No longer officially working

Yes, I know, I actually packed up work on the 29th March, but technically, until now (or in some eyes at least, Sunday) I have been paid by William Hill as part of my package, they gave me my notice period from when I finished work. But now… no more!

So today, I went to the Job Centre, and signed on, so that I can receive Job Seekers Allowance, as its called nowadays. Sounds better than dole money, I must say! Hopefully it wont be for long, anyway.

Still, because of all my experience in the call centre field, I get a sort of period of grace, where I only have to seek jobs relevant to my experience, 13 weeks in fact. So I’ve pretty much got until the end of July when I only need to seek call centre, or customer services jobs, and the people there will be satisfied with me. After that, I have to start accepting other options as well, but hopefully it wont come to that. No, I dont think I’ll be doing ‘escort work’ at my age, anyway lol. Too old to start the photographic model career, probably?

Being honest, I quite fancy doing something different, but at my age, with 12 years of back to back call centre work, its easier said than done! There are a couple of possible alternative options, which would be great, and we will see what happens. But if you wanted me to bet on it, at present, put your money on call centre!

The video, well, its the one everyone connects with unemployment, shall we say?

Just to say, there will be an extra bonus blog tomorrow, from a, err, guest writer. You’ll see, tomorrow. 😉

PPS This is the 500th blog, who would have ever believed it?


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