I would do anything for Trans, but I wont do that!

Yes, fine, it may not take the largest amount of lateral thinking to work out what tonight’s video might be, but its an absolute gem. Brilliant song, brilliant live version to top it!

So, OK, I hadnt planned on doing another Transgender rant so soon, but fate today has led me to writing one anyway. Its better than getting involved in the outcomes of a discussion about ‘Birth Of A Nation’ on the silent movies thread, anyway. No, believe me, I should know better than get into a discussion on that movie, but I slipped up today. For those who dont know, lets just say it looks horribly racist, and the like, to 2016 eyes, but attitudes were very different 100 years ago, when it was made, and leave it at that.

As I’ve said before, I dont fit in with the more militant transgender crowd, plenty of whom seem to like to take over threads on Facebook. And lets face it, at the moment, there’s plenty going on for them to get involved in. Some of it is justified, but a lot of it isnt.

The justified issue at the moment is the ghastly bathroom bills that are being thrown around like confetti in certain states. The remarkable thing being that in the case of North Carolina, Donald Trump has come out as a supporter. Unfortunately, the even more nutty Ted Cruz has come out with the most ridiculous rant, so swings and roundabouts! The ‘great sinners’ as far as the Christian right is concerned, are a company called Target, who made a very loud stand about people using the toilet relating to the gender they attribute as. Seemingly this has so upset the religious right, that they have told their supporters to sign up to something, and boycott Target. Anyway, it seems about 700,000 people have obeyed their commands, and done so. As many have said, it will probably only last until the next sale at Target, but anyway…Fine, they’re ignoring one store group for now, but then, as this article pointed out, all these people ought to be boycotting over 400 other companies who apply the same logic in LGBT matters as Target do.


As you can see, they might have to lead a very basic, internet free life if they do that. Of course, the difference between doing that, and briefly (as it probably will be) avoiding Target alone, might be a lot more complex! So what else can I say, any trans friendly folk reading this in the US, please support Target where possible!

Fine, the thing that annoyed me with the militant trans crowd today, a naming issue. I think it started because we all got called Trans Women, or men, that someone in their wisdom decided that the rest of humanity (incuding all the LGB folk we dont want to annoy), couldnt just be called men, or women. No, they have to be called cis men, or cis women instead. Yes, as you can gather, I think this is just ridiculous, and probably annoys a good number of our supporters, but anyway… Well, given its meant to be a democratic thread, I made my comments on the matter known. Unfortunately, they are as crazy as the religious right at times, and firstly accused me of actually being a cis woman, pretending to be trans! I was then told that I must be sad to be trans, if I dont want to call natural born people, as cis people!

In fact, as all know, I’m very proud to be trans, but besides that… Yes, its when I see so many like that, that I realise why I dont tend to get involved too much with other trans folk, because they just go crazy on things! I’d love us to be treated fairly everywhere, but I dont want, or expect special treatment, as these people seem to do. In a way, I’d love to help others, before the nutty ones get them, but its hard to do. But please, good, reasoned argument will change things far more than charging in, demanding things, like a bull in a china shop! Fine, arguing with religious extremists will get you nowhere anyway, but the more moderate people who are likely to support us, are more likely to listen to reason, than rant.

Fine, the video. Yes, the brilliant Meatloaf, live

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