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How slim?!

One of the things that I did when finally submitting, and signing up to Twitter, was to take the chance to take things on a slightly different route, and sign up for Tweets from a lot of places selling vintage clothing, and the like. I know, shock horror, absolutely no interest in the 20’s and 30’s lol! In fact, much of the stuff advertised as vintage, is from the 60’s, to the 80’s, when I was actually live, if very young! And alright, back then, I hadnt realised why I loved looking at women’s clothing so much for me. Well, maybe not back in the 60’s, but yes, I can see signs in the 70’s that probably would have been a major signpost, if only I’d realised.

There is some older stuff, but the one thing I’ve really noticed, is the sizing of it. I’ve seen the odd item in medium size, but the vast majority are either small, or extra small! Yes, I know, when I look back at my 4 ladies from the past, at least 3 of them were small, and slim. Clara Bow, seems to have a bit more shape to her, but it could just be angles, and things?

But then, it could just be deceptive. I checked Jean Harlow’s stats on the modern BMI index (the only one I have an official weight for, as well as height), and do you know what, her BMI index comes up at 20.4! Me, 21.9! To match her index, I’d have to lose about 10 pounds! Yes, fine, I’m fairly slim for my build, and would struggle severely to lose that much, but its not a huge figure! I know, when it comes to clothes sizings, I’m hampered to some degree by having a waist/hips proportion that doesnt match a natural woman’s, but it doesnt match a natural man either! So yes, in UK terms, I’m about a 12-14.

I’m suspecting Brooks would have had a lower BMI, she was tiny, very slim, no cleavage to speak of, and a dancer’s body. But this vintage stuff I’m looking at, is not what the Hollywood stars would have worn, but ordinary folk, if probably the middle class ones!

Yes, diet also plays a part, the fast food we eat so much of nowadays simply didnt exist back then, and going out for a burger was a delight, not a regular event as it is for some now. And of course, people walked more back then! But they didnt have the current trendy gyms, so…

So hey, I might look bigger all round than Jean, but in reality, I’m not that much larger! Slightly, but not a lot!

But if anyone has any really vintage stuff, in bigger sizes, I’d love to know.

The video, well being a Cougar fan could be said to have 2 meanings. One, the one I’m more known for, is as a Keighley Cougar rugby league supporter. But equally, Cougars are a breed of older woman, looking for a younger man to please them. That theory only falls down for me in that William Powell, Jean’s last famous beau, was nearly 20 years older than her!

But anyway, this ‘Jean’, in search of her beau, might just sing this!

Have to say something

Right, before we get to the pertinent part of tonight’s blog, a couple of things

Fine, I now own a ticket for the Postmodern Jukebox concert in Manchester, so feel free to go out and buy your own, I’ll love you for doing so. Though to mention, this concert has proved so popular, that the venue has been moved to somewhere larger! Unfortunately for me, not so central, and standing room only, and I know how my knees complained the last time I went to one of those! Ah well…Walking back to the station could be fun!
So seriously, if you, or anyone you know from the Huddersfield area is going over for this, I would love a lift, and prepared to pay the rail fare amount (about £12?) in petrol money if you do so. I know, I know, but no harm in asking? Could even wear a dress if going by car. Modern cars are fine btw, lol!

Secondly, Keighley didn’t get Bradford in the quarter finals, despite my attempt to fix it. Away to Widnes is our fate, that will probably be it. I’ve heard all 4 matches will be on TV somewhere, so with luck I will see it at least.

OK, nice bit over, lets get to the grim realities of modern life.

Yesterday, at a school in Leeds, a teacher died at a school. Stabbed to death by a pupil, too horrible for words. She had been at that school for about 40 years, was due to retire in September, but now…aargh! No, I didnt go to school in Leeds, I went to school in Kent, of course. Even if I’d stayed in Yorkshire, I would have schooled in Haworth, then Keighley, so…

The thing is, a lot of the people I work with, did go to school in Leeds. Seemingly a good number of them went to, or knew of this school, and this teacher, so yes, it reached out to me. I know, I went to school a long time ago (and I do mean long, I left school 40 years ago!), but back then, we were taught to respect the teachers. Alright, fine, one or two of them werent worthy of the respect we had to pay to them, but anyway…At no point could I ever imagine anyone carrying a knife as destructive as this one must have been to school. From what I remember, the knives we had at school dinner couldnt have damaged a fluffy toy, let alone a flesh and blood person.

But yesterday, in a school, a 15 year old had a knife that could end the life of someone, terrifying stuff. I know, all the gang warfare and things, but seriously? This world is crazy! if you want more details, and dont know them, google it, must be dozens of reports on it by now.

All I will say is, its scary, and depressing for me. And they say life is better nowadays?

The video, yes, its PMJ for short As I said, I had to say something…

Never just assume…

Yes, I might have mentioned it recently, that wonderful group, Postmodern Jukebox are playing live this summer, and what’s more, they are coming to England, Manchester in fact. Fine, that seemed to be the good news, until I looked at the date, and things. Yes, its a Saturday, the busiest day of the week for those of us working in the betting industry. Not only that, but later that evening, England are playing their first match in the World Cup, so I assume things will be even more manic than normal?

So fine, my chances of getting an early finish, or even better a Saturday off, absolutely zero, you’d think? I know I did, but it seems I was wrong! Anyway, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I went across and saw Julie, who arranges all our shifts yesterday morning, and did the bit about ‘I know the answer will be no, but…’, and told her, expecting a prompt answer in the negative. No, got a ‘leave it with me, and I’ll take a look’, but still I wasnt expecting anything. So, even when I logged in, just to check next weeks shifts before leaving, and saw I had a message, I was expecting the decline. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Not only have I not just got an early finish, I’ve got the day off, wow! Being a good girl, unsurprisingly I went across and thanked her, just wasnt expecting that. I’m still not planning on going in a vintage style dress, but never assume…lol!

Oh, but by the way, thats not the end of the story. I’d seen on the site selling the tickets, that you could pay by Paypal. Brilliant, as I pretty much have enough in my account (writing royalties) to pay for the ticket, and the little bit extra was more than covered by my pre paid credit card. Yes, you could pay by Paypal, but it had to be via a credit card, not from any balance you may have on Paypal, aargh! So now, I’ve had to put the ticket buying on hold, until tomorrow, when I can top up the credit card. Hopefully it wont sell out overnight, so if you’re thinking of going, let me buy first, should be done by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The other delight of the weekend, is a rugby league one. The Challenge Cup is the big knock out tournament of the year, and normally, in the first round that they can face better opposition, Keighley draw a top Super League name, and go out of the cup, being that we are a league below them. This year, we had a stroke of luck, and drew a team lower than us in our own league, Barrow, and won. So fine, with all those mighty teams in the last 16, we were bound to draw a good team, and go out. Again, never assume, we drew Swinton, admittedly away, but again lower than us in our league. Keighley beat them yesterday, 33-20!

Now might get trickier, the other 7 teams left, are Leigh (same league, but better team), and 6 Super League sides, but…one of those sides, is our near neighbour, and ‘loved’ rivals, Bradford, who surprisingly beat Catalan today. Well, we all hate the local rivals, dont we, lol? But more so with them, the Rugby League have protected them through administration, and the local council (Bradford) support them greatly, and ignore us, even though we’re in the same council area.

So what could be more fun, than playing them, at home in the quarter finals. If I say it wont happen, then just maybe…!

Anyway, the video. Something that lower league rugby teams shouldnt do, and seemingly call centre operators shouldnt either. Great song, great group, no idea why I havent used them before!

The end of summer

Sadly we’re now approaching the end of summer, and though September is quite often  a decent month weather wise, with the solstice on the 21st, with the sun crossing the equator, its the first sign that winter is coming.

Sadly for me, it also means the end of the cricket season, and nowadays the rugby league season as well. Therefore a quick mention for Keighley Cougars, 2nd in their division, and hopefully going on to have success in the play offs, and ultimately promotiion. Ironically the Irish cricket team still has 4 matches ahead of them, the first starting against Namibia tomorrow, then games against Canada over the following 2 weeks. And then?

Worse for me, as if it hasnt already done so, it means football will be dominating our TV screens, a sport I’m really not a fan of, to put it mildly. I could look forward to the start of the NFL season, but as a Bills fan, thats a moot point as to how much enjoyment that will bring.

Some would say the changing of the season isnt the only thing that needs changing, and I agree, being able to make a new start, somewhere new, with no baggage of who I used to be would be nice. But no, I dont really have the get up and go at my age to do so, well not unless I get help, and currently, thats not a likely event, especially given my lack of major talents, and current North American labour regulations.

So where, ideally would this middle aged TS like to start life anew? I think it might be guessed from previous hints that Seattle would be my number one, I just love the city, and the climate wouldnt be a major change for me. San Francisco is an obvious place for a TS to live, I wouldnt even be out of place there lol! Toronto, Chicago and Buffalo would also be high on my list in an ideal world, though Boston might join them after my break in 2 weeks time.

Yes, I think the holiday will really mark the end of summer for me, so about 3 weeks left then, I guess? 😉