The British weather

Yes, I know, a popular subject with us, I suspect thats because it can be so variable!

It was only last week that the temperature was struggling to break above freezing up here, now supposedly towards the end of this week, its going to break into the 60’s! Its already up to the high 40’s today, and its still only mid morning. I suspect if the wind would ease off somewhat, it would actually be quite pleasant out. I would tell you later, but by the time I get back from work tonight, well, it will be a bit late for that! I actually braved going out without a big coat on yesterday afternoon (low 50’s), though the wind did make me think that maybe that wasnt the best thing I could have done! I know one thing, a lighter coat makes the boobs more obvious to others, what fun!

But seriously, no, I dont think winter is over yet, I suspect the weather will bite back again at some point soon, probably next week as I’m off most of the week, using up the last of my holiday allowance for the year, just working one day. No major plans, other than not having to get up at ‘silly o’clock’ any morning! I will go out and about a couple of times, just not decided where yet. So watch the thermometer drop down then lol!

Its hard to believe its only 9 weeks, and I’ll be in Seattle, jokingly known as the rain capital of the US. Not quite true I suspect, but put it this way, I will expect to see a decent amount of it while I’m over there. Not hard to work out why, its on the coast, the Rockies arent that far away, so of course the clouds like to drop their water first before crossing them. It will probably be fairly mild though, so will be interesting to see what reaction the ‘assets’ get over there. If its anything like Boston, people will think I’m a woman anyway, so absolutely none, other than the security scanners I guess?

What I cant work out is why the percentage over there that saw me as a woman was far, far higher than over here? Here it seems no more than 3 of 4 at times, but over there it was virtually everyone. Or maybe Boston is just a really open minded place, especially as I wasnt using enhancers back then, but that didnt seem to be the case, seemed they really thought I was a woman. Anyway, we will see what Seattle brings…

Video, a bit of an oldie from down under, but seems to be suitable for this blog. And yes, I liked their music, and definitely this song

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