From the sublime to the ridiculous

No, not Trans Pennine Express, though the latter wouldnt surprise me in the slightest to be honest, at any point with them!

No, my work shifts actually. Having worked 1 day in the last 10 (day off splits, plus 4 days holiday), I now get to work 9 days in a row! At least they are kind enough to let me have my birthday off, which is something. Yes, you’re right, thats my next day off after today! And yes, not nice standard 35 hour weeks either, though there is a very good reason for that next week, namely the Cheltenham racing festival. But agreed, if I’m blonde enough to agree to do overtime to help out, well, I cant complain too much I guess? Well, alright, I can, but I dont expect sympathy lol!

Only consolation, 7 weeks from now, I will be several thousand miles away, in Seattle. Not so good, in all likelihood, that will be the last holiday until September. Yes, our holiday year runs April – March, in case anyone was wondering, and this was the last of this years holiday I’ve just taken, had to be used up, or lose it. So…

As you might therefore guess, blogs might drop off a bit over the next week or so, I will try and post something, but dont hold your breath. I will definitely try to post something on my birthday at some point, but thats the only promise you’re getting! Depends how much in the way of Brooksie e-cards I get on my birthday! Not true, but no harm in reminding folk, is there? 😉

Oh, for anyone wanting entertainment, or an autograph, in Leeds, I will be in one of our shops on Thursday, paying a visit to see what its like. I know what its like, spent the best part of 20 years until 2001 working in one, and its got harder since then, so I’m told. But will be interesting to see behind the counter again after so long, and see all the changes, not all for the better.

Right, talking about the sublime, and the ridiculous, lets get to tonights music video. Lets just say its the most sublime piece of ridiculousness I know from the music industry. I was tempted to inflcit the 12″ version on you, but then you dont get the video. So, try to enjoy

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