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Justice at long last, for Hillsborough

Yes, 2 blogs tonight, given I wrote the following for my other blog on Wednesday, and in truth, as I get more UK readers here, it seemed crazy not to post it across.

Given that the only soccer team I’ve ever followed was Bradford City, who suffered a tragic fire at their stadium in 1985, I know how awful it must be for the families of those who lose people in these tragedies. When I say, follow, it pretty tenuous, as I havent barely looked at any soccer in over a decade, apart from a couple of remarkable events. One of which was Bradford making a cup final, in recent times, but anyway…

What I do remember, was that in 1989, at an FA Cup Semi Final in Sheffield (they play these things at a neutral venue), 96 Liverpool supporters sadly lost their lives, as they got crushed to death, as the police allowed excess numbers of people into the stand. I can say that safely now, because yesterday, finally, after 27 years, an inquiry decided that South Yorkshire Police were to blame for these events, and not anyone else, as they opened the gates, and thousands of people literally flooded into one small area of stands.

To know that its taken this long for justice to be done, is sad. But given that most of the reason for that has been a police cover up, only makes it more shameful. Anyway, today, the current Chief Constable of the force has been suspended from duty, probably forever, as he was due to retire at the end of this year. You may be asking why he’s going like this, when he wasnt here in 1989, I hear you say? Well, because for the last 4 years, he’s been putting up a campaign to discredit the football supporters on that day, and blame them, and not his police force, even though all signs signaled that wasnt the case. The only shame, he continues to get paid for now, an injustice, for sure.

The only blessing for those poor families, is that it is finally over, and sorted. But isnt it awful that because of the Police, trying to avoid admitting the truth about events, its taken this long? But finally…

As to the video, some might say its not an apt choice, given the nature of the lyrics. But the idea of Police, singing about losing people, just seemed loaded with irony.

RIP, those 96 unfortunate people

Perfect weather for the end of April?

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am being facetious. I’ll be honest, this morning, I had to wonder if I was in Yorkshire, or Alaska! I must admit, I dont think I’ve ever been caught in a snow storm, at the end of April before! I’ve seen snow in April before, many times, but we’re nearly into May, and seriously…! To be fair, it didnt actually settle on the ground here, though it did in other places around here, a little more rural, or at a higher altitude. But to be fair, that wasnt much consolation this morning.

Thats right, the day I had to go into town, to sign on, it decided to blow up a snow storm. Yes, seriously, I thought I was signing on in Anchorage, or somewhere, judging by the weather conditions in town! Thankfully it wasnt too long a walk from the bus stop, to the job centre, but even so, I was covered in snow on arrival. By the time I came back out, it was easing off, though still snowing, but getting very fine, verging on rain. By the time I got back home, about 15 minutes later, it was just beginning to leave off, even raining. But yes, just for the time I was out, I felt like Elsa the Eskimo!

The rest of the day, not been too bad, though I have no idea how cold it was out there, I havent ventured out since. But fine, on Sunday, we enter May, and yet we are still having snow storms, crazy!

Yes, and to think, this time last year (I had in fact, strictly, been back a couple of days), I was enjoying the heat, and sun, in Hollywood!

Right, the video. Well, this morning, I was walking in the snow, but this is as close as I could get!

I would do anything for Trans, but I wont do that!

Yes, fine, it may not take the largest amount of lateral thinking to work out what tonight’s video might be, but its an absolute gem. Brilliant song, brilliant live version to top it!

So, OK, I hadnt planned on doing another Transgender rant so soon, but fate today has led me to writing one anyway. Its better than getting involved in the outcomes of a discussion about ‘Birth Of A Nation’ on the silent movies thread, anyway. No, believe me, I should know better than get into a discussion on that movie, but I slipped up today. For those who dont know, lets just say it looks horribly racist, and the like, to 2016 eyes, but attitudes were very different 100 years ago, when it was made, and leave it at that.

As I’ve said before, I dont fit in with the more militant transgender crowd, plenty of whom seem to like to take over threads on Facebook. And lets face it, at the moment, there’s plenty going on for them to get involved in. Some of it is justified, but a lot of it isnt.

The justified issue at the moment is the ghastly bathroom bills that are being thrown around like confetti in certain states. The remarkable thing being that in the case of North Carolina, Donald Trump has come out as a supporter. Unfortunately, the even more nutty Ted Cruz has come out with the most ridiculous rant, so swings and roundabouts! The ‘great sinners’ as far as the Christian right is concerned, are a company called Target, who made a very loud stand about people using the toilet relating to the gender they attribute as. Seemingly this has so upset the religious right, that they have told their supporters to sign up to something, and boycott Target. Anyway, it seems about 700,000 people have obeyed their commands, and done so. As many have said, it will probably only last until the next sale at Target, but anyway…Fine, they’re ignoring one store group for now, but then, as this article pointed out, all these people ought to be boycotting over 400 other companies who apply the same logic in LGBT matters as Target do.

As you can see, they might have to lead a very basic, internet free life if they do that. Of course, the difference between doing that, and briefly (as it probably will be) avoiding Target alone, might be a lot more complex! So what else can I say, any trans friendly folk reading this in the US, please support Target where possible!

Fine, the thing that annoyed me with the militant trans crowd today, a naming issue. I think it started because we all got called Trans Women, or men, that someone in their wisdom decided that the rest of humanity (incuding all the LGB folk we dont want to annoy), couldnt just be called men, or women. No, they have to be called cis men, or cis women instead. Yes, as you can gather, I think this is just ridiculous, and probably annoys a good number of our supporters, but anyway… Well, given its meant to be a democratic thread, I made my comments on the matter known. Unfortunately, they are as crazy as the religious right at times, and firstly accused me of actually being a cis woman, pretending to be trans! I was then told that I must be sad to be trans, if I dont want to call natural born people, as cis people!

In fact, as all know, I’m very proud to be trans, but besides that… Yes, its when I see so many like that, that I realise why I dont tend to get involved too much with other trans folk, because they just go crazy on things! I’d love us to be treated fairly everywhere, but I dont want, or expect special treatment, as these people seem to do. In a way, I’d love to help others, before the nutty ones get them, but its hard to do. But please, good, reasoned argument will change things far more than charging in, demanding things, like a bull in a china shop! Fine, arguing with religious extremists will get you nowhere anyway, but the more moderate people who are likely to support us, are more likely to listen to reason, than rant.

Fine, the video. Yes, the brilliant Meatloaf, live

UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

When people generally talk about UFO’s, you would think about aliens flying in from outer space, wouldnt you? Yes, I’d love a flight in one of those, should any passing alien read this, but this UFO is one that is never likely to go above sea level! Yes, tonights blog is about a cute UFO, of the floating kind! Article attached, for most of the details

To be fair, I’m pretty sure this isnt as fast as those UFO’s that flit across our skyline, either. Then again, this one isnt designed for aliens flitting in to take a look at humans, either. But yes, imagine living in something like this, while cruising, for example, the Great Barrier Reef, would be amazing, wouldnt it? Oh, and lets face it, if I was on board, and suddenly discovered that it was a flying object, I wouldnt object, anyway!

But yes, fine, I’m about as likely to get to experience this, as experience the other kind of UFO, lets face it? Given the chance mind, yes, I would, absolutely. Oh fine, if anyone has a Creature from the Black Lagoon suit going handy…? 😉

The video. Well, I guess you could do this in one of these cute floating UFO’s!

Please note, I took a live version, to get the classic OMD lineup on this, instead of the interim one, which actually released the single.

It all happens at once

Its funny how things happen. One moment you seem to be suffering a quiet week on the job hunt, then everything happens at once! Initially, all I had booked for the last week, was the long standing interview with the DWP, to work for the DWP! Yesterday afternoon, on the outskirts of Leeds, fine!

Then, I got an email at the beginning of the week, asking me if I could do an interview with a company, just outside Dewsbury, on, yes, you’ve guessed it, Friday! No, no other day, so fine, I gave in, and went for it. Yes, I think both went well, but then again, how often have I thought this before, only to get the rejection call/email a few days later. I will say, if there’s one thing I hate, its trying to do 2 interviews in 1 day. Oh, and when they are miles apart, on top of everything else…yeah, wonderful…not.

Its not only the travel that kills, though at my age, that doesnt help. The last time I did this, I had one in Halifax in the morning, then over to Bradford for the afternoon, and yes, I faded before the finish. This wasnt so bad, smaller gap between them, though the journey was a bit more complex. The snag this time, was my feet! I got myself a new pair of low heels, for occasions like this, and I thought they were fine. Snag is, wearing them in at home, and walking a distance in them, is 2 different things. So yes, the backs of my ankles are a bit tender at present!

The other snag, is what you call revising for the interview. With one, you can check out the company, do your stuff, and go for it. With two, not so simple! I tend to end up not doing justice to either, and thats not a good thing.

Oh, in the meanwhile, I proved perseverance works! I’d applied twice before, for customer service positions, with a company in Halifax. Rejected both times, just on the basis of CV application! Anyway, I thought I’d give it one more go, and lo and behold, phone interview, and now I’ve got an assessment center, the week after next! Oh, and next week, on Tuesday, as a result of a phone interview last week, I’ve got another interview in Huddersfield! I’d just given up about hearing anything, when it arrived. Its only 30 hours per week, but pay is decent, so I could survive, given the lack of transport costs, so…

No, I havent finished yet! As I was walking in yesterday afternoon, trying desperately to get my shoes off, as quickly as possible, I had a phone passed to me. A company from Greece (I dont think its the same one as before?) wanting me to work out there. At the moment I’ve shown interest, and I’m due to do a Skype interview with them on Wednesday lunchtime. I dont think I’ll go out there, due to the dodgy state of finances in Greece, I wouldnt have thought it was the best place for an ‘elderly’ lady like me to be heading to!

Oh, last but not least, for those who read the last blog, I’ll just say, yes, today I sent a speculative email to ESPN about a certain possible job opening. No, I dont expect to even hear back from them, but no harm done, I guess?

Right, the video. how interviews seem to occur with me of late!

This would be a dream job, and so ironic too!

Yes, I know, I go a while without any transgender blogs, and then they all come along at once, a bit like London buses, in the old joke! But hey, as this also gives me the chance to mention baseball, how could I resist? Besides which, its better than a blog whining about all these nice jobs that require you to be a driver!

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities posting on social media in a way that they shouldnt? Yes, this is one of those. Curt Schilling used to be a great pitcher, before retirement, and he used to be a great baseball analyst on ESPN. The latter is the more significant ‘used to be’ in this case.

Fine, he’s a right wing conservative, so not my dream man politically. But as I’ve said before, I can survive peoples political views, if they’re trans friendly. Thing is, he isnt! And made it clear to the world, as this article proved

And given that his homophobic views had got him into trouble with his employers before, and then let loose with this, I guess the end result, his firing, became inevitable. OK, it amuses me that ESPN considers itself as an inclusive employer, as I thought the law (apart from a couple of rogue states) stated that all LGBT folk should be safe from oppression from employers anyway?

So fine, ESPN, here’s a challenge for you. If you are that inclusive, who could be a better replacement for Schilling, than a baseball loving Trans Woman? Funnily enough, I’m available at present too! I’ll even promise not to be biased when talking about the Royals, and the Dodgers, if that helps?

Seriously, if anyone knows who I should send my CV, or Résumé to, please let me know, I’d be interested to see how it went. I did try the ESPN careers page, but I guess they havent had time to post it up yet? No, I dont seriously think they’d be quite that inclusive, but no harm in finding out, if I know who to send it to. Or if someone from ESPN reads this, email me at and I’ll send it to you. Yes, I’m still using that email address at present, I’ve got 5 already, and could do without more at present! Please also let me know at that address, if you know who I need to send it to.

Right, the video. Well, given their head office is in New England, I thought of this, given there arent that many good baseball songs I havent already used!

This is actually the man who wrote the song, made famous by Kirsty McColl

So come to the Cabaret!

Yes, fine, no prizes whatsoever for working out what the video is tonight!

Of course, when it comes to wild behavior, and the like, Germany, in those crazy years before Hitler took control, was a pretty wild place, especially Berlin. No qualms about homosexuality back then lol. And of course, across the Atlantic, especially in, and around Hollywood in that era, the Flapper ruled the roost. That was pretty wild too. And of course, all ended only by the Great Crash, though I suspect that at some point, a new craze would have kicked in, anyway.

Mind, in the middle, and indeed in the city where Wall Street crashed, was New York. To be fair, things were pretty wild with Harlem, and jazz, but seemingly things were even wilder than that! Well, according to this article they were, at least

I wonder what they made of that in North Carolina lol! The interesting thing seems to be the fact, that the demise of this, came at the same time as prohibition was repealed. Coincidence, I doubt it?

With all this 20’s, and 30’s stuff I’m seeing of late, maybe I should go out tomorrow night, dressed as a Flapper? Probably not! Yes, I’m not sure my legs are really up to a dress like that, about knee length anyway, but apart from anything else, its not really warm enough over here to show that much leg in public, especially at my age!

Yes, I’m out tomorrow night for a meal, my belated birthday meal, now that the rent issue has been sorted out, we can afford it. Yes, I will wear a dress, and heels, but may well be something longer than flapper length! In fact, I’m sure it will be.

Yes, as I say, the video is the obvious one, and its the movie version.

A pair of anniversaries

One is a date one, that I mentioned recently, which was a fun, pleasurable thing. The other is a day one, of which the memories arent quite so sweet.

So, yes, briefly, one year ago today, the 18th April was a Saturday, and I transformed my self into a 40’s girl for a Film Noir party, and movie showing. It was one of many real delights of that first break in Hollywood, possibly only topped by spending 40 minutes or so, outside of the crypt where Jean Harlow sleeps away the years. Fine, walking a mile in high heels, after midnight might have been a bit of a killer, but I lived, and it did prove to me, that if need required it, I could walk in those things, if maybe a little slower than normal!

So fine, now, its not even my best film night in Hollywood, the rooftop viewing of Sunset Boulevard just about tops that, I guess? Yes, mid October, sat in just a summer dress, at night, watching a classic movie, just incredible.

But yes, to the sadder anniversary now. In Boston, today is Patriots Day. Which means something very rare, a morning start for a baseball match, as well as the Boston Marathon. Yes, a few of you might have guessed where we’re heading? 3 years ago, the baseball match was over, the marathon was down to the more ‘fun run’ finishers, and the Red Sox players were getting ready to head out to Cleveland. Then it happened, a pair of explosions, in the area of the race finish, and sadly people lost limbs, and more pertinently, lives, in the ensuing events. Eventually the terrorists involved were rounded up, caught, and brought to justice.

What also happened, was that Boston rallied around itself, and ‘Boston Strong’ became the rallying cry. The baseball team joined in with this, in an amazing way. Lets just remember, at the end of 2011, when set for the play offs, they totally collapsed in September. They didnt collapse in 2012, only because they were shocking the whole season long! But 2013, after this, so early in the season, there was almost a feeling they wanted to perform for the people of Boston. Yes, it worked, quite literally all the way to winning the World Series that year! The 2 years since then, back to awful, sadly. Still, today, watching them play against Toronto (they managed to conjure up defeat, from the jaws of victory), and everything, it was funny, remembering back 3 years, when I again watched the game, then later heard about the tragedy. Today, thankfully, all peaceful.

Right, the traditional ending, the video. I’ve no idea how hilly the course is in Boston, but I thought of this one. A very rare bird, Kate Bush live!

Backs against the thin wall

Oh fine, we must be due a good Transgender rant, or something, surely? Well, regardless, you’re getting one anyway!

So, lets start with the obvious candidate I guess, North Carolina. Yes, I know Mississippi’s stance is pretty bad, and a few others seem to want to join in, maybe, but thats the one thats attracting most publicity. Yes, that ridiculous toilet rule that they’ve brought in.

Firstly, let me say, I’ve never been to the state, as yet. There have been a couple of times when I’ve had the option to transit through Charlotte, but havent in the end. I also had it on my ‘to visit’ list at one point, but clearly its off that now!

Let me say I’m delighted that various entertainers have cancelled concerts in the state, though in a sense, I prefer the ones who go ahead, but give all the money to local LGBT groups fighting this ghastly bill. I could say that the people of the state are innocent in the matter, but someone voted them into power in the first place, so? But the firms taking business from the states, conference groups cancelling bookings, and everything else, just love it. Hopefully, in time, the message will get through.

Unfortunately, thats less likely to work with Mississippi, given that its one of the most backward states in the US (probably the most?), less people are likely to be going there in the first place. There has been some backlash, but none like in North Carolina, as one is a tourist opportunity state, and the other isnt!

Mind, I’m pretty sure the only reason this got vetoed in Georgia, was business related, rather than anything else!

Fine, rant two, and this was the one that made me realise that I care more about LGBT issues, than politics! I have to admit it, I’d say my political stance is slightly left of centre, but not dramatically so. But yes, I have friends that are to the right of me in politics, some by a considerable distance. Yes, Trump supporters, I know! But hey, we have an agreement that I wont ever do more than mildly tease them about their political views, and then only if I know they can take it, and they will do the same with little Bernie supporting me! Fine, there is one lovely man on Long Island, that I love dearly, who supports Trump, but hey, thats fine, he’s an LGBT supporter too! All I can say is, if we do ever get together, I think talk about politics might be banned in our home!

But fine, I’ve had the misfortune in the last few days, to find one ‘friend’ on Facebook, who is not only extremely right wing, he’s also very homophobic! Yes, no one I really know, or care for, so lets just say that he’s no longer a friend there! He survived till today, when he posted one disgusting transphobic posting, topped up with some homophobic ranting to top it off. Yes, it was aimed at trans women like me, and toilet issues, so I commented back about how he felt about trans men using the same toilet as his wife, if he had his way.

So fine, I got a further nasty comments in return, and that was pretty much it. Before I switched him off, I asked if he realised that I was lesbian, when he friended me in the first place. He said he didnt, even though I didnt exactly hide the fact in my postings! Ah well, he’s gone now. Though he did add comments afterwards on the same thread that I should repent my wicked ways, or something like that! Sheesh!

Right, the video. What I seem to have when it comes to LGBT, and especially Trans issues!

Tonight we’re going to party like its 1929!

Apologies for the lack of the obvious video here, but seemingly his purple-ness doesnt like them up on You Tube, so I discover. In truth, given the eras I’ll be talking about, this might be more apt, anyway.

Earlier today, I got a message about an event being arranged at the National Rail Museum, in York, which not surprisingly, appealed to me greatly. This one, for those interested, and at least gives another clue to the year in the blog title.

Yes, not hard to see why it appeals to me, is it? And free too! At the moment, the fact that its a Thursday evening isnt a problem for me at present, its the issue of the fare to get there, and back, and the expenses of the evening, that however restrained you are, there are going to be some! Even more so, as “The Flapper” would need a taxi back from town, as the buses would be long stopped by the time I got back. And if you think I’m walking up from town, at 11.30 at night, in a flapper length dress, no chance! So, even being good, I suspect not much change out of £40, and could easily add £10 to that, given I’d probably want to get my hair done, and everything!

The only consolation is, there is no need to buy tickets in advance, or even reserve anything, so I can think about it, at least. But being practical, and being broke, not going to happen, I’m sure. Unless some dashing beau, or girl, wants to take me…? You’re talking just over £25 of that cost is travel, so without that?

I know, but if any generous person wants to whisk away a poor, broke Flapper, for the night, would be nice! I’ve even got a headband somewhere, though I have no idea where at present! But I could find it, I’m sure…

Talking of irony, and mentioning 2 people I talked about in the last blog, I discovered tomorrow is actually a major anniversary. Yes, one year ago today, I was excitedly preparing for my first trip to Hollywood, 10 days, starting the next day. I know, if you’d told me then that my work situation would be as glum as a Flapper’s in 1929, I might not have been so excited. But back then, in those glorious days…

And yes, I was getting ready for, and excited at the thought of a night, in vintage style, back then, as well. Yes, slightly more modern, the 1940’s, but a vintage party, all the same. That delight was an incredible birthday present, from James, and Kate, and included a meal, some dancing (no, not me, 2 left feet), and a film, all with a vintage feel, at the Egyptian Theater, in Hollywood. Wow, that was some night. Even more so, as I think that walking back to the hotel afterwards, is the furthest I’ve ever walked in high heels, and will hopefully stay that way. Nearly a mile, in high heels, not used to wearing them, ouch! Actually, it wasnt as bad as I expected, but dont tell everyone that! Even so, normally, if I’m walking far, it will still be flats, or low block heels, at best.

But, yes, if someone wants to enable me to party like its 1929, a fortnight from now, I’d love to!

The video, as I say, I couldnt get the “more modern” Prince song. But I found this random gem, which is probably more apt!