’cause I’m a blonde

Yes, those linking through facebook might have already seen the video, but if not, you get a second chance! ūüėõ Oh, and James, you might have seen it at the other blog too!

I’ll be honest, if I’d known what a reaction mentioning I was going to get blonde hair extensions was going to cause, I’d have had a whipround for a collection to pay for it earlier lol! It seems a lot of people want to see it, others want pictures posted of¬†it when done, what a crazy world! Its not like I’m even a natural blonde in the first place, but maybe that doesnt matter to some? I’m also not sure if not being a natural girl has raised interest or not, hard to say¬†I guess, but I suspect it has? Any wealthy¬†benefactors want to help put that right lol?

I’m sort of hoping to get some done post make up as well, but that might depend on time and occasion, because unless I manage to get a solo picture taken,¬†I wont be able to use¬†any from the works dinner of course. Funnily enough, people at work are also quite keen to see the ‘extra’ blonde me as well.

Oh, and lastly tonight, its amazing what good buys you can get in charity shops over here. The four of us went off to Ilkley in the rain today (had a hat in my bag, but didnt wear it. Some will get the inside joke I trust?), and us two girls went in a charity shop there. I found a wonderful silver sequin (for want of a better word) top, that not only appeals to a certain kink, its so 20’s flapper¬†like in style, its quite amazing. Yes,¬†I love it, apart from the fact that when I got it back I found out it was dry cleaning only of course, aargh! Wont say the price, lets just say it was a lot less than I suspect it cost originally!

Oh, and really lastly tonight (well apart from the video), I’m back in ‘print’ as an author today, its been quite a while, but Chapter 1 passed the test with the wonderful man at the website, and was posted up tonight. No¬†prizes for working out who it might be based¬†around though! Her first name¬†was Mary, though thats not the name all know her by! ūüėČ

The video, just love the sentiments of this, though my blonde hair wont be as easy to remove as the beauty pageant girl!


2 responses

  1. Personally, it is the extensions that will interest me, and I would be just as happy to see them with you as a redhead.

    Oh, and you are a natural woman (a bit past girl, I think); it’s just that things don’t always work out the way they’re supposed to.


  2. Yes, I should have put woman, not girl, shouldn’t I? I think you’re right, its the extension thing that interests most, regardless of colour. And yes, I’m looking forward to finding out how it looks and feels too.


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