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Once every 4 years

According to folk lore, the woman can make the marriage proposal instead of the man. And of course tomorrow is that date that only comes round once every 4 years (not strictly true btw, think 1700, 1800, 1900 for examples), February 29th. I was actually reading an article today where the father will be 11 tomorrow, and his son was 11 today. Next year he will be older than his father lol! I admit it, I do feel sorry for anyone born on Feb 29 with the whole birthday thing.

No, I’m not looking for, or to make a proposal of my own, and if anyone reading this gets any daft ideas, then forget it! Not interested now, or any time in the foreseeable future for that.

What I was wondering, does that old story still ring true, would a woman only ever propose to a man in a leap year, or perhaps equally pertinently, would a woman ever propose to a man at any time? Well, other than in the movies at least!

Anyway, just a quick thought for the day for you tonight, and of course, a music video. What could be more apt than…

The modern age

Its funny looking back now at a certain iconic Buggles song, and thinking that its now been totally superceded by time. I wonder what they would call it now, given that video recorders have gone from most homes?

Blu-Ray killed the video star, anyone? No, I dont think so either lol!

Yes, this was bought on by a discussion elsewhere about record players, and realising just how things have changed. Hey, when I was a small child, record players had an option for 78’s, and how long have they been gone? Alright, I only ever remember seeing 2 of that type of record when I was young, and both of those were from the 50’s. There was also an option for 16 rpm back then, though I never saw anything that played at that speed in all honesty. But yes, you young folk, we had little discs of vinyl that played at 45 rpm by the hundreds!

Television, 2 channels only, both in black and white! Oh goodness, I feel old. So alright, I’ll be 54 in under 3 weeks, but lets not say too much about that.

The incredible thing, I saw men walking on the moon live, more than many people today have done, or are likely to do in the near future. One of the few things we seem to have almost gone backwards on, in all honesty.

People may have noticed it, my musical choices seem to end by the late 90’s, and yes, there is a good reason for that. We were discussing modern music at work between calls last week, and very little from this century was gaining much merit. I only came up with 2 songs, both covers from the 20th century in all honesty. (Killers/Romeo and Juliet, Cornershop/Waterloo Sunset) so that didnt help much lol! 60’s, 70’s and 80’s really are my era, as these choices show.

Dont think I qualify as ‘Grumpy Old Woman’ just yet, but I’m probably getting there, lol!

The music, no, it isnt Buggles, but thar is well worth finding if you want to. This is an act I’ve featured before, its Gary Simmons, and Kirsty Marr covering it. Hey, you two, if you see this, we need more new videos, pretty please

The British weather

Yes, I know, a popular subject with us, I suspect thats because it can be so variable!

It was only last week that the temperature was struggling to break above freezing up here, now supposedly towards the end of this week, its going to break into the 60’s! Its already up to the high 40’s today, and its still only mid morning. I suspect if the wind would ease off somewhat, it would actually be quite pleasant out. I would tell you later, but by the time I get back from work tonight, well, it will be a bit late for that! I actually braved going out without a big coat on yesterday afternoon (low 50’s), though the wind did make me think that maybe that wasnt the best thing I could have done! I know one thing, a lighter coat makes the boobs more obvious to others, what fun!

But seriously, no, I dont think winter is over yet, I suspect the weather will bite back again at some point soon, probably next week as I’m off most of the week, using up the last of my holiday allowance for the year, just working one day. No major plans, other than not having to get up at ‘silly o’clock’ any morning! I will go out and about a couple of times, just not decided where yet. So watch the thermometer drop down then lol!

Its hard to believe its only 9 weeks, and I’ll be in Seattle, jokingly known as the rain capital of the US. Not quite true I suspect, but put it this way, I will expect to see a decent amount of it while I’m over there. Not hard to work out why, its on the coast, the Rockies arent that far away, so of course the clouds like to drop their water first before crossing them. It will probably be fairly mild though, so will be interesting to see what reaction the ‘assets’ get over there. If its anything like Boston, people will think I’m a woman anyway, so absolutely none, other than the security scanners I guess?

What I cant work out is why the percentage over there that saw me as a woman was far, far higher than over here? Here it seems no more than 3 of 4 at times, but over there it was virtually everyone. Or maybe Boston is just a really open minded place, especially as I wasnt using enhancers back then, but that didnt seem to be the case, seemed they really thought I was a woman. Anyway, we will see what Seattle brings…

Video, a bit of an oldie from down under, but seems to be suitable for this blog. And yes, I liked their music, and definitely this song

Its a dogs life!

Well its the life of a number of dogs in the far north of North America at least! What you ask, long distance sled racing of course!

I have no idea how I first got attracted to the Iditarod race across Alaska, so please dont ask. All I know is, its been a few (at least 4 or 5) years now, and I’m absolutely hooked on following it. I suppose the fact that I’ve always had a hankering for Alaska plays a part, but the thought of running a team of dogs, for over 1000 miles, in those temperatures, in that terrain, truly amazing. I suspect the fact it ends up in Nome plays a part for me, lol! But alright, the ghost town of Iditarod intrigues me just as much, even if they only go there every other year.

In recent years, there is one name that stands out in mentioning this race, Lance Mackey. You either have heard of him or not, but try checking him out on Wikipedia, to find out just how amazing. The thing is, unlike so many sportsmen, he seems a really nice guy. Competitive, yes, will to win, you bet, but when it comes to saying the right words, at the right time, he’s a consummate professional. There are many others as well, probably just as nice, but Lance is the one that seems to be focussed on, for obvious reasons.

Oh, and you think a thousand mile plus race, the field would be spread out at the finish? Well to some degree it is, but one year, not so long ago, the Iditarod was won by 8 seconds. 10 days out on the tracks, and the winning distance, 8 seconds. The Yukon Quest winning distance this year, nearly as long a race, 26 seconds!

Two weeks from now, this years race from Willow (Anchorage nowadays is only a token start point, due to housing build up in the area) will restart, and over 60 teams will head for Nome. Not all will make it, but the majority will. And before anyone says its cruel to the dogs, not one has died, or been badly injured in the last 2 years! Hopefully we get the hat trick this year.

But yes, I will only be following this over the internet, funnily enough.

No music tonight, just film of the end of this years Yukon Quest. If the Iditarod is also this close, now wouldnt that be something!

All you need is love!

And if anyone thinks thats the video, you’re wrong! 😛  Equally, if anyone thinks I’m looking for more than a loving hug, wrong again. Well alright, chocolate, a meal, or even a coffee might be nice, but definitely no commitment, sorry about that.

Well actually, a Valentine card would be nice, havent had one in years, and certainly never had one since I came out (horrible term) as Transgender, that is for sure. So, if someone out there wants to make this girl’s day…No, not expecting any e-cards tomorrow all the same, lol!

Actually Transgender sexuality is a strange thing, everyone assumes that a Transgender woman would want a male partner, and I suspect most do. Me, if I was interested in sex (and to repeat, I’m not), I’d probably technically be a lesbian. But all the ‘Tranny admirers’ (another horrible term) seem to be men! The ones that intrigue me the most are the ones who claim to be straight, but fancy pre-op trans girls, or even TV’s, or Crossdressers! Sorry to break this to you guys, but you’re at least bisexual in that case!

No, I dont want a long term relationship, as I’ve said before, I’d be hell to live with after this many years of independence anyway. But being treated, as a woman, even just once, yes, that would be fun.

Alright, the video, probably sums me up perfectly! And hey, Doris Day is in the video, even if she isnt singing on it. For the lovers out there, have a wonderful day tomorrow, just think of singletons like me at some point during the day though. Or maybe, just give me a shock in the morning when I open my email box


Since I’ve been gone

Yes, I know, its been a while since I last posted here. Sorry, but the last 3 days, the shifts have been quite long, to put it mildly, and the train company has been providing its usual awful service which didnt help either, for getting anything done here.

However, the good news, or bad news depending on how you see these, this is the first day off of 3 in a row, so you should get more soon. Whats happened, apart from work? Nothing all that exciting really. No, I havent rung my ‘beau’ to arrange a date, before anyone asks lol!

On a sports front, Ireland started their cricket year today in Kenya, and Keighley are currently playing their first game of the season as well, as I type this. Oh, and the NFL has finished, technically last weekend, but that wasnt a concern on my last post. Next big date in that sense is April, when they announce the schedule, and hopefully put Buffalo @ New England in the right sort of place, mid-end September if they can take a hint. Oh, and the on/off farce of last nights Ireland rugby match in Paris!

By now I’m fully used to having a cleavage 24/7, and it would now seem funny to be without them I suspect, though agreed, naturally curvaceous would be so much more fun! And no, not one word from anyone at work about them still! I cant believe no one is at least curious, but anyway…

Its beginning to look like next year will be the one I walk in the footsteps of Louise Brooks. It really ought to be this year (25th anniversary of her death), but next year will have to do. Rochester (burial spot) will definitely at least be visited next April, if not the place I stay, which has to be a possible. Where else you ask? Wichita, Kansas in September is definitely becoming the hot favourite for that trip. She spent 2 short spells of her life there, and its a lot easier to reach than Cherryvale (birthplace) for a non driver like me. Thats probably a step too far unless I find a friendly chauffeur though, not even any bus service that I can find into that town! No, I have no plans to learn to drive in the interim!

Oh, and lastly before I sign off. There’s a significant date for some in 2 days time, but certainly not for me. Well not unless my beau has somehow found out my address lol! Cant actually remember the last time I had a Valentine card to be honest, might well be there hasnt been one this century as yet. No, I dont miss the fuss, but it just always strikes me at this time of year.

Alright, the video, all I suspect some come here for. An oldie, a great rock song, and maybe not too hard to work out from the blog title.

Pretty amazing!

Oh, right, you love gossip around here? Shock horror, surely not?

As you might have gathered, something that I found pretty amazing happened Saturday lunchtime.

No, not me going to work, that was expected, going by my shift rosters, and my dedication lol. No, it wasnt even the train being on time, though agreed, that can be pretty amazing at times as well! No, its what happened once I was on the train that I need to tell you about.

A guy sat down next to me. Fine, no shock there given the length of trains TPE run on a busy line, thats perfectly normal. What happened next though…Oh, you expect me to tell you? 😉

I’m sitting there, minding my business, just trying to switch off for the 20 minutes or so it takes to get to Leeds. Thing is, this guy next to me wants to talk. Aargh, but alright, I’ll be polite, and hope it doesnt take too long. Ah well…At first its about the reason he was in Huddersfield, checking out for a roofing job to do. Then he asks me where I’m heading, I mention work, a few questions, yadda, yadda yadda and all that. Next thing I see him getting out one of his adverts for his job, and I assume he’s seeing if he can get work off me. Wrong again, just proves how blonde I can be at times.

Nope, its because it contains his phone number, and he wants me to ring him on it when I’m free for an evening drink together, and yes, its absolutely clear he thinks I’m a woman. Yes, I’ve got the enhancers in, so I’m not flat chested, but even so…Maybe he doesnt mind the butch looking ones, I really dont know? Voice isnt a giveaway of course, thats soft enough, but…I do smile, and just avoid laughing, other than inwardly.

No, I dont know if he might have been my type, he was kind enough that he might well be, but one thing was for certain, he wasnt looking for a woman with an extra bit attached, just where, well where he might have been hoping to slip something long and hard at some point! Yes, I was touched by his care, and the fact he fancied me for company. But no, I wont be ringing him back, that would just be cruel, and unfair on such a lovely guy.

But yes, if I can attract a man without trying, without make up, who thinks I’m a woman, hey, I feel good! To be honest, if I had all the right bits that he wanted, I’d probably have gone out for a drink with him, just for being so nice to me, but under the circumstances…I’ll never know, and sadly for him, neither will he. Unless someone can solve that problem for me, pretty please! Just fit me with a ‘socket’ instead of the ‘plug’ please, the rest seems solved for him lol, and would be heaven for me.

Oh, he got off at Dewsbury, the stop before me, so I’m suspecting he only saw me side on while on the train. But as he aimed for the seat (yes, there were empty double seats at the time), he must have seen me on the platform anyway.

What attracted him to me, absolutely no idea, I hope it wasnt the boobs, as they were the only things about me that were fake lol. I cant believe it was these, but hey, its an excuse for a Beautful South song, so no harm there in my opinion.

Look at me!

Well, for those of you who read this on a regular basis, and I know there are some, this features a bit of an update on the last blog. In that, you might remember me mentioning about just maybe wearing my enhancers to work, and seeing what happened reaction wise? Well I did, and the reaction, absolutely zero! So no idea if they think its surgery or not!

Now whether this is because no one has noticed, or more likely because no one has the guts to say anything, I have no idea, the jury (thats me!) is out on that one at present. I’m assuming its more the latter, but nothing would surprise me at that place. Put it this way, I have no plans now not to wear them, unless I’m told otherwise. And yes, I’m seeing more of the assumption that if I’ve got boobs, I must be a woman, however butch lol! Admittedly they are slightly camouflaged by the coat at this time of the year, especially in a winter coat, but they are pretty obvious all the same. They certainly are at lunchtime, and no great reaction then either! Alright, I’m not doing a Dolly Parton type look, but I’m certainly bursting out a bit with them in, all the same. I’m not sure how it will all play out in the summer, when you dont need a coat, or just a thin one, but for now, I have no plans to stop then. Funnily enough, I can try out the theory in April, in Seattle, when no one will know me, and rain permitting, I shouldnt need a coat all the time, and can see what reaction they, sorry, I get.

The difference I’m noticing is the weight factor, for want of a better term. They might only weigh about 260g for the pair, but when you’re wearing them 24/7 (well alright, not in bath, havent found a way around that yet lol), I notice it far more than when it was about half the time, probably because I never get a break from carrying them on my chest. I know, a real woman doesnt get that break, but hey, for a long while, i didnt have that delight to worry about. How a really busty woman copes, I dont know, but she has my admiration. I know one thing, I feel liberated wearing them full time though.

Interesting thing, I always assumed because of the gels/liquids rule at airport security, that wearing silicone enhancers through there, and for flights wouldnt be permitted, but it seems I’m wrong there, apparently its fine, even with the TSA. I know, I checked! Seemingly what I read on one Transgender Forum, the only no-no is carrying them in hand luggage. Wearing them is fine, checked luggage is fine (done that a few times), just not carry on. Personally, thats not an option I’d even consider, I’d either pack them in the case, or be wearing them anyway! And now seemingly, wearing them is the most wonderful, and finest option for me.

Just a quick add, it seems it might not be so easy when travelling to Canada, or more correctly, from Canada. Though I do wonder what they do if you are leaving the country anyway! Does that mean they have to provide you with an apartment and job if they wont let you out lol?

Alright, the video. Going with the change of look thing here, even if Geri’s was a bit more radical than mine at the time. But I do think the line, “What you see is what you are getting.” so sums me up nowadays. Being buxom is definitely fun, and the world hasnt ended yet because of it lol!