Once every 4 years

According to folk lore, the woman can make the marriage proposal instead of the man. And of course tomorrow is that date that only comes round once every 4 years (not strictly true btw, think 1700, 1800, 1900 for examples), February 29th. I was actually reading an article today where the father will be 11 tomorrow, and his son was 11 today. Next year he will be older than his father lol! I admit it, I do feel sorry for anyone born on Feb 29 with the whole birthday thing.

No, I’m not looking for, or to make a proposal of my own, and if anyone reading this gets any daft ideas, then forget it! Not interested now, or any time in the foreseeable future for that.

What I was wondering, does that old story still ring true, would a woman only ever propose to a man in a leap year, or perhaps equally pertinently, would a woman ever propose to a man at any time? Well, other than in the movies at least!

Anyway, just a quick thought for the day for you tonight, and of course, a music video. What could be more apt than…


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