, would be much appreciated lol!

The video, sorry, I thought about this for ages, and this was the best I could come up with, and thats pretty much a facepalm moment!