Call the Doctor?

Fine, I was lacking inspiration for tonight, when thankfully I was tipped off (Thanks, Twitter) that tonight saw the introduction of the new Doctor Who, and oh golly gosh, its a woman! Alright, we’ve known this was the case for a while now, and yes, if I had realised in time, I might have switched on for the start, to see how the Doctor reacted to her new body, after 55 years of being a man, when she discovered she’d had a change of image. But unfortunately too late for that, so I will have to just give her a try at some point.

I know, its probably not my thing any more, but I have one record to keep up, so I will have to at least watch 1 episode with her in it, at some point. Yes, up to now, because technically now, I’m down on the streak until I see an episode with her in, I’ve watched an episode (or more) with each of the 12 doctors prior to her. Some (Capaldi, Ecclestone, and of course, McGann) I’ve only seen one episode of, to keep up the streak, others, especially the earlier ones (and Tennant), I saw lots more episodes of, of course.

Did I ever think we’d see a female Doctor? No, I didnt, much like I wouldnt have expected a female James (Jemima?) Bond, and still think that day will never come, but who knows? Lets face it, most of the films now arent related to original books, so…?

I wish Jodie all the best in her new role, though fine, me, I’d rather play a Dalek, or even better, a Cyber(wo)man, of course, much more fun for me. Yes, I’d love the Cyber upgrade done to me! 😛 And yes, Jodie, I’ll take a look at you soon, and see what I think, I have a record to preserve. I know, at some point, I’m probably going to start missing them, but for now, while I can…

OK, video time. Nothing very original, in truth. The 12″ version, with a tribute to all the Doctors, barring Capaldi, and of course, Jodie Whittaker.

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