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Better place to be

Hey, I know, its been a while, just blame work, not me, OK? And I warn you readers, its not going to get any better in the near future, I’ll be working 37.5 hours a week from next week, instead of 35. Yes, the extra money will be handy, but given my generally basic lifestyle, thats not the biggest thing for me. I guess at the moment, you could say sleep is, and I’m not getting enough, though its not my fault. Last night, late shift, got to bed about quarter past midnight. Tomorrow morning, up before 6. Yes, I got up later this morning, but when you’re running on empty, its not much of a salve. And it doesnt get better, late shift Thursday, early shifts both Friday and Saturday, just hope the coffee can keep me going lol!

Thankfully, 3 weeks from now, I might get some much needed sleep, though knowing my luck, for the first time ever, jet lag will kick in with a vengeance then, but hopefully not. Just 12 more shifts, and believe me, I’m counting them down now lol!

I’d like to think there is a better place to be, and maybe I need to kick my own backside when I get back, and find it. But thats easier said than done at present, probably even more so for us transgendered folk, even if that shouldnt be the case. My age doesnt help either with job finding now lol! Yes, I’m getting old, and suspect I’m becoming a grumpy old woman lol!

Right, depressive, and exhausted rant over, lets get to the good bit, the music video. Sadly for us all, this gentleman never grew old, he died at the age of 38, a tragic loss to the music world at the time. I have to thank Noel Edmonds for introducing me to his music, back in the days when he was a DJ on Radio 1, a very long time ago. Warning, its a long track, just over 10 minutes, if you’re short of time

Do you want?

Right, time to bring up a transgender issue again, me thinks.

Being asexual, the issue has never affected me, I dont go looking for dates, admirers and the like, but many transgender folk, of all degrees of trans-ness do obviously have a need for sexual activities. Fine, I dont mind in the slightest, perfectly natural and all that. I can even see what the admirers get out of it, to be honest. Hey, as I mentioned before, I was chatted up by a guy on the train, though as I said at the time, I think he thought I was born woman, but anyway…

No, the ones that amuse me the most are those ‘tranny lovers’ who claim to be straight, but fancy transexuals. Post op, yes, I could see it, they have the correct genitals, even if it is with a little help from surgeons to get there. But no, most of these admirers are after the pre-op type, or even those who just dress up in womens clothes for the sexual kick, and nothing more. If these men dont want to be termed gay, thats fine, perfectly understandable. But admit it folks, you’re at least bisexual, arent you? But no, if I had £10 for every time I’ve read about these folks being perfectly hetro,straight etc over the years, well, I wouldnt have to work much lol!

The one thing I’m not sure about, is this a one way thing? Or do ftm transexuals have the same thing happening with women? I’ve never heard about it, but that doesnt mean it never happens.

And no guys, despite asking the question, I’m not interested. Wining and dining, and the like. Hey fine, if you really want to, but please, dont expect anything more, I’m not interested! So no, I wont be expecting any dinner dates then lol.

Fine, the video. Try translating the subject title into French, and you get,


I guess I must have been in the US in the build up to the 2008 election, but I dont remember any details of that, and given that my entry point is pretty much always Chicago, that wouldnt give me a clue as to where my end point was back then. But in all honesty, I dont remember there being much build up to the impending election, despite all the fuss about Palin at the time. Maybe its just different over there to the UK, its not like a local MP for every district, with all the hand shaking etc, you cant cover the US like that, even now with jet planes! I suspect also they focus on the close contests, and maybe I wasnt in one of those states?

This year might be different! Mitt Romney, the republican candidate is from Massachusetts. And guess which state I’m flying into next month, lol? So I’m expecting to see a bit of action this time around, or maybe not? No, he wouldnt get my vote, I suspect I lean more to Democratic policies, as much as I can tell from over here. Took one of those silly question things on the matter today, and yes, they came top, closely followed by the Green party. But given its pretty much a 2 party thing over there, the latter doesnt really matter too much about that!

Alright, any of the candidates want to offer me a green card, I’ll vote for them, but I dont think that will influence them too much lol!

The video, some would say a light hearted, less than serious, and quite dated look at a US election. 1972, but its not from the Nixon campaign, but the Furnier one, slightly less successful at the time!

Last word (honestly) on the Olympics

Well alright, I thought I’d finished on this subject, but this morning someone pointed out this article on one of the forums I visit, and hey, its an LGBT issue, so lets roll with it.

No, its not that I object to this in the slightest, just the opposite in fact, I’m proud of their stance. But what I am sad about, is that this is news! Please, does it matter if the best Olympians in the world are gay, lesbian or even hetro? Hey, they can be asexual like me for all I care! But no disrespect, do we in all honesty think only 23 competitors at this Olympics were lesbian or gay? I dont, but anyway…thats all that are prepared to out (awful term) themselves to the world. Clearly there are no transgender people there, the gender test would find them out nowadays, though you do have to wonder about some of the East German, and Soviet female participants in the past lol! I suppose in theory an ftm transitioner could take part, but lets face it, its not going to happen. I suppose transgender people could take part in the equestrian events (where both genders compete in one event), but as its generally a rich person’s event…probably not!

Not that other sports are any better, I know of 1 professional male cricketer who has said he is gay, no current soccer players that I know of. One in the past did come out, but received so much hatred, he eventually commited suicide. I suspect the ‘Big 4’ American Sports have hardly anyone between them, if any at all.

Lesbians, yes, I’m sure there are a number, if I only knew. Tennis players, a safe bet there are some, one is even on the list of medallists here. Not as many as there are, thats for sure, or to the same extent as some years ago, but… Besides, Lesbians face a slightly less challenging situation in that position than gay men do. Not perfect, just easier.

I only know of one leading transgender sports person, and calling her leading might be kind. Yes, Renee Richards, female tennis player, and thats it.

Hopefully one day in the future, sexuality of whatever style will be a matter of irrelevance, though I suspect not in the next few years at least. And yes, alright, equality in so many issues for Trans people would be nice too, but again, I wont be holding my breath for it to happen.

So, to the video. What you have to remember with this, is that it comes from the late 70’s, when things were far worse than now. Not that now is perfect, but far, far better than they were back then. Hopefully in 30 years from now, people will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about, but for now…

They think its all over, well the first one is at least!

Yes, I know, some would say the Olympics are over, and I suppose in a strict sense, they are. The ones that are to follow are the Paralympics (or however they deign to spell it), but its the same venues, the same amount of BBC hype, so…

Thankfully I’ve managed to avoid most of it, though I was guilty of watching a bit of the athletics Saturday evening, but that was really the main bit I saw. My excuse for that, things finally did calm down Ssturday night, so while tidying up a few things, I switched it on. At least it enabled me to settle a few athletics bets at work while doing so. But that really pretty much has been it. I’ve seen the odd bits on TV, but follow it closely, no chance! And the soccer has naturally been avoided like the plague lol!

At least one thing seems to have come out of it, Britannia still rules the waves, at least when it comes to rowing and sailing! One thing I avoided totally (apart from news highlights) was the hulabaloo of the 2 ceremonies topping and tailing the sporting party, I’m sure I’m glad about that. In the sense of the medal table, no great shocks, with USA top, and China next. GB third, but after last time (and with home support) I think that was pretty expected too.

So next, in about 2 weeks (so they tell me), we get the Paralympics. I have no idea if my firm plans to have several thousand betting options on this, but nothing would surprise me. Worse for me, in the interim, the overpaid hype that is the Premier League starts on Saturday, letting those massive egos, and small brain cell counts, known as footballers loose. Even worse are the people who think everyone is interested in the game, some of us couldnt care less! I dont know, or care who “Fred Bloggs” plays for, neither do I know exactly what league teams are in, and nor do I want to. But people just assume I do, because they do!

Yes, rant of a middle aged woman lol! But 5 weeks from now, for a while at least, I’ll forget them completely, thank goodness. How long for, lets wait and see!

Right, the video! I did consider something by the Animals in tribute to football fans, but lets be a good girl for once. So lets have a classic Kinks moment, one that came totally out of the blue at the time. Lets face it, there was plenty of this at the closing ceremony last night, though sadly without the mops!

Those hidden gems

Its funny, I’ve lived back up here in Yorkshire for nearly 7 years now, and have only recently found a little gem of a place to go shopping and things. Dewsbury, and yes, I suspect thats baffled a few locals, and sails straight past those like my dear friend, and commenter, James.

To be fair, within that time, I’ve known one part of Dewsbury really well, the railway station. Most working days, twice a day, I’ve passed through there, for as I say, nearly 7 years. But stop there, look around, nope. Then a couple of weeks ago, when summer finally arrived, I wanted to get out for a while in the sun. So nothing ventured and all that, I set off for Dewsbury by train.

To be honest, I wasnt expecting much, what I’d seen from the train barely looked inspiring. And the first part of the town I saw, fitted in pretty much with that. Then I found the market, the one point in Dewsbury that I’d heard good things about. And yes, what I’d heard was correct. Hadnt planned on buying anything, but with the bargains I found, I did! Also found a nice charity shop too, which was good, so came home with plenty of stuff. Oh, and found a super coffee shop in the arcade too. 🙂 So all in all…

Went back today, much the same results to be honest. Even found a place offering special rates on US Dollars, so drew my daily allowance on my bank card, and bought some. Its only just under a cent and a half on each pound, but hey, not to be said no to, all the same.

So yes, any locals that think Dewsbury is not a good shopping centre, heres a tip, its better than you think, especially the market!

Oh, and theres one other thing for me, coming back to Huddersfield, come back by 262 bus. Yes, it takes longer than the train, and yes, it only really suits me because of the part of town I live in, but… The first part of the route to Mirfield is unexciting, then it turns up through Hopton, and Kirkheaton. And yes, I do mean up through Hopton lol! When you get to the top of that road, the view opens up over the valley, and hey, its quite something, especially on a sunny day like today!

So yes, sorry to other places around here, but now, if I’m looking for a brief shopping trip beyond town, then Dewsbury is likely to be my destination.

A funny thing happened last night

And no, it wasnt the train actually running on time last night, that would have been more of a miracle, than something funny. In fact, if the train had run on time, this wouldnt have happened.

During the day, we have 8 buses an hour from the estate, into town. However, come the evening, that drops off dramatically, down to 2. If the 9.40 train is on time (and despite rumours I cast, it is sometimes!), I can get a bus that leaves me with a 10 minute walk, rather than having to wait 30 minutes for a bus into the estate. But when the train is 6 minutes late, you miss that!

So anyway, there I was, waiting at the bus stop, willing the clock around to about 10.25, when the bus generally arrives, to leave at 10.30. Up to the bus stop walks this guy, and says, “Can I ask you a question?”

Assuming it was about the bus service, I say yes, but was I wrong! Well he did ask where the bus stop was for somewhere (Cottingley, I think?), and I told him he was better off getting a train at that time of night.

Next thing I know, he’s asking me when I had the sex change op. Said he could tell by the voice, and the adams apple, but hey, he’s right. There may also have been the vaguest hint of stubble at that time of night, I dont have much, but nearly 12 hours after shaving, it might not have been perfect, but it was dark lol! Except…I havent had the big op yet! Obviously the boobs may have added to his confusion, but hey, he said I looked good after it. Followed up by saying he was gay, so not interested, which just made me roar with laughter inwardly.

I just diplomatically said that I had done it in the last few years, and left it at that. He just wished me well, and walked away, in the direction of the station, so I hope he got home safely. Anyone know, does that count as a pass or not? Yes, he thought I was a woman, but no, he knew I hadnt always been one. So…? Yes, that is a first, someone saying that I was a woman, but clearly a transgendered one.

Does that make me a modern girl? Who knows, but it seemed a good option for the video tonight lol.

Just the way it is

Its funny, isnt it, only a few weeks ago, Andy Murray was getting beaten by Roger Federer at Wimbledon in the yearly grand slam event there. Guess what, the Olympic tennis final, and guess who was in it again? Yes, those same 2 people. The one thing that wasnt the same today though, was the result. Seriously, Murray in 3 straight sets, unbelievable stuff.

To be honest, I’d loved to have seen him get a second gold, for Laura Robson’s sake but it wasnt to be. But seriously, was it just over a week ago when people were saying that Team GB werent living up to expectations? My, havent things turned around now! No, we arent going to catch the US, or China in the medal table, but suddenly we’re up to 3rd, and hey ho…!

No, I havent really caught on to Olympic fever, but I suspect thats a ‘work related’ issue with sport in general, beyond a few very special ones. Tomorrow, 9 hour day, so dont expect a blog lol!

Thought this a rather apt sentiment for Andy Murray today though, no grand slam yet, maybe, but an Olympic Gold Medal is pretty good. Congrats, Andy, if you, or anyone that knows you (yes, pigs might fly) see this, it was well deserved,  proud of you. Oh, the video…

45 and counting.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember when the only way to buy a pop single, was a 7″ piece of vinyl, that played at 45 RPM, on a record player. Some of my younger readers may be wondering what I’m talking about, but anyway…

My record collecting started young, certainly by 1964 (at age of 6), the family shopping trip would include a trip to the music section of Boots, and I would get to choose a record to add to my collection. I was only ever given one rule by my mother, no Beatles records, no idea why? Even when her iron rule over my record choices ended, I still never did. Ended up buying Wings, Paul McCartney and John Lennon records, but have never owned an actual Beatles one to this day.

To be honest, given my tastes hankered for the flower power era music, I’m not sure she would have approved much more of those anyway! No, I didnt buy Lola, by the Kinks, some will get that comment lol! Waterloo Sunset however, has become one of my all time favourite tunes though.

As I say, back then, there was only the one option, and for years, a single cost 6 shillings and 8 pence, that I still remember even now, nearly 50 years on, frightening stuff really! Towards the end of my singles buying, I did get a couple of cassette singles, a few on CD’s, and even a few on 12″ records it has to be said. But most were those cute 7″ ones.

Back then most records played at 2 speeds, singles at 45, albums at 33 (strictly 33 1/3, but they were never called that), though some record players still had the capacity to play old 78’s. One I owned even had a 16 rpm setting, though I never found anything that played at that speed.

Sad to say, all but a handful of items are long since gone, and those I do have, well I havent played them in ages, just using You Tube seems so much easier now. Ah, the memories, especially when I find an old black and white video from those days…

Yes, there is a significance in this look back into the past today, as 45 is quite a significant number today. 45 days from now, well I’ll be in the US, starting my holiday. Finally took one of the last major steps tonight, got around to sorting out my travel insurance. Trying an annual plan this time, rather than just getting the expensive travel agent deal. With luck, I wont need it anyway. Only thing left to do now, is to get the spending money, and my share of the accomodation bill, when a friend tells me how much that is! Beyond that, I’m ready to go, and after the last couple of days at work, even more so on that front!

But anyway, the music video, even more apt tonight. I dont know quite how suitable this title is just yet, but it seemed to work, and it came out on a 45 lol! Lets just say its headbanger mode tonight lol!