Good old fashioned music

The thing is, thats what I like! Have in fact heard very little recent stuff, hardly anything since the turn of the century, though I’ve caught up with The Killers version of Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits song, for any young ones reading this), and liked it. But in all honesty, anything much after Angels by Robbie Williams really hasnt caught my radar lol!

The 60’s music was fun, though I got more into the flower power stuff, than I ever did the Beatles. You could also say I enjoyed all of Tony Burrow’s groups, some will get that little joke, well I hope they do. If not, wiki the name, and see just how many groups he sang lead vocals for! But my tastes have always been varied, back then it was anything from The Kinks to The Seekers!

I guess the 70’s was my main era though, as I approached, then hit teen years, just in time for glam rock! Men dressing up, and wearing make up, shocking stuff lol! I guess Bowie, and Starman was my first real glimpse of that, but the likes of Sweet, Slade, Mud and co, kept me happy as well. But I still loved my good old fashioned pop, New Seekers, Middle Of The Road and the Carpenters being 3 main loves of that. And then Abba came along…Gerry Rafferty (RIP) was another big love of mine.

80’s saw me move into the synth stuff, and new romantics, so the likes of OMD, Ultravox, Adam and the Ants and Spandau Ballet sort of entered my collection too. The 90’s saw signs of Brit Pop, and in theory I must have been one of few who liked both Blur, and Oasis at times. But then I got old, passed 40, and my record buying ground to a halt. Well technically music buying by then, but you get my drift lol! Well there was a Geri Halliwell record or two, but lets not say too much there! 😉

So yes, the video choice, I’m not sure if many will know the song, it wasnt even a hit 40 years ago, but I love it all the same. Its a live version, and yes, it shows. Its good, but not perfect! Its the original New Seekers line up, so another RIP here for Peter Doyle, taken from us far too young.

Oh, and someone on the news tells me its 1 year today to the Olympics in London, whatever they are? Kidding, kidding!


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