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Mountains in the bra

And no, thats not the name of the song this time around, though you could work out the cryptic connection by looking at one of the artists lol! Light hearted element to this post, btw.

Back in the good old days when I was first buying bras, I was in Primark deciding what to buy. And guess what, I saw something called shaper bras on sale, and thought that maybe they were a good idea, especially as my curves were much smaller back then. I innocently assumed that it meant they would simply shape my growing cleavage for me, maybe helping them to get a bit rounder, and fuller.

Err, wrong. As I soon found out, the aim of said bras is to make you look like you have a figure like Dolly Parton (hint to the music), regardless of the size of your boobs within the bra. But even more ironic, not only do they give you the Dolly look, when wearing said bras, it feels like you’ve got Dolly sized boobs too! I have no idea what the bra is made of, but it makes them feel so heavy, its amazing.

Yes, you’re right, secretly, I love the feel it gives me, absolutely amazing. Who wouldnt feel good, feeling that stacked, lol? But seriously, I’ve never worn them outdoors, for the obvious reason, that without an amazing makeover, I suspect they would just be a bit too much! Not that I’m that flat chested in a support bra nowadays, but I dont come close to filling this. Maybe one day I should go out in one, just to see the reaction? I suspect if I did, it would probably be in the US, where I seem to get a higher natural female factor anyway, but even so…I wonder if I would carry myself differently knowing, hmm?

And no, I havent bought any more shaper bras, or any plunge ones strangely enough, cant think why? Generally support bras to be honest, the odd t-shirt ones, as they seem to give them the best support.

The video, well, what else could you call my pair when they look like they do at present? Maybe a pair of Islands in the stream? 😉

Doing A Dolly Parton…

No, I dont mean getting a full head of blonde hair (quite literally) by any means, allegedly with Dolly its a wig anyway. I vaguely remember her owning up to that fact, but please dont quote me on that. To be honest, that much hair for real would really be a maintenance job, and I’m not sure if I’m up to that anyway.

Nor, unless someone else is paying for it, do I mean a Dolly P type boob job, though those at least are natural for her. I have to suspect they must weigh heavy at times though. Alright, I would mind being a full B, or medium C cup naturally, or even by cheating, if I didnt have to pay for it, but its not going to happen I guess, so…?

No, what I do mean is I’m working 9 till 5 on Wednesday, my next day at work. Yes, I’m off tomorrow, yay! When you think about it, thats one thing that has really changed in the last 30 years since the film was made, working hours. Back then that was standard office hours, whereas now, almost anything goes. Heck, my shifts come in anywhere between 8 am, and 9.30 pm, and the centre stays available till 10.30! The other factor that has changed dramatically since then is the working week. That was the point, it was Monday to Friday, 9 till 5, and that went for most office workers. Now I suspect people who get all weekends and bank holidays off must be almost in the minority! But as someone who has spent most of her working life in the betting industry, I’m used to it, my culture shock was working only Monday to Friday at my previous job!

And yes, I know one respondent here will point out he has to work every Sunday lol!

Anyway, in the absence of offers of a Dolly wig, or a paid for Dolly type boob job, lets head for the video. Anyone who hasnt worked out what this might be, well…

And yes, I will probably sing this to myself at least once on Wednesday!