Political correctness, gone crazy!

I’m not sure if it was a good thing, or bad that I picked up the Metro newspaper at work yesterday, while on a break. Good, in the sense that it gave me some blog material, for which I was a bit lacking, but bad, in the sense that it just frustrated me more about some of the crazy things said in the cause of political correctness.

I cant remember if it was a think tank, or an action group that suggested it, because I was so annoyed by the end of the article, I forgot to check! But to put it briefly, what they were suggesting was that the terms, he, she, her and him should be banned from all information articles, because they run the risk of upsetting ‘non binary’ people. To be honest, the thing that would annoy, and upset me more, is being regarded as a non binary person! Nowadays, I am woman, live with it, and accept it! And yes, in that sense, I want to be called, her, she, and all other terms relating to a woman, thank you very much! As for this ghastly ‘ze’ that they want to inflict on us, just to be gender neutral, oh get real!

I will be honest, at my previous job at William Hill, after I started to transition, there were a few that would still refer to me by my male name, male gender, and everything else, and it annoyed the hell out of me. I did comment to one or two people about it, was told it would be sorted out, but never was! No, I am not naming names on here, no point now. I know, they knew me before transition, but even so…Yes, fine, it probably also influenced me to take the redundancy offer, and get out of that place because of it.

To be fair, my new place, they know, never hidden it. I believe it was an option on the application details, and even though by then, all my paperwork said I was female, honesty is the best policy. Fine, if I didnt get the job, maybe it wasnt, but yes, as history shows I got the job on merit, and so glad I did. And yes, I’ll be blunt, I’ve not had one issue over my gender, transexual status, or anything else from the day I started there! All accept me as a woman, even if most, if not all know I havent always been one, and kudos to everyone for that, thank you.

Yes, I know, if you’re maybe less certain than I was, and taking those first baby steps, the whole issue of gender pronoun might be a hard one to get over. Me, given my mind was wired female from a very early age (I can see the signs, looking back, that by the age of 6, if not younger, I was not boyish), I have more issue when I dont hear she, her, and the like, than if I do. So no, politically correct think tank, we do not need the removal of he, she, her and him from all information booklets, thank you very much! And if someone in my position says that…

Funnily enough, I had my latest one to one probation interview, and my lovely team leader actually said to me that she had been ready to stand up for me in every way, if I’d had issues, and in a sense, she was slightly disappointed, but delighted that she hadnt had to do so, not once! In truth, I dont think thats likely to change, and what a great thing that is.

Right, video. One comment I got about my calls, in the gentlest sense, was my style with the clients, that I was being a little flirty with some. Me, I think I’m just caring, but hey, either way, its a good thing. But yes, it led me to this, as tonights song. Sadly, not a live performance (mimed or otherwise), but hey, its one of my favourite Dr Who’s so…

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