Backs against the thin wall

Oh fine, we must be due a good Transgender rant, or something, surely? Well, regardless, you’re getting one anyway!

So, lets start with the obvious candidate I guess, North Carolina. Yes, I know Mississippi’s stance is pretty bad, and a few others seem to want to join in, maybe, but thats the one thats attracting most publicity. Yes, that ridiculous toilet rule that they’ve brought in.

Firstly, let me say, I’ve never been to the state, as yet. There have been a couple of times when I’ve had the option to transit through Charlotte, but havent in the end. I also had it on my ‘to visit’ list at one point, but clearly its off that now!

Let me say I’m delighted that various entertainers have cancelled concerts in the state, though in a sense, I prefer the ones who go ahead, but give all the money to local LGBT groups fighting this ghastly bill. I could say that the people of the state are innocent in the matter, but someone voted them into power in the first place, so? But the firms taking business from the states, conference groups cancelling bookings, and everything else, just love it. Hopefully, in time, the message will get through.

Unfortunately, thats less likely to work with Mississippi, given that its one of the most backward states in the US (probably the most?), less people are likely to be going there in the first place. There has been some backlash, but none like in North Carolina, as one is a tourist opportunity state, and the other isnt!

Mind, I’m pretty sure the only reason this got vetoed in Georgia, was business related, rather than anything else!

Fine, rant two, and this was the one that made me realise that I care more about LGBT issues, than politics! I have to admit it, I’d say my political stance is slightly left of centre, but not dramatically so. But yes, I have friends that are to the right of me in politics, some by a considerable distance. Yes, Trump supporters, I know! But hey, we have an agreement that I wont ever do more than mildly tease them about their political views, and then only if I know they can take it, and they will do the same with little Bernie supporting me! Fine, there is one lovely man on Long Island, that I love dearly, who supports Trump, but hey, thats fine, he’s an LGBT supporter too! All I can say is, if we do ever get together, I think talk about politics might be banned in our home!

But fine, I’ve had the misfortune in the last few days, to find one ‘friend’ on Facebook, who is not only extremely right wing, he’s also very homophobic! Yes, no one I really know, or care for, so lets just say that he’s no longer a friend there! He survived till today, when he posted one disgusting transphobic posting, topped up with some homophobic ranting to top it off. Yes, it was aimed at trans women like me, and toilet issues, so I commented back about how he felt about trans men using the same toilet as his wife, if he had his way.

So fine, I got a further nasty comments in return, and that was pretty much it. Before I switched him off, I asked if he realised that I was lesbian, when he friended me in the first place. He said he didnt, even though I didnt exactly hide the fact in my postings! Ah well, he’s gone now. Though he did add comments afterwards on the same thread that I should repent my wicked ways, or something like that! Sheesh!

Right, the video. What I seem to have when it comes to LGBT, and especially Trans issues!


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