Pretty amazing!

Oh, right, you love gossip around here? Shock horror, surely not?

As you might have gathered, something that I found pretty amazing happened Saturday lunchtime.

No, not me going to work, that was expected, going by my shift rosters, and my dedication lol. No, it wasnt even the train being on time, though agreed, that can be pretty amazing at times as well! No, its what happened once I was on the train that I need to tell you about.

A guy sat down next to me. Fine, no shock there given the length of trains TPE run on a busy line, thats perfectly normal. What happened next though…Oh, you expect me to tell you? šŸ˜‰

I’m sitting there, minding my business, just trying to switch off for the 20 minutes or so it takes to get to Leeds. Thing is, this guy next to me wants to talk. Aargh, but alright, I’ll be polite, and hope it doesnt take too long. Ah well…At first its about the reason he was in Huddersfield, checking out for a roofing job to do. Then he asks me where I’m heading, I mention work, a few questions, yadda, yadda yadda and all that. Next thing I see him getting out one of his adverts for his job, and I assume he’s seeing if he can get work off me. Wrong again, just proves how blonde I can be at times.

Nope, its because it contains his phone number, and he wants me to ring him on it when I’m free for an evening drink together, and yes, its absolutely clear he thinks I’m a woman. Yes, I’ve got the enhancers in, so I’m not flat chested, but even so…Maybe he doesnt mind the butch looking ones, I really dont know? Voice isnt a giveaway of course, thats soft enough, but…I do smile, and just avoid laughing, other than inwardly.

No, I dont know if he might have been my type, he was kind enough that he might well be, but one thing was for certain, he wasnt looking for a woman with an extra bit attached, just where, well where he might have been hoping to slip something long and hard at some point! Yes, I was touched by his care, and the fact he fancied me for company. But no, I wont be ringing him back, that would just be cruel, and unfair on such a lovely guy.

But yes, if I can attract a man without trying, without make up, who thinks I’m a woman, hey, I feel good! To be honest, if I had all the right bits that he wanted, I’d probably have gone out for a drink with him, just for being so nice to me, but under the circumstances…I’ll never know, and sadly for him, neither will he. Unless someone can solve that problem for me, pretty please! Just fit me with a ‘socket’ instead of the ‘plug’ please, the rest seems solvedĀ for himĀ lol, and would be heaven for me.

Oh, he got off at Dewsbury, the stop before me, so I’m suspecting he only saw me side on while on the train. But as he aimed for the seat (yes, there were empty double seats at the time), he must have seen me on the platform anyway.

What attracted him to me, absolutely no idea, I hope it wasnt the boobs, as they were the onlyĀ things about me that were fake lol. I cant believe it was these, but hey, its an excuse for a Beautful South song, so no harm there in my opinion.

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