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We are detectives?

On a day when most of the most suitable blog items I’d love to talk about are political (Brexit, White Supremacist, Tories) which I cant discuss, because I’m still a Civil Servant at this time, I was struggling to find something for the second blog tonight. I know, but given the one I have got material for involves brainwaves, electrodes, and the tampering of one, with the other, its more suitable for the other place, lets face it.

Anyway, just when I was trying to desperately find something to come up with, the police came to the rescue. Lets face it, if you think the 14th person to report someone for stalking, was doing it for the 6th time, you might think the police might take the matter seriously, wouldnt you? You really wouldnt expect them to be fined for wasting police time, would you? But yes, thats what happened. Then, even worse for Sussex Police, this happened…

Yes, thats right, out of the 14 investigated for this fiasco, 2 are going to public hearing. 1 other will have a private hearing, which probably means it will be quietly swept under the carpet, and 6 others have been given ‘management advice and training’ which was probably how not to get caught next time!

It would have been bad enough if she’d been the only one to report him, and get ignored, and indeed fined over the matter. But given that it came out that 13 others had previously reported him, well…?

And as the article shows, this was not the first case that Sussex Police had got wrong, of this nature. Another woman had reported a different person 3 times, before he murdered her, and her mother as well.

I would say I’m glad I’m not living in Sussex, because given all this, as a Trans Woman, I wouldnt feel safe. Sadly, I’m not convinced as to how much safer I am anyway, though as thankfully, recently, the only issues I’ve had are online, I’m probably OK at present, but its all hardly inspiring. Domestic violence, racism, trans, and homophobia, what a wonderful world we are living in. And if we cant expect police protection, well, I’m glad I’m old. Mind, that probably makes me another target range, but…

OK, video time. The Thompson Twins were not only a pop group of course, they were the detectives in the Tin Tin series. Therefore this song is apt, in so many ways

Impressed, and intrigued at the interview, so I’m going back.

As people know, strictly, I’ve been job hunting since April. Fine, I didnt try very hard in April, due to the fact that I knew I was away for the 2nd half of the month in LA, and no one was likely to start employing me before I got back. Then yes, again, in much of September I was doing similarly, a week in New England, and then due to 4 weeks in LA I was going to be doing, all of which meant that in October, I really wasnt trying at all. I did send in a few applications in the last few days before I came back, but otherwise…

The rest of the time though, I’ve been trying hard, and finding it a trying experience. Mind, whether the break has done me good, just maybe, as I did a phone interview tonight for a job, and found it an absolute stroll. Mind, they didnt ask any competency based questions, so that might have helped lol!

Anyway, lets go back a few months, in the very early days of job hunting. As was known back then, and still holds up to a great degree today, I’m looking for something new, a different challenge. Fine, its generally all call centre stuff, but not the betting industry. And one I saw, and took my eye, was for the call centre at a medical research place in Leeds. Ticked the boxes, something interesting, something fresh, so I took my chance…and blew it!

Yes, as I said, it was the early days, I really wasnt well prepared for all those competency based questions (some would say my skills are still limited, including myself), and I didnt perform all that well, and therefore, didnt get the job. But in the interim, after the interview, and before I left, I got a tour of the office side of things, and was duly impressed by the set up. And fine, at the time, I did think to myself that if I was ever going to volunteer for medical trials, it looked a nice place to go. Not that I know what others look like, but anyway…I didnt go any further with it at the time, and went back to job hunting, with little joy, and sort of forgot about things, like volunteering to do a medical trial.

Then in September (not sure if it was before, or after the New England trip), on Facebook appeared an advert for said medical research place, looking for people willing to do study checks. So, out of curiosity at first, I ‘liked’ their page. What I discovered was that the person (or persons) doing their page there, clearly loved her job, and made it entertaining to read their posts, not boring, as so many businesses are. So I got to thinking again, maybe I should go ahead and do it? So I enquired whether transgender people were fine for these (rather assuming I would have to do one open to both genders), she checked, and yes, it was fine, as I’m not doing hormones, or anything (I suppose I should be grateful to Leeds NHS for being useless for something lol), so I can go ahead and do it, and now I am. Yes, booked in for my screening next Thursday, for a trial starting towards the end of the month.

Actually a trial that holds special interest for me, as its related to an arthritis treatment. Yes, thats right, the old girl with stiff joints, trying a new treatment for arthritis, what could be more apt? OK, fine, the money I’m getting paid for this will be handy, both for continuing to be able to pay rent, and to buy Christmas presents and the like, though I’m not broke…yet! But yes, regardless of that, doing something like this really appeals, so I only hope now I finally pass an ‘interview’ (the screening), and am able to do it.

Oh, and that lady doing the Facebook (and as I have since discovered, Twitter) pages, she’s even more of a character than I thought, and I’m really looking forward to meeting her on the day of my screening.

Who knows, maybe they can arrange to trial me on a drug that makes you sail through competency based questions testing, that would be handy! Then I might cinch a job afterwards, beginning to need it!

Right, lastly, the video. Well, I thought this kind of apt. Thompson Twins, back on stage? Well, Tom Bailey is at least, great news.

A lively week, or two

Yes, its fair to say that a whole string of appointments, much like London buses have all come along at once, giving me quite a lively couple of weeks, or so.

Yes, the hair is finally getting done on Thursday, when the tresses will again (thankfully) become a bit blonder than they are at present. And, for a couple of days or so, at least, the hairstyle will be very much Harlow too, until the curls start to give way. Also on Thursday, my nails are getting done again, all going to make for a lively afternoon!

On top of that, I’ve finally (well overdue) got around to asking for an appointment for a sight test, and to get some new glasses. Yes, I know, perfect timing and all that, but given its about 15 months overdue, it has to be done. Given Specsavers (yes, they finally got the vote) have a pair like this

And the only picture I have seen of Jean Harlow wearing glasses is this one

Jean in glasses

They work rather well, as one of my pairs. Given they do 2 for 1 over £69 pairs, I might get something slightly more modern as the second pair, something like these, which are modern, but with an old fashioned feel

Beyond all this, I’ve also got a letter from the doctor, ‘suggesting’ I should arrange a blood pressure check too! Havent done it yet, but I really must.

Oh, then last, but by every means not least, next Tuesday marks the day I head back to Newbury, to get the make up topped up, and this time around, the eyelashes put on too. Yes, after all that, I promise a photo, or two. Down there until Thursday morning, I’ll take the chance to look around Newbury in my spare time, maybe try and find where I lived for 2 years, as well as walking around town.

Beyond that, I might get time to breathe, though its unlikely tomorrow, as I’m working a 14 hour shift!

The video, well, you could say that most of these are treatments of some kind, so I thought of this one