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Someone fetch the oxygen bottle!

Yes, the title is facetious, nothing for anyone to really be concerned about lol.

So lets talk about what is supposedly one thing girls can never have enough of, shoes.

Yes, alright, I’ve got a pair or 3, I’m not going to deny it. Especially if you include a few pairs of high heels/stilletos that I’ve been presented with over the years, that I’m never going to wear beyond that one fun, and often wobbly moment. I have got things against high heels, I’ve got a pair of less than perfect knee joints, and so wearing heels would just be tempting fate, and just asking to destroy a knee joint or something. Also, there is the fact that I’m nearly 6ft tall, so I dont exactly have the need to wear heels, as a height aid, anyway.

Having said that, most of my recent shoes (apart from my winter boots, very flat) have got a very slight wedge heel, its almost impossible to buy womens shoes without them in all honesty. But 4″ heels, or anything like that, you’ll be waiting a long time to see me wobbling in anything like that.

So, getting to the point. As formerly being a guy, I’m used to wearing socks with my shoes. And yes, I know, most women dont wear socks unless they are wearing trainers and boots (and even then, some dont), and if in shoes, its bare feet, or stockings/tights. So I know, I shouldnt, but still do, probably out of habit, and nothing more. But then you get a day like today, when I’m a good girl, wear shoes, and no socks. Snag is, thats when I discover that the size I need with socks, is a bit large for when I havent got socks on. So being curious, I went in a shop in Dewsbury this afternoon to hunt down a pair a size smaller, and try them on. Guess what, they fitted perfectly! So now, the next time I buy a pair of shoes, I need to decide in advance, socks or no socks lol! Should be no socks, but with winter coming, am I that brave? I guess if its that cold, I’ll be in my winter boots, so yes, smaller size, I guess? 😉 Until then I’ll have an excuse for keeping wearing socks, my shoes slip off otherwise!

Oh, if anyone wants to know my shoe size, ask!

Now, the moment of hilarity you’ve been waiting for, I tried on a pair of heels. No, not the lethal kind, these were what I would term as raised wedges, generally I guess 2 or 3 inches off the ground, but the heels were a couple of inches more. Now, I didnt quite reach the ceiling, but…I was so tall! Funny thing was, I tried a few steps, and yes, walked in them fine, but of course its a flat base, so no reason I shouldnt. But the heel was raised more than I’ve done in a while, and it felt fine. Of course, the difference between a few minutes, and several hours (or all day) is quite a big one.

But no, I’m sticking to flats, just because of the height thing, but otherwise, well, I might have got them if I was 4-6 inches shorter, they were super! Anyone know how to shrink me a little lol?

Did do some other shopping, found 4 nice new tops in a couple of charity shops, along with a pair of trousers, and a pair of leggings. Oh, and a couple of padded seamless bras. I know I’m not flat chested, but I’m not Dolly Parton either lol, so a little help… I love the seamless ones since discovering them, it really doesnt feel like I’m wearing a bra, but I can feel the weight of the boobs, so best of both worlds lol.

The music, no, I know nothing about her beyond the name. I just typed ‘too tall’ into You Tube, and this was high up the picks. But its quite pleasant on the ears, is quite fun, so…enjoy if you want to.

The hazard of wearing heels

And I dont mean wearing high heels either, I know they hurt, but thankfully at my height (5ft 10 or so) is that I really dont have to wear them unless I’m feeling daft, crazy or something, or the day I head to Royal Ascot or the like, now wouldnt that be something!

No, I mean just little wedge type heels, nothing drastic, only an inch or two at most, but you should see the state of my feet, and ‘hear the complaints’ I get now lol! Why write this today, well I’m off to the podiatrist later, and I know she’s going to say something. I dont know why its got this way the last few months, I’ve been wearing this type of shoes for nearly 2 years now, but its only just started happening as badly as this, no idea why? And no, I have absolutely no desire to wear stilletos lol!

As I say, I dont need to wear heeled shoes at all, but I cant deny I do enjoy the feel of doing so, well other than when my feet complain loudly of course! Maybe if I’d worn them all my life, my feet might be used to them by now, but anyway…? I have now got a new pair, with supposedly more comfortable inners, but of course, until I get my feet done, its hard to tell how much better they are really. So after today…

Oh, and finally, for those who only come here for the video links…guess what I need for the winter? Mind, I’m not looking for heels, but…a 60’s fashion ‘classic, as well as a fun song. I suppose in a sense this has a bit of a female dominant feel to it, so if any man wants ‘Mistress Stephanie’ to demand he buys her a pair of boots lol? 😉 Size, style etc on request, and no, cheapies are fine. breath holding, nope! Anyone worked it out before clicking the link?