Romeo and Juliet

Oh fine, thats about as unsubtle a hint as to what the video that I could come up with, I guess? I was going to surprise you with the Killers version, but the live Abbey Road version of that has disappeared from You Tube, so… yes, Dire Straits, live, which I havent used before.

Yes, I kept that resolution, took that big leap in the dark, and signed up to a dating website. Given that its a free (of sorts) website, I only had 2 choices, male or female. So yes, I went female, its how I live, so…But yes, I made it very clear in the profile that I was pre-op trans, but even so, no prizes for working out some didnt read that. I did get bombarded initially by men, but thankfully, after that initial rush, things have calmed down somewhat. Yes, again, annoyingly, I could either seek for men, or for women, but not both. I could open a second account, for my lesbian side, but have passed on that as yet. Still tempting, maybe, mind, just to see what happens?

I’ve found a couple that know the situation, have still shown interest, and yes, they might be fine, but havent stirred my ardour, just yet. There is one other, who definitely interests me, but he’s in Houston, Texas, and lets be practical, much though I’d love to move to America, and get married, developing a relationship in the first place, especially given my current financial situation, its complex! Younger man too, ooh! No, I have no idea what his plans are, for my ‘bits’, I’ll find out in time, if we can find a way to make things happen, but I’ve no idea how, at the moment.

Then, tonight, I got the message that made my weekend. A wonderfully sweet note, a profile that actually made me laugh, and smile to see it. The snag, if you want to see it that way, he’s older than me. And no, I dont mean a couple of years older, either! Fine, nearer 20! But do you know what, I like him, and I’m wondering if I dont care about the age difference! Yes, he seems that adorable. Fine, he’s not on my doorstep, but neither of the other 2 from over here, are that, either. So maybe tomorrow, I might have to have a look at train fares going down his way, as I want to meet him now, if nothing else!

Funnily enough, my only previous long term partner was nearly 20 years older than me too, but that was a while back, so not sure how that relates? And Derbyshire will be easier to get to than Texas! So…? No, I’m not telling you more about him, he might be mine! šŸ˜›

Right, to the video, you know what it is, so lets just roll with it!

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